What Makes You Perfect

Only you can decide for you what is perfect.
Share something about you that you think makes you perfect.

6,181 Responses to What Makes You Perfect

  1. Kassy says:

    I wouldn’t change a thing about myself, or my past, because everything that has happened in the past has only made me stronger. The fact that I’m living, and understand the way life works to make us stronger in the end(although it’s not always clear at the time) makes me perfect to me, and being perfect to me and only me is all that matters! No one runs my life, I run my own, so why does it matter to me what others think?

    — Kassy
    Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada
    Age 14

    • Alec says:

      I agree. I think when people struggle, it makes them stronger in the end (if they make it, which sadly, some don’t). I am lucky to still be alive today and I am greatful for what I have now and who I am.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree with you that i wouldnt change anything about myself. To me perfect is being happy with who you are even if everybody else says something else

    • sarah says:

      i think that what makes me perfect is being myself no matter what anybody say about you or too you if you are happy the way you are then there is no need to change perfect is being someone that is nice and careing and helps people get throught problems someone that dose not make fun of people by the way they are dressed or by how they talk it should be based on the person on the inside

    • Marisa says:

      Haha yah kid what dosen’t kill you makes you stronger!

    • Sasha says:

      Good for you! I agree with you.
      You’re a very strong person.

      age 19

    • Bob Cat says:

      that is a touching prose it is very strong, and i am gratefull for all that has happend in my life the good and the bad (the bad may over power the good) everything i have been through was trials and pain that keeps me on a good path.

      - Bob Cat
      Alberta, Canada

    • #sensitiveone says:

      I seriously agree with you that your faults in your past make you that much stronger

      • Erasmo Ellis says:

        I have trained for 45 years and plus , it is was not easy to train the way that I do , as a small child , I was always busied , but after that , I started to teach myself protecting my self , I live in a block in which people do not give a damn . I had to fright. 20 gang members at one time. , and because that have already being training , that is want helped me , I study Wing shun ! Do you want to learn ?

    • Ddesarden says:

      I totally agree with you, Kassy. Being “perfect” has to be taken in the sense of your own past experiences and how you either dread them or learn from them. Being “perfect” isn’t and shouldn’t be the definition to what society today says. Being “perfect” should be about overcoming obstacles, being stronger than before the situation, and keep moving forward.

      • lucky bean says:

        Amen 2 tht,I love ur words I have learn 2 move on wth thins tht made me cry,I’ve been raped by 2 guys 2011 bt in de same year I was lyk nathin happen..I jst tld my self tht whre they a they dnt think tht am tourched maybe god punished them,so I mst move on wth my lye

      • Sarah Andy says:

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    • andrew says:

      You are right cos. Life is a concept, the inspirational ideas you get makes you a tangible existence so whe are reponsible for our thinking

      • andrew says:

        It is agreed that we are all perfect in our own. BUT, if we really wanna be perfect we need all the respect for others contempt it is then our soul and spirit bestows on us the agenda of what makes us great

      • sylvia says:

        so how can l change my life

    • Maritza says:

      This is very true.. I agree very much.

    • Marsene W. says:

      I think what makes me perfect is my continuous solitude. My independence to walk me through the thicket of mean glares and the harshness of unforgivable beings. What makes me perfect is the way I can dive on an endless hell and lift myself back up and heal my burned wounds with holy water. The way I can be touched by the oncoming demon that’s depression and still keep going. What makes me perfect is my imperfections and that alone has me thriving inside. I feel like I’m dying every day, my happiness fallen and dead. But so often, I see my family and happiness is resurrected to have me stretch an unknown smile and to admit its imperfection is what makes me perfect.
      Marsene W.
      Age, 14

    • Courtney Holly says:

      Agreed !

    • Stella says:

      I totally agree! NO ONW RUNS YOUR LIFE EXCEPT YOU!

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    • Eman Nabil says:

      we cannot choose how to create our body, but we choose how to create our personality, try your best to be proud of yourself.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m not perfect not even close… I struggle everyday to make ends meet and to find some happiness within myself all I want is my kids to be happy and not have a need in the world. Perfection will never be achieved. Happiness is within the darkness and lies beneath the skin. I struggle to keep a smile on my face and to get up in the morning with nothing but struggles ahead. Nothing makes me perfect.

    • Ketesha Frank says:

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  2. Kiona says:

    I Agree With Kassy. I would not want to change who I am. I am simply…me. And I don’t care for the opinion of others. When I do things, I do them based on my interests and what spikes my attention.

    Cincy, OH

  3. Miranda says:

    I think I am perfect because I am here. I am human and alive. I have a working and functioning body. I love and hate. I cry and laugh. I think

    And because I may not always be right, and may not be liked by some people, that doesn’t mean I’m not perfect. That means I’m human. And being that is what I consider to be perfect.

    Society and high standards makes us believe we aren’t good enough or we’ll never be anything. But they are all wrong because I refuse to believe them. I love who I am.

    I am Perfect.

    Miranda, 17

    • Tailor Hines says:

      I love ur thought on being perfect. This is such a true statment that everyone should know and live by.

    • Sydney says:

      i absolutly love your way of thinking! i feel the same way!

    • Anonymous says:

      No ones perfect

    • abhi .s says:

      wow. man well said.. its so simple. life is so simple. we complicate .. i am goin through bad rough patch. and all the time, every single second ,ive felt like i am alone, nobody give a rats ass about my mess ups, or help me get through with it..everybody is busy their goddam lives…i gues if i come back. il be the sole reason. thats makes me even stronger.. and you guys are really great. truly :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I am very sorry thst you are going through some hard times. You need to try to be positive as much as possible. Being negative and having negative thoughts can produce the following reactions to due to the stressors during/after thinking or negative talk:

        Muscle Tension Pain
        Headaches Anxiety
        Teeth Grinding/TMJ Ulcers
        Insomnia Sleeping too much
        Stomach Distress Depression
        Heart Irregularly High Blood Pressure
        And More…
        Chronic stress from negative talking and thinking can also deplete the body of many chemicals needed for proper functioning.

        I hope things turn for the better for you all.

    • Elaine says:

      I think perfect means just being completely happy and being able to ignore the bad that can’t be fixed and doesn’t affect you and being able to be absorbed in the littlest things in life. Sometimes I get kind of depressed because of me pessimism and my brain is beginning to build a filter on what I think about so I don’t get sad about meaningless things. Perfection: happiness (without the sad).

  4. Jaclyn says:

    what makes you perfect is not doing anything wrong, or having any flaws. & being exactly who/how you & everyone else wants you to be. people would kill to be “perfect”.

    • Riian says:

      i disagree with this complety

    • someone whose imperfections made me closer to perfect says:

      Jaclyn, in that case, no one would ever be perfect. You said “being perfect is never doing anything wrong or having any flaws and being exactly who/how you and everyone else wants you to be.” My question to you is who exactly is “everyone else?” Is it everyone other than self? The truth is, there is no “everyone else” there are many individuals, none of which are the same; people with their own perceptions of what is good, or what is bad or what is perfect. The closest thing to being perfect is being what God placed you on this earth to be and doing/fulfilling your purpose in life that is the only thing you will be a natural at and you would do it perfectly. It could be something as simple as making a mistake, learning from it, and living the rest of your life with the desire to guide/help others not to make the same mistake. Being perfect is definitely not trying to be someone that is other than yourself, nor is it trying to be what you may think everyone wants you to be; that is being a follower or living your life as an acter. If you live your life like that, you’ll never be yourself and you’ll live your life trying to please everybody, which is impossible because everybody is different in their own way and what one may look at as a flaw, another may look at as an asset. If you try to be what others think is perfect, you’ll just live your life changing as your surroundings change like a chamelion; don’t be a follower, be a leader. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything” I think Malcolm X said this, not too sure, but it makes sense. You have to have your own morals and boundaries. You can’t just float anyway the wind blows. . Live your life, not someone else’s belief of what life should be. whats good for one person may not be good for your life. Set your goals and make choices to follow them. I wish you the best. another thing, no one is PERFECT, we are all with sin, it’s in our fleshly nature. It’s time to surrender those fleshly desires t that may get you into trouble or distract you from the truth to God and ask Him to guide you into perfection. Sorry for the long post I just felt compelled respond and drop you some wisdom. Ask God to order your steps in His divine purpose for your life.

      • Erasmo Ellis says:

        We as humans and sinners have no right to question our Lord our God !

        • candi says:

          I certainly hope that works for you. But if it stops don’t give up. God is a human construct and we don’t need it. Or maybe you do. And if so I hope you can keep believing it. Just don’t use it to hurt people who don’t share your belief.

    • Elaine says:

      Guys, I think she was being sarcastic. Like, this is the way the world sees things and she’s trying to show us what’s wrong with this view.

  5. James Wesser says:

    I’m perfect because i’m unique.

    I wouldn’t change myself for anyone… If I was to change myself it would be to make my life better or to make myself a better person for society.

    I don’t let anyone get to me… No one is going to tell me what I think “perfect” means.
    I’ll make that decision on my own.

    • Erasmo Ellis says:

      God has given you your own ways! That may be teaching something ! I do not what to teach you about God if you keep fighting him . Should talk to you about satan ? Maybe you would be more comfort with him ?

  6. Vanessa says:

    i am perfect because i express myself. <3

  7. Heidi says:

    I agree with Kassy. I wouldn’t change a thing about myself. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a very happy childhood. My mom committed suicide when I was 10 and I’ve been ripped away from her family to live with my asshole father in a whole other state. But the whole experience has made me stronger and I know that things can only get better from here on. At least I hope.

  8. Julia says:

    No one and nothing is, by definition, perfect. But only the people who accept and love themselves can achieve any form of perfection. Even their flaws makes them stronger.

  9. Mary says:

    I am perfect by my own thought. I have struggled for years trying to live up to families thought of what I should be. But in the end I always let them down. Being depressed for years, I had lost hope. Till I was told I had cancer, after realizing how much live meant for me I then learned I was perfect the way I was. No matter who it is you shouldn’t try to live the way someone else thinks is right. Only you can make yourself happy and once you see yourself as perfect, hopefully the people who love you will see that too.

    Never feel bad for the person you are. We are all Perfect in our own ways!!!

  10. Talaisha says:

    I’m not perfect, and I like it that way. You have to find beauty in every part of yourself and just be you. Thats when you can really live life. I can’t say that I’m at that point yet, but I’m getting there and I’m happy.

    Talaisha, 19
    Baltimore, Maryland.

  11. Kiana says:

    I believe nobody is perfect because they’re going to make mistakes but somebody could be amazing at something they do. Like i’m amazing at being different but there are times I do blend in with the crowd but most of the time I stand out. So I think nobody is going to be perfect if they are then they might bore me because nothing interesting wont really happen in their lives. So in my opinion nobody is perfect but everybody has flaws but most people with their flaws actually love them even if it is a flaw.

  12. Nicole says:

    What makes me perfect? To me no one is perfect. Perfection is only a state of mind. No one is perfect but being imperfect with all of our flaws makes us perfectly us and that is what makes each and everyone of us perfect. Anorexia has ruled my life since I was in 7th grade. I can’t control it anymore…. it is what I believe but that is what makes me… me.. its not good. I think my flaws make me perfect. I am perfectly me.
    Now only if I could believe it :/
    San Mateo, California

    • Oktobre Axtell says:

      I dont think i could put it and better. to me, perfection is being not perfect. being totally loving and never saying abad thing always doing what your told and having “that” perfect life is just freakin creepy. why anybody would want to be perfect, i have no idea. we are human and perfection is something all of us already share. no one will ever have the same idea of perfection ever. just like whatshisfaces utopia, no one has the same idea of a perfect world. even though i may cut to let my emotions out doesnt mean im a freak. just keep the thing in mind that u can screw up someone elses life with just a couple of words. we were never meant to be perfect.

    • candi says:

      Oh Nicole, this is not the end. I know your are doing the best you can with this. But as much as you can just go with the flow and enjoy the moment, the bigger your spirit will be and the better your life will be. Even if you are fat for a few months or years guess what? Your spirit is always perfect and that other silly stuff comes and goes. AS a person who has been both fat and thin and healthy and sick, I am here to tell you that a healthy girl with extra weight attracts better souls than a skinny person obsessed with staying thin. You probably have a bunch of people who love and want to love you. Breath, my little soul sister. You deserve to breathe…

  13. Corina Hoskins says:

    What makes me perfect is that I do not care what people think of me. You will like me for who I am or you will not like me at all. The people in my life make me who I am. Yes I make mistakes, but we all do. I have tried to change for other people, but it does not work. I will never change for other people again. I loose who I am. Then the people who love me for me start to loose me. I am loud, quiet, shy, outgoing. All things that are me either with or with out the people in my life.

    • Lene says:

      I would like to believe that there are people that do not care what people think about them. That there are people who believe in the saying “take me as I am, or don’t take me at all”. Maybe there is! But I thrive on acceptance. Need it. Without it I am empty. And this, I realize, is unrealistic. Nobody can be accepted by everyone. But that is my perception of perfection. Who doesn’t want to be loved, accepted? And now, i have altered myself so much to meet other people’s expectations that i have lost my true self in the process. I am lost. Broken. And i keep thinking maybe if someone were to accept me without me altering myself further, that they may help me find my true skin and let me wear it proudly, and in turn be proud to be standing next to someone so real. But I am not pretty, or skinny, or athletic, or talented enough for this thought to become a reality…

      • Erasmo Ellis says:

        God loves you always and so do I ! Talk to you , worked too hard today , get with you and will answer all your questions , love you and have a good night , God will help you , Because he my Lord have always helped in all life ! If you do not believe what I saying , then you need to talk to satan ! Maybe he will help you !

      • candi says:

        You don’t need the bible, honey. “God” is just what we call the world and the spirit around us. You are just as worthy of lo. So just as worthy and likely of receiving love if you do read the bible as if you don’t. Weak people will try to make you rely on a deity You are good enough just as yourself and I love you and the world is out there ready to love you. Ignore those suffering souls who lash out because they are suffering and don’t know how else to feel better – just dragging you down with them. Pity them because you are a special soul. You are beautiful all the way through!

      • Rachel says:

        I believe as humans we all thrive on acceptance, and desire to be close to others. But I think what makes me perfect is that I can be on my own and with others. I love sharing time with those who I love, and those who are like me, but I also enjoy time alone. I do not mind sticking out in the crowd, being the strange one. I thrive on being different, even if its seen as outlandish. I live for uniqueness, creativity and love and the way life is unexpected and throws good and bad in our faces. sure you can be sad when crappy things come your way, but it does you know good. Stay happy, healthy and beautiful because you are here for you and no one else and in the end you are what matters most. Your well being, happiness and amazing qualities.

  14. Jeanina Kay Reyes says:

    I am not perfect and that is the truth no in this whole entire world is perfect; you can search all your life searching but your wasting your time. Life and yourself isn’t meant to be good it can be for sometime but it is not possible to be in that state forever. Like I am not pretty that is what I see in the mirror. All I do is look straight into my reflection and ask why do I look like this. People say I look pretty but I absolutely don’t see it

    • Erasmo Ellis says:

      God loved the way you are ! He had made you in his loving kindness and has given you a time to show what he done for you ! Show God your loving and do not think to much about yourself but thing about him , who has made you to become alive !

  15. Eugine says:

    Actually, I think I’m perfect becaues I’m imperfect. Perfection is a very subjective matter, so you can’t be perfect to everyone, right? So I have long ago accepted that I’m imperfect. I have flaws and bad habits, but they make me only more human. So, I’m perfect in my imperfection.

  16. Katherine says:

    What makes me perfect is ME. I am me and noone else can be ME. I am unigue in my OWN way. I think that is an amazing feeling. I’m special that way. :) I think that everyone is PERFECT in every way they can be. Just think about it, has anyone ever tried being you? they can try yes, but noone can truely be you. They might have the same eye color as you or the same hair color or same style. But they can’t have your smile, your personality, or your ungueness. That is what makes me perfect.

  17. giiuls says:

    When i was younger (like around 12), i hated the way i looked. I thought i was the ugliest person ever, and none of the boys in my school ever liked me. When i entered high school i was in my “emo/alternative” phase and that’s where i met girls who were just like me. Insecure, low-self-esteem, etc. It wasn’t until then that I started to realize that beauty came from within, i started to become more confident and the crushes started to come. My perfection comes from being confident in who I am. It took me several years to struggle with my self-esteem but by the time i was leaving high school i knew who i was and who i wanted to be. Now, i’m always smiling (which i think is my perfect assest!) but that smile comes from the confidence i now have in myself. I’m now in my 3rd year of college, and during my second year i developed an after school program for girls in grades 7-8 on self-esteem, because i knew first hand how difficult it could be to struggle with finding who you are and who you want to be at that age. I know i’m not a size too, or have flawless skin, but like Ellen mentioned in perfect, it’s not about your outer beauty, it really is about what’s inside that counts. I would never try to change who i am now, because bump in my nose, size 8, bumpy skin, and whatever else i could pick a part about myself, i’ve learned to love it, and accept that it’s what makes me… ME!

    -giulianne, 20
    toronto, ontario

    • Halee says:

      i know how you feel

      -Halee 13

    • Sami says:

      Already went down that road, made me a stronger person today.

      -Sami 14
      NY, US

    • Anonymous says:

      amen to that:)

    • candi says:

      Guilianne, you are, quite clearly, as perfect as anyone ever could aspire to be.

      • Katie says:

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  18. Alicia says:

    I think im perfect becaus eof all of the tough things that happened to me that i came through. i have friends that support me and family thast there.

  19. Elaine Zimpleman says:

    I’m perfect because I’m not perfect. I have flaws, and I accept them. I don’t try to be someone I’m not just because someone doesn’t like me. I live for myself and the people I care about. I love the people I have, and I’m over the past. I’m happy NOW and that’s all that matters. <3

  20. Halee says:

    im perfect cause iv lived loved laughed crying felt like iv died just to come back alive
    im beautiful strong and know exactly where i belong
    some time i might slip up on right to do wrong but in the end i know that iv got to stay strong

    • London says:

      Ive been there before. Ive learned to put the blade behind me and look at things with a different perspective.

      – London 16

  21. Emily says:

    I’m perfect because I’m FUCKING AWESOME.

  22. Claire says:

    I’m perfect because I know that there is more to life than living to someone else’s standards. you must do what you believe is right, and you must live up to your own standards of perfect. You cannot live for someone else. I’m perfect because I listen. I’m perfect, because I know I am not, and through that, I see the light. Do you see the light, off there in the distance? It shines, and sometimes, it might seem dimmer than others, but you and I, we both see the light. Whenever you feel like you’re not good enough, like the bad in the world outweighs the good, just look for that light. We will stand together.

  23. Kaylee says:

    I think I am “perfect” because I don’t let other people’s labels, or trash talking bother me. I went through a lot when I tried to be what everyone wanted and I ended up almost dying because of it and then I had someone who was pretty much a sister to me who helped make me a stronger person and helped teach me that the only way you truly can be perfect is for you to be happen with yourself and not to listen to what other’s may think about you. As long as you’re happy with what you’re doing and are going out and chasing your dreams you are perfect.

  24. Morganne Frye says:

    I feel perfect because of my boyfriend. It’s not that I feel that my body or my being is perfect, because no one really is. I just feel perfect for him. We’ve been dating for almost 4 years since he was in 6th grade and I was in 7th. He’s the love of my life!

    • Anonymous says:

      awwww thats soo cute:)

    • candi says:

      Just don’t let a transition in the future ever ever change your belief in yourself. You have soul mates throughout the ages and I am glad you found one so early, but don’t dismiss the possibility that you may have other wonderful adventures ahead. Your are perfect all by yourself! He is just a part of your currently perfect life!

    • metal roof says:

      Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  25. Jamie says:

    What makes me Perfect is the fact that I know I’m not society’s “perfect”, nor do I try to be. I have had my battles, and have the self inflicted scars to show for it. I’m not ashamed of who I am anymore and that’s what makes me perfect. Getting to this point wasn’t easy, but it’s the trials and tribulations that have made me realize that, because I overcame self inflicted wounds and insecurities that I can honestly call myself, my form of Perfect.

    • Natasha says:

      agreed :) i have scars all over from self infliction. i look at them and they remind me who i was and who ive become. and the struggles ive went through. people will judge me for them but im a stronger person because of it. <3

  26. Megan says:

    I believe there is no such thing as perfect. I always believed there was, but especially reading your books I realized no one is or ever can be perfect. Everyone has their flaws. I am an overweight 16 year old constantly counting calories, who has never had much attention from boys and when I would look at the girls who I always thought were “perfect” I realize that deep down they are most likely to have a flaw too. I came to finally understand that being yourself is the best thing you could ever be no matter what. No one is perfect, so never strive to be that cause I’m sorry to say you will never be prefect, nor will anyone else. Be happy. Be proud. Be confident. Be you.That’s the greatest thing you could ever accomplish.

  27. Deoundra says:

    To be perfect I would change my body because im not really found of it but other then that everything about me

    • candi says:

      honey, I am way older than you and I have this advice: Enjoy that beautiful, young, tight skin you have. Ignore any perceived imperfections – remember that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and that many very famous faces and bodies are not compliant of this sick society’s fascist beauty standards. Do not worry about being a cookie cutter plastic girl. Revel in your uniqueness. You are a unique and beautiful flower!

  28. Crystal says:

    what makes me perfect, is that im so crazy and flawed. i couldnt change a thing about me because ive become a stronger person because of it. why try be someone ‘perfect’ when you could be yourself and feel comfortable?

  29. Amber says:

    Perfect is a term that we all use very lightly. Nothing is technically ‘perfect’. There are faults in every single thing that can be thought of. To me, perferct is being happy. If you are happy with yourself, you are perfect. If you want to change something about yourself, that isn’t perfect. We all need to find the place that makes us feel loved to find perfection. I thought there was something wrong with me for quite some time because I’m a lesbian. I prefer the term gay though. It sounds so much more cheery.(: But, I got a lot of feedback when I told people. Some was supportive, but most wasn’t. I thought I needed to change, but I don’t. I am perfect exactly how I am. I am the person God intended me to be. I would never change myself.

  30. Ashly says:

    I’m not perfect, that’s the thing. No one can BE “perfect”. We are human and we make mistakes, no matter how big or small. It really shouldn’t matter to anybody if they are perfect in anyway, because they are human and they will always have something someone else does not like, and they just got to understand that to someone else out there, they are everything they could ever want.
    If this makes any sense what so ever.

  31. Amanda says:

    I agree with Ashly. No one can really ever be “Perfect”. But I guess what would make me Perfect is my friends, and my family. They support me in many ways and are always with me. I wouldn’t ever change myself for anything. I wouldn’t change my body or my face for anyone else’s liking. I am me. And I like me. Just the way I am. I’ve been through a lot of pain and abuse in the past but it’s only made me stronger. Sometimes people in school would call me fat or ugly. But then I really looked in the mirror and saw that I was none of those things. Besides I wasn’t even fat. So as I say again, I am just Perfect the way I am.
    Thanks Ellen, for making the books because they’ve really helped a lot.

  32. Breanne says:

    I am perfect because of my imperfections. Perfection is not a goal I seek, because I find peace and satisfaction in my flaws. It took a while for me to understand that, but now that I do, I would not change for the world.

    Perfection is not easily defined in a real world context. Its like the statement beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I get a little angry sometimes, and over emotional. Im a little bit too curvy and I may just have a problem with sugar. So many imperfections, they make myself, and everyone else a living, breathing human. And at the end of day, thats all that matters to me.


  33. Malese says:

    I wouldn’t change anything, Im famous and thats all that matters

  34. Trinh says:

    I am perfect because I will not settle for anything less than perfection. I am perfect because the battle never ends.

    • candi says:

      Oh honey, no. You have already achieved your perfection. Why not try really really hard to just be happy, or content? Perfection is a lie. You are wonderful and you will change over the years, but you will need to find a way to love yourself without trying to live up to anyone else’s fascist beauty standards. Eff em.

  35. Olivia says:

    I carry these scars, and they make me who I am. Perfect or imperfect, I’m just me. I have no reason to believe I am imperfect, because in my world, I am everything. I have flaws, but I make them beautiful.

    People will try to tell me that I’m imperfect, but to me, I’m just right.

  36. Tory says:

    I hate everything about myself.

    • mari says:

      im the same way sometimes but you shouldn’t hate your self

    • Rachel says:

      Same. I don’t like my body or anything. I accept it, and I surround myself with people who don’t care about how I look. Don’t hate, LOVE

    • Tori says:

      I completely agree with this statement.

    • Jayna says:

      Me too. So I hang out with blind people. They don’t give a crap.

    • candi says:

      I feel that way myself sometimes. I then wait til I feel differently. I have ways to get to that place where I can feel better. It is a daily battle. I would be willing to bet a big percent of my happiness that you are an adorable and loving person. I wish I could convince you, but since I cannot, please go talk to a really good counselor and find a way to convince yourself. You have so much to offer that you really owe it to the world and to the people you have not even met but who will someday love and need you, to give this a real effort. You are beautiful inside and out. We are all damaged. That is what makes antiques precious, and that make things interesting…imperfections…and you are just as perfect and as imperfect as you need to be. I am sending motherly love to you, sweetie.

  37. Chelsea says:

    I am perfect because I beat addiciton. I am perfect because I did what was right for ME, not for my best friend when she said she didn’t want to be my best friend anymore because I wasn’t using. I am perfect because I seeked help. I am perfect because I admitted I have a problem. I am perfect because I am writing a book on mine and my best friends life during addiction. Drugs, sex, alcohol, failure. That is not perfect. Perfect is being the best you can be, no matter how far down the wrong path you went, perfect is getting up and turning around. You may not run down that path to who you use to be, walking is the way I’m going. But at least I am going back, and that is what makes me perfect.

    Ellen, I am the Chelsea who e-mailed you. I hope to hear back from you soon.

    • Taylor says:

      I am 16 years old and already a heroin addict, because of my asshole ex boy friend. I know how hard it is to overcome addiction, and you should be so proud of yourself. I hope to be where you’re at some day.

      • maverick says:

        i dont ever blame anyone else for my addictions but myself.

      • candi says:

        don’t let that girl make you feel bad about yourself. We all have our journeys. Yours is at a point that makes you feel awful about your ex. I know you would grow from that and be fine and happy again some day. It is a beautiful and painful and defining journey and you will be a happy spirit at the end of the journey in many many years. Enjoy the ride sweetness. Don’t give up. Don’t rely on a boyfriend to define you. You are enough.

  38. Leah says:

    Through everything that I went through with my sister and her eating disorder for the past 8 years, my mom leaving us and everything else I realized that my flaws are what makes me perfect. My scars show that I beat the demons inside. Beating my addiction to pills shows that I can concur that voice inside my head. My flaws are what makes me perfect.

  39. Gurnish says:

    When i was a kid… i used to be fat, chubby, quiet and had low self-esteem. I was afriad of showing my skin and my body. Everytime i see my sister or my friends, i always think “Gosh… why cant i be like them” I usually get mad and sad but never expressed to my family because i was afriad they’re gonna call me a whinny kid and get yelled … So i stayed quiet and don’t say anything but then i started to feel dead inside my body and i hate it! and when i see people having fun and being who they are i was thinking “why cant i just expressed myself for once” and after around grade 6, i was trying to be myself and people started to like me WHO I AM and not the fake me and i realized that how much i miss a lot of stuff if i couldnt be true to myself. Being Perfect means being imperfect and be who you are. Not all of people are going to like you but not all of people are going to hate you, Be true to yourself, Have Fun and be glad that you do exsit :)

  40. Lyra says:

    I’m striving everyday to be “perfect” I’ve fallen victim to many things. My idea of being perfect is beat my depression and eating disorder. To be able to stand tall and proud that I overcame it and for once am happy with myself. I think being perfect is finally accepting yourself more than anything. I’m still struggling to recover from my self harming self sometimes I want to and others I just fall back into it. One day I will stand tall.

  41. Jamie says:

    As i grew up my mother taught me i am how i am and to love every part of being me! and now as im growning up i can say as a human being i dont think all of me is perfect but the people who surrond me makes me perfect. everyone is different and maybe all together we can be perfect. so my familt, my friends, my aquatences everyone around me makes me perfect…i am proud of who i am but not proud of what happend in the past to finally get me to the point in my life where i am okay…i dont look at yesterday and try to see if it was perfect or therefore tomorrow cause i know my heart is pure and i mean well so that is perfect

  42. Kaysa says:

    nothing makes me perfect, i may look perfect but i am not at all

  43. Randi says:

    I believe that no one is perfect
    But that does not mean that we can’t be beauitful, in our own ways
    I won’t lie, I’ve had a not-so-average life
    My mother had five kids… And we all have different fathers
    Some of us rarely see our fathers, if at all, like my youngest sister (4) who has seen him only twice since she’s been born, but does not remember at all
    I know what people think of my family, of my mom and her children, me included
    (“She’s a whore” “Her and her children will burn in Hell”)
    But everyone makes mistakes, no one’s perfect
    And I think we all can make up for those mistakes, if we so choose
    No one is Perfect… But that’s what makes us who we all are (That little bump on your nose, those freckles on your face, your red hair, the dimples on your cheeks)
    Those characteristics give us all character, so let’s not change it [:

  44. Anonymous says:

    I am perfect because i overcome what was done to me, the scars on my legs, the urge to starve. I believe i am perfect because no one will define who i am, who i will be but myself.

  45. Brittany Drager says:

    You know I used to compare myself a lot to other girls in my school who I thought were “perfect.” Then I joined Peer Leadership at my school, an organization that helps the 8th graders coming into high school adjust to highs school life. After meeting all these new faces, and actually having heart to heart conversations with some people who I had seen in school, but never really got to know, and spending time with these people, I realized that nobody is perfect. I have come to realize that everybody has their own challenges, and struggles, or obstacles that they have to face everyday. Some people might have it better then others, but I realized that even some of the most “perfect” seeming people have their own issues, and insecurities. I used to have low self esteem from being put down by others constantly. But now I have come to realize that all those people who put me down, don’t really matter to me anymore. I am content with myself. I may not come from a perfect home, or family, or life, but I’m me, and I will never change. I am done feeling sad, and dissatisfied with my life. I want to finish high school, go to college, get my degree, and become either a psychologist, or maybe a teacher. I want to do good in my life, and make a difference, and help people. I want to prevail, and make my life better. My life may not be perfect, but its my life. I have to push through it everyday. To others I may have faults, and make mistakes, but to me….I’m perfect for who I am.

  46. Stephanie says:

    The only things that make me or anyone else perfect is taking all the things you’ve gone through and letting them make you stronger. Or accepting yourself for who you are. Not caring what other people think. Just loving life and always living in the moment. Which is why I believe that no one is perfect. Because there’s always going to be something that you won’t want to make you stronger, you’ll always have at least a few insecurities, no matter what you say, people’s opinions affect you, and there’s times where you won’t love your life. I don’t think anyone is flawlessly perfect.

  47. Tia says:

    perfection is just what you wanna be in order to feel like you belong.i am no were near perfect but i am close b/c i am me.i am an ex cutter,anorexic and atheist im perfect because im real enough to know the differnence.

  48. brenda says:

    i beleive noone has ever been perfect except for Jesus of course but me myself am not. I do realize that i make mistakes and who i am as a person so I can say im a good person but not perfect.

  49. Katlyn says:

    What makes me perfect? My epilepsy. Why? Because epilepsy makes me different. I do not know many people who have it. Epilepsy has made me a better person. If I did not have it, I would not be as perfect as I am.

    • Anonymous says:

      you wanna know something you are perfect in everyway. Even though I can’t see you i am pretty sure your gorgeous. I am not gay I promise. But seriously, i am perfect and so are you. Actually nobody’s perfect we are all the same. Even if we are a different sex, color, or anything else we are equal and AWESOME in our own ways.

  50. Rachelle says:

    I am perfectly broken, I am perfectly lost, but i am anything but perfect. The word perfect is defined as “Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind”. I will always lack something; weather that be kindness in the face of hardship, love in the face of hurt, or hope in the face of sorrow. Although I know I will never be perfect I also know I will always be good enough.

    • Cat B. says:

      You Are So Right. But i’m pretty sure you aren’t broken or lost. Hold your head high and you will always be Good Enough.

  51. Melanie Ann says:

    I know that I’m not perfect, but I believe that perfection comes from being able to love someone despite their flaws. I believe that I’ve achieved perfection multiple times, ever time I’ve fallen in love. That’s perfection, falling in love with the most imperfect people and staying in love through the stupidity and the fights.


    i dont think i am perfect but i know i am as close as i can get bcause nothing God makes in ugly

  53. Elaine says:

    What makes me perfect? Nothing would. But what makes me, me? The physical scars on my arms, and hips, and the emotional scars on my heart. My stronger relationship with God. My weird shaped ears. The way I react to other peoples comments or insults by smiling, because there’s no way they know what I’ve gone through and continue to fight every day. The purity ring on my finger. The weight I’m slowly gaining back from learning to like food again.
    These things make me unique, and show my strengths and quirks.
    They make me as close to my version of perfect as I’ll get.

  54. Adriana says:

    Everyone is saying how they’re perfect, and they wouldn’t change a thing but I know that every person in this world is hiding an insecurity. No matter how perfect they feel at a moment, they’ll always go back to that insecurity.

    I’m not saying this in a matter of anger, or to make anyone feel insulted. I’m just telling my opinion how I think that little bliss moment of perfect goes.

  55. Jamie says:

    Right now, nothing makes me perfect. I used to think if I got skinny I’d look and feel perfect. I thought my friends would accept me more and boys would look at me differently. So then before I knew it, I started throwing up. I told myself I would stop at 105. But then I wanted to keep going. I wanted to go to 100. Then I wanted 95. I became a skeleton. My bones started to stick out everywhere. Boys crack annorexia jokes at me. They think its funny to shove food in my face and always tell me there are bushes behind their houses. One kid offered me a piece of gum then said, ” Actually no. You will just waste my gum. It will wind up in the toilet or it will spew out your ass.” My friends do not invite me over anymore because they cannot bare to watch me not eat, and if I do eat, they wonder what I will do when they turn their backs.

    I used to think perfection was based on looks. But now I realize that you do not have to be perfect, being happy with youself is enough.


    • candi says:

      Darling, blow those a-holes off. Perfection is a lie and you are as wonderful as anyone could be. You are young and you have a lot of time to work out the kinks. Just focus on getting to your goals. Nothing and no one else matters. Life at 26 will be a whole new world for you. But please please please do whatever it takes to get help for the eating disorder or you won’t ever get a chance to find that out. You deserve better.

  56. Cassidy says:

    I’m perfect because of my personality. I’m brutally honest, unique, a smart ass, caring, and I have a slightly twisted sense of humor. I’m not going to lie to you reading this and myself and say that I don’t care what people think, because sometimes it gets to me, what people say. I’m perfect because I accept that I’m different than others, and that I’ve learned how to keep my temper under control. I’m perfect because, simply, I’m me.

    Kihei, Hawaii

  57. Margaret says:

    I know that I’m not perfect,
    not one part of me is without its flaws.
    But I wake up every morning
    being all I can.
    There are always ways to improve.
    Perfect is just a word,
    to push us to try harder,
    a goal without an end.
    Nobody is perfect,
    So I think I’ll be just fine,
    being myself,
    flaws and all.

    ~ Margaret ~

  58. Maddie says:

    I have no idea what perfection is. I know I’m not and I honest to goodness believe we will never find it because true perfection is most definetley not of this world. Plus I think we all perceive perfection in many different ways. I hope perfect never shows up, because I’m here to blow it out of the water.
    Little Rock, Arkansas

    • Maddie says:

      Oh and yes us arkansas folks do have an education(;
      As shocking as that may be!
      And the movies got it right, we really do say yall all of the time (we aren’t perfect either)

  59. Alanna says:

    The only way to be perfect is to have flaws. As humans, we naturally find the little things with flaws in them perfect, without ever realizing it. What makes your favorite jeans perfect? The worn out fabric and the hole in the knee. What makes your family perfect? The dysfunctional aspect of them. What makes your boyfriend? The cute way his eyes are always closed in pictures. The only way we can be perfect is to present ourselves as the flawed humans we are; we have a lisp, we’re short, we’re unorganized, we’re OCD…there are so many imperfect things about us that make us perfect to everybody else.

  60. Kelsey says:

    All in all, we are all perfect. When i look around me i do not see one single person who is said ‘ugly’. We all have our flaws, yes, but that does not make us imperfect. Our flaws make us who we are. They make us perfect in ways nothing else can. We are all beautiful wether we want to believe it or not.

  61. Missy says:

    I am perfect because I have thought. Because I love and am loved. Because I have fears and aspirations. Because I live everyday like it is my last. And because God made me for a reason, made everyone for a reason and therefore, everyone is perfect; they just have to BELIEVE it.

  62. Johannah says:

    I am perfect because even though things in life get me down i still keep my head up and i never quit being me. I think our imperfections is what makes us perfect actually, because if we had no imperfections we would literally be robots or clones of eachother. So everyone be yourself and dont be afraid to let ur true colors show. Its sad that these days people are too afraid of doing that because of what other people think. People can be so cruel. I think everyone is perfect in their own way!

  63. Jaime says:

    striving for perfection only takes it farther away from it. straining every part of us emotionally and physically only makes it more difficult. i used to try to be perfect because i thought that nothing i did was never going to be good enough. now that i am older, i understand that we are all beautiful and perfect in our own way, like everyone else says. the thing that takes you closer to perfect, is not judging someone because they don’t fit a definition and getting to know their story, because you have a story too.

  64. Aerial says:

    the thing that makes me perfect is that i believe im perfect and wont let anyone tell me otherwise! P.S. i love your books ellen!

  65. Skip. says:

    Perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever embodied such a thing.
    Perfect. I don’t want that…

  66. Sakura says:

    I don’t think I’m perfect

    • nmlakergirl says:

      you may not think your perfect but i bet someone out there thinks you are..and dont Be so negative doesnt matter if your tall, short, big, small it doesnt even matter how other people see you….you just have to be able to see that your perfect the way you are

  67. Amanda says:

    no one is perfect until you love them.

  68. Megan says:

    I think that learning from all my life experiences and using them to move forward is what makes me good, not perfect. I don’t believe there really is a perfect except in the eyes of the one who loves you. I wouldn’t change anything of myself because I am happy. Sometimes we all get our days where things aren’t going so well, but we need to remember that there is always tomorrow.

  69. maryjane says:

    i will never change my personallity i love the way i am but people always have to judge me about who i am but i just icnore them
    to everybody:
    BE YOURSELF LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Katlyn says:

    What makes me perfect? Being the best mother I can possibly be. When I became pregnant at the begining of my 16th year of life I thought it was the end of the world! I was in a bad relationship mixed with a not very nice boyfriend who was addicted to many things including other girls. To my suprise, I gained the courage to end that relationship once I felt my son’s little foot push against my belly! After I got out of that relationship, I found myself with my soul mate (we dated for a year when I was about 14) and we are now married! I live on my own, go to school, and take care of my now 9 month old son! I plan on going to college to become a diagnostic sonographer in an ob/gyn clinic at Bellevue College! We also plan to have two more little ones once we are settled in and have our careers in order! :) I went from a really (sorry for my language) shitty situation, to the best thing that could have possibly happend to me!

  71. nmlakergirl says:

    what makes me perfect is that i am not afraid to be who i really am. i dont let other people judge me for what they dont know or what they think about me. i set goals and follow them even when people tell me i wont be able to accomplish them…i simply say “it doesnt matter if you dont belive i will not accomplish it im not doing it for you its for me and what ever the outcome i know i tried me hardest and i didnt let you stand in my way”

  72. Deanna says:

    I am perfect because of my flaws and because I realize this and am surrounded by people that do the same.

  73. Patty says:

    I am perfect because I am alive-
    I am perfect because I feel-
    I am perfect because of my imperfections-
    I am perfect because I am perfectly me.

  74. Jessica says:

    I used to say that nobody was perfect, least of all me. There were so many things about myself that I wanted to change. Some that couldn’t be changed. Then I read a definition of perfect that said “exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose” and realized that everyone is perfect. We each have our own role to play in life and we are the only one that will fit in that role. We may not be able to see it at the time, but we are perfect just by being us.

  75. Andrea says:

    What makes me perfect is a good question. I wouldn’t change one thing about my personality cause it makes me who I am. And no matter what anyone says i believe i am beautiful inside and out.

  76. Angela says:

    I dont think I would change anything about myself. Everything that I have went through in my fifteen years of life has only made me stronger. I’m only 15 and I have went through my parents fighting and my Dad’s addiction to alchol making him leave. My oldest brother has been in and out of jail since he was thirteen. Now my second oldest brother is doing drugs and wont talk to any of the rest of the family. I myself have had problems. When I was thirtenn I got caught with something and I thought my Mom would never be happy again after she found out. But since I have went through all of these problems I have gotten stronger. All of my friends tell me that I have built up walls around myself and wont let anyone in but that is my way of dealing with things. I dont let other people judge me. And if they do I really dont care. I was taught not to care what other people think.

  77. Marissa says:

    I think perfection isn’t perfection as we learn it by definition.. I think it’s a persons flaws and mistakes and talents and anything that sets them apartfrom the rest of humanity that makes them perfect. You see you’ll never find anyone who is , by dictionary deffinition, perfect. However, when you come to love someone enough you begin to see that their flaws, and the things that make them different, is their true perfection.
    age 16


  78. Demerise says:

    I’m not obese, nor am I too thin. I’m not beautiful, nor am I gut-wretchedly hideous. I’m not tall, I’m not blond, I don’t have 20/20 vision, I have wide hips and curvy thighs, my eyes are a little too big and my lips are little too full. I have a wide jaw and a circle face, I have an awkward stance and I slouch when I should sit up.
    But I am perfect because I can recognize my flaws. I know what I’m good at. I can write, I can draw. I may not be physically attractive, but I try my hardest to be kind to everyone I meet. I’m not very outgoing, because I stutter a lot and make mistakes. I know I can’t be the best, no can I be the most beautiful, but I know that I can be me and that’s enough. I have a boyfriend, and he accepts for who I am because I am me. I wear huge, dorky, red bifocals. I wear combat boots with my dresses. I never wear makeup. I play video games, I sing, I dance. (Of course, none of those three things I can do very well..~)
    I’m perfect because I know what makes me imperfect. I’ll never be perfect, and I don’t strive to be. I can accept who I am.

    • Rachel says:

      You’re like me :) A LOT like me :) I play video games, sing, and dance too(I also wear my combat boots with almost everything). Being perfect is being who you are and making mistakes. Learning from your mistakes and finding your own path in life, not following anyone else’s. :)

      11, Ironwood, Michigan

  79. Elizabeth Grogg says:

    “I must learn to love the fool in me. The one who feels too much, tale too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. “. Theodore Isaac Rubin

    “You’re a human thing. You’re a human thing. Who do ya think that you’re fooling? You’re not fooling, you’re not fooling me. ” Frazey Ford “Human Thing”

    I’m 51 and still wrestling with all the issues of “perfection” society has thrust upon us. The belief in being “successful” in doing everything “right” in being “somebody.” It’s all crap & has kept me trapped, living someone else’s (a lot of someone else’s) versions of what my life “should” be. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t buy in to this notion. It’s a trap and a soul-killer. Whoever you are, you are perfect because you are perfectly human. You will make mistakes. You will make bad choices. You will get your heart broken & your spirit crushed. But you will also experience joy, genuine laughter, true love, amazement at the world and the universe and other people. Love yourself just the way you are. I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. I know it can be a struggle every day. But your humanness, your perfect imperfection is what allows you to experience the world as only YOU can. Be free. Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do – just as long as you try not to hurt anybody. Because life is an unbelievably immense and incredible buffet – but you only get to come to the table once. Elizabeth G.

  80. Thelma says:

    I’m perfect because I make mistakes and sometimes bad choices. I wouldn’t change any of it, as being imperfect has made me who I am today. I cry, get angry, smile but, I’m human and that is why I am perfect. Being human and unique is why we are all perfect.

  81. cathy says:

    I would say that i am perfect, we all are in our own pecial way no matter what people say, thats what i do. I dont pay attention to people around me who think they are better than me because if people act like that it just proves how unperfect they really are, the best thing you can do is love yourself and be your own kind of perfect. Being perfect is just being yourself and that makes you perfect. <3 Ellen hopkins truly is inspiring.

  82. Caroline says:

    I am perfect by my own definition. I am human by my own flesh and blood. I walk with others who feel and act differently then I do. I don’t know what perfect really means. The definition changes for everyone because of personal preferences. I’m alive which means I’ve done something right in my life. I’m accepting my faults and loving them slowly. I admire myself closely now. I am perfect because I’m changing. Not for anyone else but me. Accepting life and whatever it may throw at you makes you great. Looks and money don’t make you perfect. It’s your soul

    Stay individual

  83. Nicole says:

    I am not perfect.
    Not in the eyes of the world.
    However, I am perfectly me.

    I’ve been through the good and bad of life, and I am still able to smile. My life has been far from perfect, but it has made me who I am; someone I am very proud to be. I am beautiful, and so are you.

  84. lainee says:

    I am perfect, in every way, and in every sense. there is nothing wrong with me, just inhale, exhale, everything will(hopefully) be ok.

  85. Sahara says:

    My idea of perfection is being the best person your capable of being, living life to the fullest and having no regrets, doing the things in life that you want to do most and doing your best in succeeding. there’s no such thing as being perfect because we are all human. Humans make mistakes, that is that. Accept those mistake and move forward. Never dwell on the bad because when you do, your basically searching for it. And it will find you. Love with all your heart and use your brain. Laugh at every single joke you hear just because it’s healthy for your soul. Never underestimate anybody, but especially yourself. Don’t put yourself down because you are beautiful in very single. Don’t let words or anybody else bring you down, is it really worth it to let someone put you to the ground? Cry when you have to let something out. Emotions are like a soda in a can. We keep them all bottled up and someone is always looking to shake you and you explode on an innocent person. Don’t feel stupid when your wishing on shooting stars or 11:11. It’s better to wish for something than do absolutely nothing. Remember you live once. So make is count. Perfection is being yourself and accept you.

  86. Kelsey says:

    I believe the only perfect being is God, but Jesus died to pay for our sins, and if you turn to him, God will see Jesus’ perfection when he looks at you (instead of our sins). I think that is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. That is the definition of true love. I learned what I know of love from God because he is the author of love. He is love. And he loves me, no matter how imperfect I may be. I’m not perfect. I was a slave to cutting and self-abuse for 4 years, but I wouldn’t take any of it back. I would not change anything I’ve done, and I would not give any of my scars back. God is so awesome. He is the one who makes perfection out of the evil things I have done and will do in the future. I love the song that says, “You make beautiful things out of the dust/ You make beautiful things out of us.” I have seen God make true beauty come from the ugliest situations and the most depressed people. He made me beautiful in his eyes, and he did the same for my fiancee. He will do the same for anyone who asks because he loves us all. I used to hate myself. I used to want to die. I was like Vanessa in IMPULSE, but no more. God has brought me out of the grave I carved for myself, and he sent me the most amazing man I could ever imagine to love me and make me feel special and beautiful. God uses my fiancee daily to show me his love for me. My Chris is an amazing image of God’s love.
    There is perfection, but it can only come from the Father.

    Lancaster, Pa.

  87. Tyler W. says:

    I think I have many flaws, I’m short, weak, and not really smart, and I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve none many things wrong, I look at porn, masturbate, and I don’t like my family.

    But dispite it all, I think this makes me perfect, because I’m romanitc, and treat women with respect, and I know that I’ll be content were ever I go in live. and my parents expect me to be like my sister, have a 4.0 GPA and get straight A’s and get a full ride scholarship to college. But I’m not my sister, I’m Tyler and I’ll do what I can do for the best of me. I’m taking a CNA class to start on my medical career and if I can’t get any further than that, I’ll be fine being a CNA. I’ve also applied to a college and got denied, I have a accumulative GPA of 2.7 and I’m not the smartest in my class, I’m failing two classes. I vlog every day to tell people about my life and the things going on in it. and I like vlogging. :)

    I’m also an anarchist, America sucks in actuallity, I’m an animal rights activist and a civil rights activist, and I believe in equality for all.

    But to me, although it looks like a lot of flaws, this is what makes me perfect in my own way, and I’m content with that.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure there’s anything that makes me perfect, I have many flaws that make me who i am. IT makes me know that the people close to me have their own kind of perfect and kindness. They care able accept my flaws and forgive me for them. I can only hope that one day I’ll be their kind of perfect too.

    Affton, MO

  89. Elisa says:

    I think somehting that makes me perfect is the fact that I’m not perfect at all. I try not to acknowledge my weaknesses or strengths, but I accept the fact that I am, was never, and never will be perfect. And that’s exactly where I want and need to be.

    Chicago – area

  90. sarah says:

    i have never thought good about my self, i always feel to tall, to fat, and to ugly.
    i felt like no one wanted me in the life or to be around me.
    i felt like i was the worst person in the world.
    and the people in my life didnt help me feel any better.
    i cut a lot for a while too.
    i read your books and realize there are people out there who have issues like i feel.
    and your books make me realize i shouldnt be down on myself all the time.
    i just started perfect and i love it already!
    and i hope it helps me even more to understand that i am perfect how i am and i should be happy with myself.
    and not wanna change, for anyone.
    thank you for your books.
    they are amazing. your an amazing author.
    come to pittsburgh! i want to meet you!
    keep on writing(:

  91. Katie says:

    Perfect: What is it? Well frankly there is no exact definition because the word isn’t even perfectly described. But to our society, our government, perfect is when somebody does exactly what they are told does it all correct and never disobeys or fails. Now to be completely honest, that is an extremely high lever of expectation to have of anybody. My personal definition of perfect is when you are yourself, when you accept yourself because perfection is only a state of mind. If you believe that you have found perfection in and amoung yourself and your peers than that is perfectly fine because it’s what makes you well perfect. You ever hear the line, “You’re perfect just the way you are.” I love that line because that means somebody has found acceptance of your flaws and believes that with all that you are “perfect.” It’s quite sweet to have somebody tell you that they think you’re perfect because it should make you feel good about yourself and that you need not change for anybody, and that’s the problem, so many chase perfection only to let themselves down when really perfection is only found inside yourself becasue it is a state of mind (sorry repeating myself, but it’s true). Perfection is just acceptance of one’s self. I cannot explain that in any other way. We all have our personal definitions for the word but that’s truely the only universal definition and once people understand that, there won’t be as many problems with confidence and things like that. Maybe we will one day learn and realize that we are all perfect in our own special way.

    Katie. 16. Arizona.

  92. Niki D says:

    I honestly don’t think that perfect should be an adjective. I don’t believe in perfection. Perfection is something people believe is nearly necessary. It’s the walls they build, for themselves. The way they look, the way they act, the people they are with, all must be perfect, to feel perfect. There is no reason to feel perfect.
    I think happiness is what people should strive for. Happiness is all that is needed and I’m on my road to happiness.

    Niki V D
    New Zealand

  93. Kelly says:

    I took a bit of time to read some of these entries, pondering the reason that I’m perfect and I’ve come to only one logical answer: I’m not perfect. I will never be perfect in everyone’s eyes. Hell, I’m never going to be perfect in my own eyes. I’m awkward, and clumsy, and over worried, and depressed and I think differently. But I’m also charming, and funny, and caring, and creative and intelligent. I’m never going to be perfect, but I’m perfectly okay with that. I wouldn’t want to be anybody but who I am.

  94. Tessa Allen says:

    I am perfect because I have made it through all the rollercoasters of this crazy world. I have made it through abuse and drugs and mental illness (depression, bipolar, suicidal tendencies) and I am still standing today. I am perfect because even through all those things I still find beauty in everyday life. I’m perfect because I’m klutzy, goofy and awkward. I don’t think that perfection is any one thing. I think it is a person’s mistakes, flaws, weaknesses, strengths, beauties, and personality all rolled into one. Being perfect is just being who you are inside. Love you for who you really are, and never try to change for someone. Do not judge others because of the way they are or the life they’ve led. Love everyone. Perfection is just being happy in your own skin.
    Live for you,
    love passionately,
    never give up,
    stand your ground,
    make a brighter tomorrow!

  95. London says:

    I am not perfect. I have done things I really dont regret. I let myself fall into a bottomless pit of darkness. I think of life as a fairytale with a not so happily ever after ending. I am not perfect.

    -London 16

  96. Sara says:

    As Bernard Waber wrote, “Nobody is perfect”. What he did not write was that you aren’t perfect for someone else, but you are perfect for yourself. In the end, that is all that matters. As long as you can be you and do your thing, that’s perfection right there. What makes me perfect? I’m not unique. I’m not special. Nor do I want to be. I’m flawed. I am a perfectly, flawed me. And that’s good enough for me.


  97. Avery says:

    No one can be “perfect” because every ones definition of perfect is different, but perfect to me is alive, healthy, and happy. I of many people are three of these things. I’m still young and don’t want to put a label on myself as perfect, because face it I’m never really going be perfect anyone’s eyes, but in mine I am.


  98. Maddie says:

    Being your self is what make you perfect. Dont let others judge you for what choices you make, unless you ask for their judgement. Its not their life to jugde in the first place.

    Brent Smith- What a shame to judge a life that you cant change. What a shame to have to beg you to see that we’re not all the same.

    So many teen suicides happen because of people thinking they have to be someone else to be “perfect”. Its just another label. Why should Anybody elses opinion matter but YOURS!

  99. Kaitlin says:

    I think sometimes people look to far into the details of things rather than the big picture. If you TRY to be perfect STOP! It’s an impossible task. I think we need to just accept who we are, voice out opionons, and try to be a good person. That’s enough for me anyway. I don’t want to be perfect and I don’t try to be perfect. I just want to be my own independent person… and I am.

    - Kaitlin

  100. Miranda Foster says:

    What makes me perfect is my inability to be perfect, or at least the perfect we all strive for. To me, perfection is a urban legand: There may always be different truths to it but you can never locate the whole truth within it. The best we can do is just accept who we are and not throw it all away on a whim and skip. I will never be perfect, and neither will you, its just how the wheel turns. The truth I believe is in perfection is the hope for the future and what it will bestow.

  101. Chelsea says:

    I’m perfect because i make mistakes. <3

  102. Mattea says:

    Nobody can be perfect. It is imperfections that make us beautiful individuals.

  103. I just wanted to post a quote here that I think goes very well with most of what people here are saying…

    “Everything will be okay in the end. If it isn’t okay, it’s not the end.”

  104. Kitty says:

    I think trying to describe what is “perfect” is like trying to describe love.
    It has a different meaning to everyone because no two people are the same. We’re all “perfect” in our own way and that is what makes us ourselves

  105. Jessica :) says:

    what makes me perfect… ???
    I have no idea…

  106. kathleen says:

    i think im perfect because everyone has their own story to tell and my story made me who i am today made me, think the way i do, make decisions the way i do. Not only is it the things that i do that make me perfect its also the people in my life, if i didnt have these people i probably wouldnt be here, they keep me alive and make me feel perfect. they make me feel like im special, and i actually mean something in their life, and no many people in my life make me feel that way….. so the decisions i make and the people that i have in my life, is the reason why i am perfect! besides all of that im just an awesome person ! :)

    kathleen taylor
    age 17
    brampton, ontario, canada !

  107. Natalie Rudd says:

    There is no such thing as perfection because well we strive for perfection the only thing we achieve is imperfection.

    We shall always try to honor those who have lost the battle against the mirror or the soul within them but perfection comes at the price of imperfection

    Cliche but i dont care everyone no matter what you say or anyone tells you YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

  108. Vika says:

    I am perfect because I am flawed.

    Victoria T.,
    14, Canada.

  109. Lizzie Hodgin :) says:

    I might want to change a few things But then I wouldn’t be me. I’m like Jenna I have the curves and a size 7 but I’m not fat? If that makes sense. But like Kendra I wan’t to be skinnier but I love myself to not eat. But Perfect to me is being myself not trying to be some one I’m not as Eminem put is “I say want I want to say. I do what I want to do. There’s no in between. You’ll either love me for it or hate me for it.” I am me. I am Perfect. And don”t hate yourself because that just gives others the right to do the same.
    Love Lizzie :)

  110. Laura says:

    I’m perfect because I’m not.

  111. i think what is me perfect is that i have different ways to look at things and see people differently then what another people would say about it.And somethings you my mind can change from thinking all negative and positive at the same time, but i can’t be really perfect about myself because we all not perfect at all, sometimes people think that we all live a perfect live but we don’t and we all different from your region and the way we were raise are kids from different parts of the world and it dose me perfect at all or another people in world.
    Who could be perfect in world?
    Answer: i think someone people can be perfect and some can’t at all.

  112. Sami says:

    I think I am perfect because of my troubled past. I never had an issue with bulling, must people just left me alone and I liked it that way. In 6th grade a girl made fun of me and my bubble of innocence was popped! From them until about a year ago (freshmen year) i was struggling with self harm and depression. I made new friends in high school who helped me get the support i needed to push through, and now I am a stronger person. Why does this make me perfect? Because you can only be as perfect as you want yourself to be, and that’s what i am not.
    -Sami 15
    NY, US

  113. aspen says:

    Gay Pride.

    Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender.

    Homo. Faggot. Sissy. Devil.

    We are all the SAME. So why do we call names?

    Our fellow brothers and sisters are getting,

    Bullied. Threatened. Murdered.

    Our brothers and sisters are committing suicide,

    Because they try to hide who they are inside.

    1,488 suicides a year! you hear?

    When you say,

    “thats soooo gay”

    Do you know what youre really saying?

    Now what my fellow brothers and sisters dont understand is that,


    They were born this way, you see?

    It wasnt a choice, but still most of them have lost their voice.

    No where in the bible does it say “its not okay to be gay.”

    Any way why is it a ‘sin’ for carrying and marrying the one you love?

    And arent the people who believe in a greater above suppose to love and treat everyone equally.

    When they end up being the bully.

    And now i think its time for the government to take some hints.

    Dont ask, Dont tell?

    More like what the hell.!

    If they can serve why throw a curve ball and say they cant be open,

    everything they have been hopin’ was gone.

    Holy Cow! Only five states allow?.

    Why is it so scary to marry the one you love?

    Their not allowed to give blood;

    Thou it could save a life.

    Their not allowed to adopt;

    Thou it saves a child from living a confusing life.

    And yet we say they are unconstitutional.

    So ive said my peace,

    lets decrease the homophobia in the United States of America.





    -Aspen Storme(:

    This is what makes me perfect. Speaking my mind and not afriad to be myself.

  114. Yessica says:

    There’s no such thing as perfection, if there was perfection there wouldn’t be so much chaos. Our flaws is what makes us who we are; perfection just seems like another word for “following the crowd”. Why be like someone else? Why not be yourself? Perfection; it’s just a nother word for someone you’re not.

  115. Chelsea says:

    What makes me perfect? I think that I am perfect because I am who I am, and I’m not going to change that for anyone.

  116. Miranda says:

    I think I’m not perfect. No one can be perfect. But, I do think that by trying to find out who I am. Fighting past my scars and all the things that has happened to me. That gets me as close to perfect as I can be. Being me is pretty much being perfect.

  117. Perfection, thankfully, is something I’ve never been conserned with. I believe that we all all messed up in one way or another and I guess I’ve just come to terms with that fact. But just because we’re messed up doesn’t mean we should just give up, there’s always room to improve and that’s the beauty of being not perfect! :)
    I’m happy being a mess, I don’t always like/love it, but I know it’s for the best.

  118. aliyha says:

    im perfect in my own way. im perfect because im not afraid to be me.

  119. Zéra Amyra says:

    I’m perfect because i know who i am now eventhough it took me some time to figure it out. I love who I am and i never want that to change.
    And that shouldn’t be for just me; that’s something that everyone should realize about theirselves some point in their life before they make a decision and that could permanently change them forever.
    Life is too short to worry about how others think you should be. You should stay true to who you are, no matter what other people say or think.

    “After perfection there exist nothing higher. Not even room for creation which means there is no room for wisdom or talent either. Perfection is despair”

  120. Alexis L. Thompson says:

    In reality, there is no such thing as perfect. We like to make it an illusion that perfect exists. No one is perfect and i wish some people would realize that before freaking out over 99averages or give themselves to a knife, Do drugs to make it all better (ie. Me and my friends). If theres one thing I learned in my 16 yrs of life, It’s that life isnt perfect

  121. Destiny says:

    like kristina i have a meth addiction.i was told it was ok, but its a highway to hell, im working hard to overcome it, i even stopped cold turkey,but hell, it’s hard. i have a family but they dont give 2 cents about me,and my dad’s a fucking loser,but i have friends who are trying to help me. wish me luck

  122. Veronica says:

    Hmmm….What makes me perfect? In all actuality, nothing. I have flaws; Oh boy, tons of flaws! Sometimes I’ll talk too loud, like, REALLY loud. I guess I just do that on accident. I’m lazy, and hate doing anything that takes effort. I sometimes don’t take things seriously. I could say the stupidest things, and have a small temper when I get called dumb because I’m a blond. I can be a little guarded; my boyfriend is always telling me I need to say “I love you” more. I didn’t have the best childhood growing up, and I never talk to my dad. I hardly speak up about what I want, and I can keep my emotions bottled in.
    But…I guess I have my perks, too. I try to be a “Glass-half-full” type of girl, and always stay optimistic. I like to greet people in the halls to make them feel good. When I meet someone new, I don’t push them away if they make a bad impression. And, if they are silly (like most of my friends), I learn to accept them as they are by telling myself that everyone can be different; have different thoughts, feelings, and pasts. I like to make jokes to get people to laugh, and have fun.
    I guess I’m not all the way “perfect”, but I’m perfectly fine with that. :)

  123. Valerie says:

    I have almost no idea what makes me perfect. My self esteem is horrible even if people always tell me im pretty, gorgeous, hot etc… cos thats what they see. i see an ugly fat girl who cuts herself. Funny thing is that i dnt even try to hide the cuts anymor, too obvious. Im well aware that my life isnt as bad as it could be, but my mind ends up being my worst enemy in the long run. but if i had to pick one thing that made me “perfect” it would be that regardless of whoever the person is, i love to make someone smile :)

  124. maryjane says:

    I’m not perfect at all. Some think I’m the most perfect dughter. But behind the walls all my secrets comes out. All my pain unwrapes. I am nothing but a looser. Some say I’m not afraid to do any thing but I am

  125. Sarah says:

    Perfection isn’t about your looks, it isn’t about who wears better clothes and who’s got better shoes. It’s about who you really are inside. I, am not perfect. I have many flaws and many other people out there too. I honestly never want to be perfect, i want to live my life as any other average teenage girl. Perfection is very hard to find/acheive.

  126. Paige says:

    What is perfect? Everything and anything people do or say or how they look doesn’t seem to satisfy everyone in the world. What makes me perfect? Just how understanding, and excepting I am to everyone and anyone in the world.

  127. Mackenzie says:

    I think the hardest thing for most people to understand about perfection is that there is no right or wrong way for it to be defined. There are billions of definitions for perfect. Once you accept that, then perfection will just be a word. Not something to live up to or kill yourself over. And in my mind, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    Mackenzie; age 15
    Macomb, IL

  128. Marylou says:

    i know im not perfect, im a freak i see things in a different way than ohter people do. i dont care what i do or what i say. does that make me perfect? if it does i dont feel like it. im a loser, loner ect. i think perfect is a word i will never understand.

  129. Crissay says:

    Perfection is perfection.
    I’m 21 and I say my 3 year old is my perfection.

  130. Kaitlyn says:

    -Perfection. Perception. They sound a lot alike for a reason.
    -Perfection: Eveybody percieves it to be something different.
    -Ask 100 different people what perfect is, and you get 100 different answers (i.e.-this page)
    So even though this is just my own perception of perfection, here it is: I am perfect because I do not try to define “perfect”. Society as a whole tends to make people feel worthless by creating an imaginary definition of “perfect.” Once you realize it doesn’t exist and the people who believe it does are worse off than you because of it, then, and only then, can you achieve your full self-confidence.

  131. Langley Bradley says:

    What makes me perfect?
    Well, I’d have to say my scars make me perfect. I’ve had them my entire life. Going through 4 different surgeries in just 17 years is pretty amazing. At first I hated my scars. But now, I’ve come to love them. Everyone I know always asks about them. Even my boyfriend who I’ve only been seeing for a few weeks has told me multiple times that they are beautiful. I would never want to change a thing about me. Nothing at all. My scars are perfect. They make me who I am today :)

  132. Maddy says:

    I am perfect because I’m not perfect~

  133. Adriana says:

    Being Perfect is too mainstream.

    Do your own thing.

  134. Adriana says:

    No one can be perfect.

    If you ever look in the mirror, and ask yourself ‘why am I not this or that?’ just ask yourself. What is skinny? What is normal? What is beauty? What is strong? What is smart?

    Everyone has a different answer, a different example to each and every one of these things. Don’t waste your time trying to make anyone, even one person, except yourself happy of who you are. After a bad phase in my life, I started to look in the mirror, and say “Wow. I like who I am. How could I have not seen this person before?” And it was just an amazing change to like who I was.

  135. Amanda says:

    Being perfect is something people struggle with every day. Even I do. There really isn’t anything that’s perfect especially people. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has flaws. Flaws are what make you, you, right? Flaws are our imperfections, imperfections are the same as perfections. I still struggle with how I look, it’s just me. But perfection goes a long way, and some people take the high road to get there.

  136. Victoria says:

    I would love to be the person to say that there are many great things that make me perfect. That out of everyone, me being who I am equals perfection. Except it doesn’t; not always. If I was perfect I don’t think I would have anything to hide. Except I do; everyday.
    I think the key to being perfect in todays society is revealing all of the imperfections you hold within. I can say for a fact that I have many weaknesses and defects that inhibit me from doing alot of things, but these flaws help me stand out from just the average person. It makes me, me. An irreplaceable being that was put on this Earth to be different, if not only by a bit. I think this makes me perfect; at least in someone’s eyes.

  137. Princess says:

    wat makes me perfect is that i kno who i am. i kno wat i want, and i go for it— being myself the whole way while i get there. i love me inside & out, and in my personal opinion thats all that matters. for all those other people who don’t like me, well…it’s their problem and their loss. cuz i’m perfect no matter wat others say. and perfectly unique in my own perfectly unique way. MY MAMA NAMED ME PRINCESS & I’M PROUD OF IT!!! duces!

  138. Oktobre says:

    I am perfect because i am human. I love, hate, cry, feel, and die when my time comes. I am perfect just for having emotions. I know how to speak, see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Just for being human, I am perfect. We all have our own ways of dealing with things and our own ideas of a god or a higher power. but no matter what, we are the ones to shape this planet. Every human being, animal, plant, and molecule out there is fundamental for this planet to live. We are who we are and we are perfect.

  139. Madi says:

    Perfect? I’m not perfect. No one is. I would change a lot about me but in the end I’m still not going to be ‘perfect’. I don’t love myself.. I can’t. But fact, I never really tried. I’m all flaws

  140. Rebecca Hope says:

    What makes me perfect is that I am imperfect. I’ve struggled with self injury, depression, and bipolar disorder. All these things shape me and make me perfect. Being able to admit I have issues and I’m not perfect makes me perfect.

  141. Shannon says:

    I’m perfect just because i accept myself and let no one define me and push me to be something I’m not

  142. Anonymous says:

    People are saying there not to thin or fat but that is not what makes you perfect

    being perect is excepting who u are not because of who you are but because of how others perceive you

    • Princess says:

      being perfect has nothing to do at all with how others perceive you. wat matters most is how you look at yourself. if you judge you and your life on wat others think then in my personal opinion that is a pretty dreadful living that i can’t see turning out good. there’s always —know matter wat anyone says— someone out there that doesn’t like you. think about it, the whole world can’t love you. but the thing is, that’s okay. i have people who like me and people who don’t, but if i took all their opinions and try to mold myself with them, i still wouldn’t be able to please everyone. wat needs to happen is that you build up the confedence to judge yourself instead of letting your peers and whoever else do that job for you.
      Sorry_No Offense_Just Speakin My Mind,

  143. Adriana says:

    I think in today’s society, they expect the girls to be beautiful, and the guys in sports, strong, and girl magnets. That is their definition of perfect.

    The girls feel the need to be thin, and when they get thin, they move on to the next flaw about themselves. Like maybe their breasts, and then it goes to their hair, and then their zits, ect.
    The guys, depending on how big they are, they think that they don’t need to lose weight, but only build muscle to make it in a sport. Or maybe some guys think that they need to get good enough grades to get the job they want. And then they need girls to like them? Not all of them want to be players, or sleep around. Guys can be gay too. I don’t get why other guys have such a problem with gay guys. I mean, doesn’t that just leave more girls for you?

  144. francisco says:

    well im in class with my friend kayla and she wants me to tell my brother my secret but i say wat if he doesnt except me wat do i do?

  145. Chrysta Ashlock says:

    In my honest beliefe there is no true form of perfection. There is nothing perfect in life. Everything and everyone is unique and different in their own ways. Love, love is far from perfect; it’s completely unpredictable and is constantly in motion. I don’t understand why people think they must obtain perfection in order for their lives’ to be complete. Everyday people yearn and yearn to obtain perfection, it will drain you. So please don’t lose yourself in an obsession to become perfect, accept life for what it is and what has given to you and what it will continue to give you. Find love. Find happiness. Find peace. Always trust. Always hope. Find yourself. Enjoy life, it only happens once.

    Ellen, darling, I love you books, all of them. You are a very unique and passionate being. I am looking very forward to Smoke, the sequel to Burned. Also, I must ask and also suggest if it is appropriate, are you ever going to make Crank, Glass, and Fallout into movies? I truly hope so and I believe it would be amazing because those are fabulous books. Not only those, but any of your other books as well? I believe that is something, if it is something you believe you’d possibly like to do, I believe that is something worth looking into. I would be very grateful if you could reply to this message. Thank you for listening.

    • Princess says:

      Ellen, if you did make a movie out of any…or all…of these books, i promise that i would go see them. i think the movie thing is a great suggestion!

  146. Andrea says:

    It has taken me 33 of my 36 years on this earth to realize my imperfections are what makes me perfect to my husband. I have struggled to be comfortable in my own skin my entire life. My husband, Neale, knows the pain I have endured but does not see the scars the pain caused. He sees me as a beautiful, and through his eyes, I am slowly learning to see myself the same way.

  147. Kassidy says:

    Perfect is what you make of it. Like Ellen Hopkins has said in her book, it has no concrete meaning. Perfect, to me, is kind of like reality. Everyone views it differently. It’s kind of like when your looking at clouds, you say one looks like a bunny, while someone else may say that it looks more like a dog. When it comes to being “perfect” it all depends on what your definition of it is. To me perfect means being true to yourself and never being afraid to act like who you truly are. But, that’s only for me. Perfect is different for everyone. That’s how it is and how it most likely will always be.

  148. Dyanna Kayc says:

    Perfect means to be yourself and to be that with confidence and faith. It doesn’t matter if other people think you are perfect, as long as you are who you are and never change according to someones wants. Eventually, you will be needed just the way you are.

  149. nicole terese says:

    I am perfect because I recognize that I am not. I realize that I have flaws. I am ugly. I am fat. I will be alone. I have realized that being perfect means accepting all of that and moving on and focusing on the things that make me happy. I have a family. I am safe.

    I don’t want to be perfect, I simply want to be me and perhaps maybe one day that will be enough.

    But for now, being imperfect and flawed means reality, and I am so tired of living in dreams.

    I am imperfect and I think its beautiful.

  150. Jamiee Kolar says:

    What makes me “perfect?” There is no way to answer that, because no one is perfect. Even though people do say there is something perfect about everyone. Its a big contradiction. Everyone knows there flaws, but the worst of us know what is perfect about us. I can’t really think what makes me perfect. You could pick out so much about yourself that makes you “perfect.” I know that I’m not a perfect daughter, student, or older sister. I try to work to my way to what my parents, peers, or siblings think perfection is. I honestly don’t want to be perfect. I’d rather live with my imperfections. Imperfections makes everyone seems somewhat normal. Because to me I am worthless, ugly, mistake, horrible, fat person. I live with it and I accept every minute of it. I think that people who think they are perfect in every shape, way, and form are just cocky and uber confident. Those people aren’t perfect they are like everybody else though.

    Fullerton, Nebraska
    Age: 17

  151. Kelly says:

    :) For me, that I usually hate my self as much as somebody can do, perfect is being well happy with who you are… just that.

  152. Rachel says:

    My imperfections make me perfect. My acknowledgement of my imperfections make me perfect. My dreams and my hopes make me perfect. Moving forward and living makes me perfect. Overcoming, or even just battling, the problems in life make me perfect.

  153. Mariah says:

    I believe that being “perfect” should really be about if you happy with yourself. You are perfect as long as you love yourself and always know that no matter what happens everything will turn out okay. While being happy with who you are can be so hard, especially these days, i believe that when you finally accept who you are it will make you see that you have already reached that “perfection.” I wish i could say i already have, but sadly some things in my life just dont match up right now, times are tough, with my family, friends and myself but at the end of the day even when i find myself reaching to be perfect and wishing i could be i always remind myself that we are all perfect in our own ways. We just need to accept it.

  154. Rowan says:

    I look at my imperfections as what makes me perfect. They make me who I am, and who I am will never change. I am me. I am imperfect. I am Perfect…

  155. Emma says:

    I am not perfect. Nobody is. It is a elusive word with no definite meaning. With no definition how can we classify our selves? We can’t.

  156. Sonia says:

    Well when ppl would ask what is something I regret or wish i wouldn’t do i would say cut.. But truth be told now i don’t want to stop all the time and i got in a fight with my mom once over that and i got something verygood out of it.. I met my real dad… He didn’t want me when i was little but now he is older and more mature.. So i believe everything happens for a reason.. And makes us who we r.

  157. Tandra says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments but this is what come first in my mind…

    The word ‘perfect’ shouldn’t be existed since it destroys people. It make people go against each other. I don’t consider myself being perfect because I honestly am not perfect. I know that I am beautiful and normal person. I am Deaf person and I don’t know how to speak since I was born Deaf. My family is Deaf also. Growing up, other people always try to fix Deaf people because they look at us as we are abnormal and not perfect enough to fit in with them. ‘Perfect’ is a danger word. And I think nothing is perfect. We were made this way and we should embrace who we all are. It doesn’t matter if people think you are not perfect or so perfect, everyone is beautiful and normal. There are reasons why we are this way.


  158. Katie says:

    Perfection is
    a rainstorm cold as ice
    in the middle of winter
    Perfection is
    a blind bird with a broken wing
    that didnt live long enough
    Perfection is
    a tree bent, twisted, and turned
    with red spraypaint around its trunk
    Perfection is

  159. Peyton says:

    What makes me perfect is that, I accept me for who I am. I am PERFECT. To me perfect, perfect is looking in the mirror, and accepting myself, regardless of who says im not. I am not trying to say I am perfect, but in my eyes I am. I dont regret anyting.

  160. Faith says:

    Nothing make perfect. Morbid, but its true and I can’t help but think this way. Stupid society. More than anything I would like to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. Be happy with my eyes that are too close together my nose that is to big, my face that is to wide, my thighs that are not skinny enough, my legs that are not tall enough. Then it’s like right when im almost there, just that close to being comfortable in my own skin, I turn on the tv, pick up.amazing, go too school, or even just walk out side and see all the beautiful things in this world, I relize I lessen signifigantly in comparison. I should’nt feel like im perfect cause im not. I can’t survive in this world when looks matter so much. Im so far from perfect

  161. Hannah says:

    Personally I don’t think there is a such thing as perfect, perfection is overrated, imperfection is underrated. It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, it only matters what you think. I tell a really good friend of mine that all the time. I tell him things that any good friend or good parent should tell him. He’s like my own kid in a way, he reminds me of some of the characters in these books. Whenever he’s in a dark place, I always pull him out. He does the same for me. I tell him imperfection is awesome, perfection is stupid and unrealistic. We are all imperfect in our own ways and the more imperfect the better and in my own personal opinion the cooler it is. XD

  162. Lexi says:

    I’m 17 and I’m bi sexual and what makes me perfect is that I don’t care what others think about me!

  163. Riley says:

    I’m perfectly imperfect :P

  164. Aspen says:

    I realize that I have a problem with this. Perfect isn’t what I am, but I wish I was. I turned 13 in July, so I’m still pretty young, but I don’t look that way. I’m 5’6, and volleyball is my best sport. My Mom played volleyball, even tried out for the Olympics, but didn’t make it. I actually told her yesterday that I was going to try this when I’m older. I get straight A’s, and I recently began having thoughts about dieting. I feel that perfect is what you set for yourself, and not what other people see in you. Your worst enemy is you, and the only person standing in your way is you.

  165. Alex says:

    Does perfection even exist? I will be the first to say that I am not perfect. I do not conform, nor do I want to. I do not fit any of the criteria for what many would refer to as perfection. But I love myself as is. I am perfectly imperfect.

  166. Felecia says:

    What makes me perfect? Simple, I am perfect, because I know there are many things I’m not good at.
    I’m perfect because I know where my strengths and weaknesses are and I know how to use them. I know I am not perfect, and am okay with that. I know that perfection doesn’t exist, however I know I am perfect because I accept my flaws and am proud of who I am.

  167. Megan says:

    Well i’ve thought alot about what the word “perfect” means and have came to the conclusion that no one is, but I think that people are in there own ways. I have always thought I’m perfect because of material things but it’s not. To be honest I think I’m perfect because of the good things and the bad that I do because of what I learn from the experience of what happens. Some might think it’s stupid but that’s what I believe.

  168. Teresa says:

    What makes me perfect? I’m imperfect. I’m my own self. I’ve beaten myself up in the past because of the way I look because I have to much this not enough that. I’m perfect beacause I know there is no such thing as perfect. You can’t please everyone without losing sight of who you truly are. Your perfectly you and that’s all that matters. You shouldn’t have to be “perfect” to be accepted by others. The people who truly love you will accept you no matter how you look, because they see the beauty that lies within you not the beatuy that you can only see from the outside. What makes me perfect? There’s noboday out there that’s more me than me

  169. Kiahna Sabato says:

    I think what makes you perfect are the small characteristics that you like about yourself and are recognized often. ( Obviously they wouldn’t be negative)

  170. Kate says:

    i am perfect because i accept who i am and i don’t need anyone to validate me. I am smart and strong and beautiful just the way i am. I am nowhere near perfect but that is what makes me me.

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  173. Haley Casino says:

    What makes any human being perfect is being 100% themselves. There are so many fraud girls and guys at my school it’s ridiculous. I mean it’s kinda hard to be perfect, well, impossible. Even if I hate myself, I always have a smile on my face. For anyone who is reading this, it isn’t a good look to not be yourself and follow the crowd. The people you look up too, should be their own individual… It’s like photocopying…. Be true to yourself and you’re perfect enough, even if it sounds corny it will always be true!

  174. Joe says:

    I am perfect because I am here. I am alive. My heart is still beating, I am still breathing. I have struggled for years trying and failing to live up to my families unreal expectations. I have fallen into deep depression, resorting to drinking and drugs. resorting to cutting myself. I have scars all over my arms and legs. But I have gotten better and those scars make me perfect because they show the world that I am imperfect. I am human, prone to weakness and insecurity. I am perfect because I am imperfect :)


    Hollis, Maine
    17 years old

  175. BrittanyDawnn says:

    Perfect, deffinition: Flawless.

    No one is flawless, of course, God is the only perfection, but you are your own version of flawless. No one could ever copy you, because you yourself is God’s vision of perfection for you and only you.

    Brittany Dawnn
    Green Sea, SC

  176. Anna says:

    Perfect is what drove me to stop eating. Perfect drove me to cut. Perfect drove me to contemplating suicide. But it was my dad who drove me to the hospital. And since then I know there is no perfect. There is nothing but me and those who support me on my way to recovery, to health and feeling enough. Good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. That’s what perfect should be.

  177. Jasmine says:

    I think I’m perfect because I’m me and don’t try to be anyone but myself. I’ve come a long way because I used to be afraid of what others thought of me and was afraid to be myself but I found friends who became best friends and who accept me for me. I’m no longer afraid to be who I truly am and be crazy and outgoing because I accept who I am. I think everyone’s perfect is different because everyone is different. Perfect to me is being yourself and accepting yourself and just being happy which is why I think I’m perfect.

  178. Mayra says:

    I used to think that being perfect meant having the best grades, being the prettiest, being popular/cool, and just not having any flaws at all. I somehow wanted to be like that. I wanted to be the smartest kid. I wanted to be skinny and wanted to lose weight because I was told that I had some poundage that didn’t look good. I wanted to be cool so other people could see that I wasn’t a loserl. I belittled myself because I thought everyone was better than me. I was just too much of a dweeb, too dorky, too weird, too unaccepted.

    But weird is good. Weird is awesome.

    I never thought that my flaws would give me self-confidence. I realized that I didn’t need to be that kind of perfect. This book emphasized that and made me reflect on how negative people can get with themselves because they aren’t ‘perfect’.

    I am perfect because I am imperfect. I think that there is no real limit to the word ‘perfect’ because everyone is perfect in their own way. Everyone has their personalities and characteristics that qualify them to be perfect. My type of perfection is different from my brother’s interpretation of the word. I am healthy; I am unique; I am pretty inside and out; I am intelligent; I like my body; I have a loving family that accepts my way of being; I can think for myself and I need help at times; I make mistakes and learn from them; I grow from experiences; I can reach my goals; I can see, hear, touch, smell, and feel; I can cry, laugh, frown, and smile; I can disregard people’s expectations; and I can be me.

    Why would anyone want to be what everyone else think is perfect? To be perfect is to be flawed. Without imperfections, one cannot find the meaning of perfection.

    So I am happy to be perfect by being me.

    Mayra, 17

  179. I think i am perfect because of my imperfections . Also because of the trails and struggles i have been through let me see people in different light . Like in shadows and outlines and in grey . The world does have some black and white but my world is now surrounded by grey and i see people with a different view . i got better not bitter and for that i am perfect.

  180. Reagan says:

    What makes me perfect is everything i’ve ever done, everything i’ve ever seen, everything i’ve ever heard, everything that has been said or done to or about me. I am perfect because I break the mold. I am perfect because I am me. I don’t listen to society’s vision of “perfect”. I realize that, to succeed in this world, I don’t have to be stick thin, or look like everyone I see on the cover of a magazine, or on T.V. I don’t have to have the top grades, or the most friends, or the nicest clothes to be perfect. I am perfect because i’m perfectly happy being flawed.

  181. Kayla-Marie says:

    As a teenager who used to struggle with self-injury due to self-image issues, the question “What makes you perfect?” is not the question I would feel comfortable answering about a year ago. In fact, its still pretty hard for me to answer today. Not because I feel self conscious anymore but because I spent so many years feeling self conscious.
    What makes me perfect? The fact that I realize that I’m not perfect and I accept it. I know it sounds strange, but it’s true. I struggled through so much at such a young age and what that whole experience really taught me is that it’s okay to have flaws. Its okay to have insecurities. Its okay. But we can’t let these flaws and insecurities weigh us down.
    Are there a few things I’d like to change about myself if I could? Yes, in a heartbeat. But honestly, who doesn’t have something that they don’t like about themselves? Its basic human nature.
    The perfection in me is realizing that everybody has imperfections and knowing that its completely fine. Knowing that one small thing shouldn’t keep anybody from feeling small or feeling worthless. Teenage years are hard enough. Why do we have to criticize?
    We are ALL perfectly imperfect. <3

  182. Jessica says:

    Being perfect is not never doing anything wrong but knowing when you do. Perfection is a state of mind; is varies from person to person, but true perfection is knowing in your heart that you’re where you’re supposed to be. Being happy with who you are. I’ve made mistakes, hurt the people I love, but that does not mean I am not perfect.

  183. Natasha says:

    im perfect becuse im not a size one, becuase i have scars down my arms. im perfect because i stand up for myself and what i believe in. i am perfect because im me and no one can change that ♥

  184. Emily says:

    Perfect, to me, means great grades, excelling in athletics, and looking flawless. By flawless i mean my body must be perfectly toned and just the right size. When people look at me they cannot see any of my imperfections. As crazy as this sounds, it is what I must do to be accepted. Excelling in athletics and school means being nothing but the best at whatever it is i am doing. All A’s and being the MVP in whatever sport is in season is required. Nothing less is expected. These are very high standards I live up to. Sometimes I dislike them, but perfection has made me who I am today.

    Perfect varies from person to person. This is mine.

  185. Sierra says:

    Being perfect is having imperfections and loving them. Loving yourself.

  186. Anonymous says:

    I am perfect because nobody else can be me. only i can play my role in the world. my story is mine and mine alone. and really, isn’t that perfect?

    ps i really admire everyone who has commented, reading why you are perfect is a blessing and i thank you
    - Jamie Bell, 17

  187. Anonymous says:

    Pefection to me would be wakeing up in the morning not wishing I were dead, not needing to take medication, not feeling sad and angry 24/7 365 a year. Perfection is happiness.

  188. Kaity Acie says:

    I believe what make you perfect is being yourself, but that’s not the half of it. You can’t just be yourself. You must also be true to yourself. You must believe in yourself. You must trust in yourself. You’re perfect just by being you. So, don’t copy someone else because their “cool.” You must learn to be your own version of You. That’s where perfection begins. That’s what perfection is all about.

    Being perfect isn’t always easy. In reality, no one is 100% perfect. We all have trouble either trusting ourselves and/or being true to ourselves (not lying to ourselves). Even I struggle with that a lot. It’s okay to not be perfect. But trying to be perfect, or being perfect in our own minds is okay, too.

  189. maryjane samuels says:

    im not perfect at all. not good at anything but crying. i mean perfect is just just a word. as i see these comments i noticed that all of us care about perfection. i dont understand why people think im perfect. im not even close to cute. im just an 11 year old gothic i guess or people call me emo but i dont know. i dont even know who i am. i just dont understand why im in this world. sometime i wish everything was the same from when i was in first grade. my parents back together, but i hated my dad. i still do but what about perfection? there is no perfection in my world all there is, is darkness

    • Obviously their is nothing PERFECT in the world. But did you ever think that people may find your world Perfect. In all truth, I think the humna race as a whole is a huge disppointment to God. War, Murder, Racism, destruction of the world. Yeah. I’m going to agree with you and say the darkness in the world definitely overcomes all the Light. But sometimes, a glispe of light, in a world of darkness can bring tears to someone’s eyes. You seem, like a cool person, we should talk.

  190. Nichole says:

    My daughter.

  191. Ashley says:

    I am imperfectly perfect and I love myself :)

  192. I don’t exactly know what makes you perfect. I’ve been taught that the only thing ever made perfect was God Himself. Nothing in this world can match Him. I want everything changed about me, because I don’t find myself the least bit beautiful or pretty. Nevertheless, I have true friends that tell me everything I never want to know. Things that change the way I’ve thought about myself. Things that make me insecure and confident all at the same time. Things that put smiles on my faces and tears in my eyes. Did you know the moon doesn’t have a glow? It’s only a reflection from the sun. . . Well, I believe none of us have a glow. How we reflect ourselves against the people we love and cherish holds our true Perfection. Perfection is the way people hold us and the way we hold them. It’s enough that what they see in front of them, that just saying “Hi!” to you, is a requirement in their life. Perfection is not what you see in the mirror. It’s what you see, when the mirror breaks.

  193. Laura says:

    I think that I am perfect in all of my own ways. People shouldn’t want to change a thing about themselves. Just because someone might think they’re better than you, doesn’t mean its actually true. I will do everything in my power to make sure people start being positive. I love everyone and you are beautiful no matter what ANYONE says! xoxoxoxo

  194. Jennifer says:

    “And we must all realize that there is no such thing
    As perfection, But that we are all Imperfectly Perfect”

    This is something I say to myself whenever I’m feeling down. I’m hoping to get it as a tattoo soon.
    It is a line from a poem I wrote back in 9th grade.
    I’ve been told many times that it’s so true, and some of the people even say that they now say this to themselves when they feel upset or not good enough.

    I personally think EVERYONE should say this to themselves.

    ~love Jennifer =3

  195. Kirsten says:

    To me, no one can really say what the definition of perfect is…because in a world like this, nothing is perfect. If everything was perfect, nothing would be. Perfection doesn’t have a limit. You’ll keep on “improving” until you reach a stopping point where you believe its perfect. & then there is always more improving. so perfect? Perfect to me, is seeing everyone’s flaws & still seeing Perfect.

    -Kirsten, 15, MO

  196. Colleen C. says:

    ME? Perfect…. Far from, to hear all your life that you’re nothing but a failure, a lowlife like your mother, a fatty, an imperfection on a “perfect” world… It’s hard to call yourself perfect. Hardly enough it’s hard to hear from my boyfriend that I’m perfect in his eyes…. yeah I know, he makes me feel that way, but, only in the world we have to run away in… In the real world I’m anything but…

    • Katy Spage says:

      I know exactly how you feel. I’m sorry how you’re treated but know you’re not alone.

    • Kyann says:

      It doesn’t matter what anyone says, you have to believe in you! You look at yourself and all the wonderful things about you and i promise you, you will learn to love and adore yourself! And at least you have a boyfriend who though you don’t see it, he sees all the beauty in you and loves you, though i just learned to love myself its still hard for me to let others in, you’ve let someone in, so just know that you are wonderful and beautiful like he already does so you guys can love each other together!

  197. Sara A. O. says:

    I’m not perfect but i can deal with that. I love who I am for the most part and i wouldn’t want to change anything that makes me, well me. I’m like any other human being, i love, hate, laugh, judge, and hurt just like anybody else. If you say you’re perfect because you do none of that then you’re not actually perfect. You’re not even human then. You’re just… semetrical.

  198. Calla says:

    Love yourself
    Love who you are
    Love what you think
    Love what you do
    Love what you create
    Love your past
    Love your mistakes
    Love your passion
    Love your dreams
    Love your originality
    Love your flaws
    Love you

    If you can love yourself in every way shape and form, you won’t feel the need to be perfect because you’ll already believe you are. I know it’s hard (I myself struggle with it), but we all should love ourselves and we should all love each other.

    Age 15

  199. Maranda Jo says:

    Perfection is wrongfully defined in the dictionary and in everyone’s minds. Your flaws make you perfect, knowing who you are and loving yourself as you are that makes you perfect. Accepting that your human, you make mistakes in life you learn lessons about yourself, the strength you gain, the wisdom too that makes you perfect. Living life for yourself, realizing that you don’t have to be friends with the world because honestly you don’t like everyone in the world either that makes you perfect. Your smile, whether crooked, opened mouthed, or any other will make you the most beautiful person in the world. Remember every day Your flaws make you perfect. Never forget that. (:
    -Maranda Jo
    Age 18

  200. Katy Spage says:

    Perfect to me, is knowing that you are you and that you need to be loved just the way you are. You never know how the person next to you lives their life, so don’t judge them. Life is hard and the harder it is, the better you’ll learn what makes you you. Perfection isn’t real, and real isn’t perfection. Learn to be real and not what others claim to be real.

  201. Anonymous says:

    What I think is perfect about me is that I’m somebody who isn’t strongly influenced. Almost everyone I know listens to pop or country music. I listen to hardcore death metal. And I’m proud of it. People put me down for being that because they label me as goth. Yeah, all I wear is black. Makeup, clothes, and anything else. I love Jack Skellington. I love goth music. Big deal. That’s what makes me, me. And no matter who ‘me’ is, me is always perfect.

  202. Thebrokenone says:

    I’m perfect because I have scars from my weakness. That have healed from my strength. That’s what makes me perfect.

  203. Jasmine says:

    I try so hard to be my and my parents definition of ‘Perfect’.
    Their definition of ‘Perfect’ has become mine too. Barbie figure, perfect vision, clear face, nice clothing, long, natural colored hair..etc.
    Yeah, so I worked so hard and worked out, I skipped meals, I did everything in my power to reach “the Barbie goal,” nothing worked.
    I changed the way I spelled my name and later on I changed it completely… I threw away my glasses and was sort of blind for a while, ha, it didnt work out as I planned.
    Eventually, I just gave up.
    Later on in the year I just gave up on it all and started damaging myself… the scars are still there but its all over now. Now I’m me, short hair, glasses/contacts, and careless about certain things.

    Out of all of that, I learned that there really is no such thing as one definite perfection. It just you, your persona. I learned to not let my parents or society to define my ‘Perfection’

  204. Anonymous says:

    I feel most perfect when I haven’t consumed a single morsal of food. Only then, do i feel like I’m worth something. Only then do I feel beautiful. I read the other comments and I know I do not fit in bcuz I am craving perfection. In the book Perfect, I could relate to ever word Kendra spoke. I know I need help, but I can’t bare to even look at food anymore. Perfection (to me) is emptiness.

  205. Kyann says:

    I think perfection in the eyes of everyone else does not exist but to me perfection is when you are proud of yourself and are truly happy with everything you have achieved. Its when you get to that point and your like wow! i really am happy and i really do love myself, now that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make mistakes it just means you are happy with yourself and what others say and do does not bother you. Now i just turned sixteen and im a sophomore in high school and this year i have realized so much about myself that i never knew before, and that’s because i let my past get in the way but im not going to let that get in the way anymore! Im happy with myself and i can say i love myself now, and that now i go forward with my life with no regrets and o look forward to helping people achieve all of the things i have achieved so far and the many more things i will achieve!

  206. keilandra says:

    You don’t meed to be skinny to have someone interested in you. Only a dog wants a bone! I’m proud of how I look and nobody can rock my style!(:

  207. Monster Burrell says:

    Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. My idea of perfection can be way different from yours and that isnt a bad thing, from reading the book Perfect i changed my views of that perfect is.

  208. Brii says:

    I don’t know what makes me prefect, But I know what makes me strong.
    I find my perfection in words, because I feel like no matter what, if I can write, or read, my life is perfect.
    What makes me strong is letting go of a lot of pain, but holding onto the avareness that came with it.
    There’s a lot about what is wrong with me, but I can’t change that. Nor do I want to. I am the prefect me, ever. That’s amazing. Out of everyone ever, I’m me so perfectly. It’s amazing.

  209. Aundrea says:

    What makes me perfect is the fact that i’m unique and I don’t give a crap about what people think about me. I think that me being who I am and expressing myself through my style & my writing makes me perfect. I try my hardest to not let what other people think of affect what I think of myself. Me being me makes me perfect!!!!!!! Love s louder than the pressure to be perfect = My Motto!!!!!!!
    - Yours Truly
    The Next Generation Of Writing

  210. Katie says:

    what makes me prefect is that i dont need him anymore.
    i have yet to ever give up on anything.
    i proved that one person wrong.
    and im able to put a smile on my face and fix my firends before i even attempt with myself. seeing that their the ones that help with everything.
    my sister is still safe.
    and i’ve yet to see the wrong way out(:
    i’ve made it to.. today. thats why im perfect.

  211. hannah says:

    To me what makes me perfect are my flaws. I have been through a lot since I was little and I have learned that my flaws are who make me who I am and what doesn’t kill you only makes you better.

  212. Nicole says:

    Love makes me perfect. Love from my husband, my family, my friends. Love sees past my imperfections and accepts me for me. And that it why is makes me perfect.

  213. Perfect in my own way says:

    what makes you perfect?
    is where you been
    what you have seen
    what you did
    what you’re going to do

    Is it your past

    Or is it just

    Perfect is what you have
    are going to do
    and where you are going

    Perfect is defined by you
    not any one else

    Create and Rule your own perfect

    I have seen and done many things in my short life and I connect with Ellen Hopkins books because to me show there is something strong in all of us wanting to get out that makes us who we are. That what makes me perfect.

  214. Hailey says:

    I’ve always strived for perfection, but never had the ability to attain it. I was okay with myself until my mother abandoned me when I was ten years old. Left without a notice, stopped taking visitations from my dad. Never answered her phone, changed her number, and I didn’t hear from her for five years. I thought that it was me. I thought that I had to change. I was very depressed, started to obtain an eating disorder. Then I realized, that I was torturing my body for no one. Just self satisfaction. I was 14, when I met my ex-boyfriend, he would tell me every single day what another one of my flaws were. And sadly, to this day, I can’t accept one compliment without coming up with something negative about myself. Perfection is something that I’ll never be. Perfection is something that no one can be. And perfection is a powerful goal that not one single person can reach, and if they feel as if they have reached perfection, they’ll find an imperfection. Because perfectionists are best at searching for more imperfections. Thank you, everyone.

  215. Jamie F says:

    My children make me perfect. I didn’t have some spectacular childhood. I didn’t have a real father in my life for so long before my stepfather came along. He was an amazing father for years until he and my mother split up. Then he just left. I got pregnant at 16 and had an amazing daughter. Her father and I divorced and I had a rough time being a divorcee at 18. Then my Jr High sweetheart looked me up and things went great from there. I’m 22 with my daughter, a new son, and my husband. My kids make me strive for perfection.

  216. Faith says:

    I think the only thing that makes everyone perfect is being who you are and not what someone wants you to be. Their are girls at my school who try and be ” perfect” but they are far from it.n Everyone is perfect in their own way and as long as you think you look good and you know your perfect youll be PERFECT

    Love any one who agrees with me

  217. Jorden Trew says:

    Being perfect, is to me, being yourself and who you really are on the inside. It doesn’t matter who you are, color,race,religion,size, whether the cute boy/girl at school likes you or not. Being perfect is in YOUR hands. Sometimes, yes, we will hate ourselves, but we are only human. Perfect isn’t model skinny, or super over weight. It isn’t about being tall or short. Being perfect is being yourself and achieving YOUR goals and what YOU believe in. Not what this crazy world has to say. Not what your “best friend” says. Not what your “lover” says. Not even what your “PARENTS” say is perfect. Perfection is within us all. We do what we love, or don’t love. We follow the laws, we break the laws. We gain weight, we lose weight. We cut, we don’t. We cry, we smile. What you do is up to you. And being perfect? There’s no definiton of perfect in this fallen world of ours. It’s what we as ourselves have within each other. So to me. Perfection is in every single soul. Evil or rightous. WE DETERMINE PERFECTION FOR OURSELVES. It’s what YOU believe it.<3

  218. Alexis G. says:

    Perfect? I don’t think there is any REAL definition for the word perfect. Perfect to me is being who you are and striving for something better in your life. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you act, it’s about being yourself and not caring what other people think of you. Don’t try being someone else because someone wants you to change.

  219. Victoria Garcia says:

    Perfection is a word i struggle with every day,,,, i always look in the mirror and wish thats what i could be
    i see girls every day at my school absolutly beautiful and think “man why not me??” but man dont we all?
    i wish i could do something about this thing im struggling with ive been called ugly, stupid, dyke, and many other things
    and im not even gay things people do that have scared me! i HATE it!!
    ive also struggled with cutting its become an addiction now more then just taking
    away stress taking away hurt…
    perfection is what i wish i could be…..

  220. Chelsea R. says:

    i’m perfect in my own way. I’m comfortable with me including being legally blind with different colored eyes. i may not be able to do things exactly the same but i can do them all the same. i may take longer to read or to measure the ingredients but i make some of the best food you will ever taste. what is important is i’m comfortable with who i am.

  221. Amanda V. says:

    i am not, nor will i ever be perfect.

  222. Maggie says:

    Perfect is something that is hard to define. I believe that my past makes me stronger, it makes me who I am, I believe that my secrets and my dark thoughts make me everything that I need to be. What makes me perfect? I don’t know. It may be my scars, both physical and emotional, it may be my ED, but it may be me. I am perfect because I don’t hide who I am, I don’t hide that I am confused about life, I don’t hide that I’m still unsure of myself. I don’t hide that I hate to look in the mirror. I don’t hide that I hate the person people meet. And that, that makes me perfect because I’m not afraid to be scared.

  223. Haley says:

    iv gone threw so much… fake smiles, lies, cuts and scars showing my past is real and continues even though i feel my life is just one really bad dream. i push myself everyday not eating crying .. not wanting to look in the mirror.. having my mom and step dad say im stupid and fat … worthless. im grounded and yelled at constantly i try to speak my mind never to be herd … i hate the word perfect its crule and unreal… i try so hard and get nothing in return… prefection is my worse enemy fighting it everyday wondering when i will finally be “perfect” i hate wanting to be something i dont really know how to achive being as everything i seem to do is wrong…. im me and dont want to change… but verbal abuse really does have a affect on most peoples lives. im trying to do what makes me happy but not everyone gets what they want…
    to me being perfec isnt defined

    • Crystal says:

      Your story is a bit sad, if i might say, and reading it so many things have gone through my head. I know that if i were ever in that kind of situation i would probably not pull through, i might break down and give up. From the looks of it, you haven’t. That is completely amazing, way to go.
      Who needs perfect, flaws are better.
      Thank you for letting me read your story.

    • Natasha says:

      “perfection is my worst enemy”

  224. Tessa - The proud lesbian. says:

    What makes me perfect? My ex-girlfriend. We met in middle school, started dating as freshmen and junior. We’re now a junior (highschool) and freshmen (college). She’s my best friend. The two years we were together, were always perfect. Even though she decided she didn’t need me, things were still good. It stings like no other to know she’s with somebody else, but she shapped my life. As a freshmen, I was already going down the wrong path, drinking, profanity, everything was spiraling out of control.

    Hannah came and set me straight. I went from having straight B’s to all A’s in school, I’m not out partying with the wrong crowd, and now I’m proud of being who I am. She changed me.

    In her arms, everything is perfect. I can’t imagine life without her.

  225. Sara says:

    I’ve always tried to be as good as my sister, with her looks, her grades, her popularity, but it’s starting to dawn on me that though she’s always been better at everything, I still have an upper hand to one trait, and that is my undying compassion and sympathy and care for people. I have to say finally realising that I can be unique at one thing has made me who I am today. I am as close to perfect as perfect gets, because perfect still has its flaws, and mine are well hidden but I am stronger with them in the past.

  226. Crystal says:

    I am not perfect, I am not the perfect daughter nor am I the perfect ‘Me’ that I can be. But that’s allright, because even if I’m not completely happy I’m still alive and well and have a family that loves me and friends that I adore and have a career that I’m in love with.
    No one is perfect, no one will ever be perfect, and no one can tell me different.
    I love the way I am now, large and moody and geeky and strange and happy, and I’ll take that over thin and annoying and mean and ignorant and unhappy any day.
    I am imperfect in every way imaginable, and I am happy.

  227. Lightening says:

    I am perfect with my flaws in all,
    no beauty though others see it all
    for am i perfect really?

    i like to believe that, i love the way i am now and how my mind has changed.
    i feel as though im not beautiful, a misift if you be.
    but if im a misfit and someone who i believe is who im supossed to be the so be it

    that is my perfection write there <3

  228. Rose says:

    I am not quite perfect… yet.
    I am 7 1/2 stones now but I’ll get
    Down to 6 stones(1 stone=14lbs) and 6 pounds, and that day..
    Is the day I will be completely perfect.
    Maybe even 6 stones, or 5, or 4.
    But once I hit 7 stones, I refuse to go over.
    Not a ounce.

    Takes time, patience, control.
    And I have all of that.
    All is missig is being skinnier… thinner… smaller.
    I’m not there, yet.
    To have a perfect body, I want a perfect mind, I want a perfect soul.
    One day I will. No matter what nor how long it takes. I will…

    • Think says:

      You will never be perfect. You will want to get smaller and smaller. Not only are you being deprived of food, but your state of mind. Perfection isn’t attainable.

  229. Stephanie says:

    What makes me perfect is all my flaws and imperfections. I’m happy in my skin and with the person i’ve become to be over the years, although that took some time to achieve and to be completely satisfied with. Positive thinking played a big role in that.
    Growing old and letting your mind expand, learning all the wonderful things that the world could possibly ofter you, that to me defines perfect.
    Life is full of picture perfect moments it’s just up to you to stop, smile and enjoy them. Taking notice of what surrounds you and just how “perfect” everything and everyone is in their own way.

  230. Ashley says:

    I’m not perfect. I have plenty of flaws that I notice and that make me upset. But being imperfect is what makes me the beautiful person that I am. I’d rather have flaws instead of being perfect.

  231. Joel says:

    I agree with Ashley,
    im not perfect but i like being inperfect :)

  232. Emily says:

    I think perfect is over rated. Even though I’d like to be skinnier, blackhead free, and a smaller head that will not happen so I find it a waste of my time to ponder what I’s look like in fantasy world. I try my best to hang with the right crowd and to make up for my lack of friends I put time into my horse and dog training. And the past is the past. I also try not to judge people on their looks I get a “vibe” from people instead. My vibe reader keeps me from doing anything stupid.

  233. Maaike says:

    Just being yourself makes you perfect. No one can tell you who you are or should be. Listen to your heart and soul and be you.

  234. Rhiana says:

    I am perfect because I learned from my mistakes and was created in a higher power’s image.
    -age 17

  235. Alyssa says:

    I’m not perfect and I know that. But I think we all strive for perfection by trying to live up to expectations. Nobody’s perfect but we all have that one person that we think is perfect and that we’ll never be as good as them. In my opinion being perfect is something no one can achieve but if you know your flaws and accept that fact that you’re not perfect that makes you perfect. being Perfect is knowing you’re not perfect and accepting it. Perfect is being perfectly imperfect.

  236. maverick says:

    whats this?

  237. Macie says:

    You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

  238. Kaela says:

    Im perfect becuase,im survivng the pain of a mother who refuses to tell her bastard child who her father is. Im perfect beacuase i live with an aunt who was happy to take into her care,while my mother moves around with a diffrent name,my 3 siblings with rare visits. Even when my grandma passed she wouldnt say even his name when she asked.Im perfect beacuase i go through everyday step by step and with a friend who cares and understands me. Perfect is what you make it to be. YOU.

  239. Izabella Mai-lone Cleevely says:

    In my mind “perfection” can’t be defined or summed up into any amount of wording that would satisfy everyone. Perfection for some one could be any form of achievement while for another individual it is looking in the mirror and accepting yourself for who YOU are. But all that matters (in my personal opinion) is that YOU strive to reach YOUR perception of perfection. Even if it’s not what your parents or friends may deem acceptable. It shouldn’t matter that someone may think your idea of perfection is “wrong”. It’s YOUR ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It’s a shame that most of our youth (including myself) are bombarded with advertisement in what we “should” look like. Or how we “should” act. It is no ones place but your own to decide what is perfect. And you should feel comfortable enough to voice your personal feelings without trying afflict these feelings onto your family or peers. There is no way you can be perfect to everyone. It just doesn’t happen. But who you really need to be perfect to is yourself. You should be able to wake up in the morning and say, “Ya I’ve made bad decisions but you know what? I’ve learned, and it’s making me stronger as an individual.” Nothing I do makes me perfect to anyone but myself. But that doesn’t matter to me. Because I am perfect to MYSELF and I wear my beliefs and opinions proudly while accepting others feelings. I would never have the audacity to say, “This makes me perfect,” because in all reality we aren’t perfect. Hell, I’m bipolar and have depression. But I also will unconditionally love those who can (somehow) learn to unconditionally love me. We all have our good and our bad attributes. And without these you wouldn’t be who you are. I wouldn’t be “Izzy” if I wasn’t a little ecstatic. I will never be societies definition of perfect. But even though I’m not “perfect” I am myself. And I love myself, unconditionally.

  240. Natasha says:

    I’m perfect because I have flaws.
    I’m perfect because I cry.
    I’m perfect because I’m not always liked.
    I’m perfect because I’ve been alone.
    I’m perfect because I’m afraid.
    I’m perfect because…….I know I’m not

  241. Kaylee Bodine says:

    I’m perfect because I don’t care what others think. I’m perfect because I can accept the difficulties and challenges in life. I’m perfect because I could care less of what others think of me. I’m perfect because I hold on when I’m going through a hard time instead of taking my life, because I know I do have a future out there and family who loves me every little bit. I’m perfect because I make mistakes. I’m perfect because I know that not everyone will like me in life, and I learned to accept that. I’m perfect because I know that not everyone is perfect. I’m perfect because I have a strong relationship with the ones I love and whom I care about the most. I’m perfect because I’m me, and I don’t let others interfere with my life. I’m perfect because I’m Kaylee Justine Bodine, a Freshman with a life ahead of her, with a strong heart and a head-on mind. I will make it through life, I will do what others can’t or weren’t able to do, I will be the first person in my family to go to college and not get pregnant so early in life, and if I do so, I wont let it affect me in anyway besides the fact I really need to buckle down more than I already am. I’m Perfect, Because I Accept Life For How It Is And Not Any Less Than That.

  242. Raine says:

    What makes me perfect is… That I know I’m NOT perfect. I make mistakes, and get depressed sometimes, but I get on with my life and keep my head strong forms family and my (nonexistent) friends) y’all on this website make me feel like for once, I’m not alone. For once, I’m not falling by myself. For once, I have someone to catch me at the bottom and something to give hope. Thank you so much! And thanks to you Ellen H. Your stories give my hope.

  243. JD says:

    In no way am I perfect. But the people around me keep me strong, keep me trying to have hope in myself. My scars and my body and mind may always be imperfect, but I know one day I can be better :)

  244. Trent Coleman says:

    Perfection, at least to me, is about accepting the fact that you never will be perfect but still live the best life you can

  245. Kaylyn Colwell says:

    There is no such thing as perfection. Once you reach a goal you set out to make another and then what you want seems unattainable. I believe that we are our worst critics not others. It’s easy to blame our insecurities on others and not take responsibility. Women struggle with body image all the time even if you won’t admit it. That thought is always there. Positive thinking and surroundings will give you a better self image and feel better about yourself. God made us all individually for a reason He thinks we are perfect. When you can get a good mind set and literally change your way of thinking you will be content with yourself.

  246. shygirl21 says:

    There is no solid deffinition of perfect. For each and every person, it’s diffrent. Everyday, people try to acheive perfection only to find that they failed to acheive what they wanted to accomplish. Being a teenager, I know how much pressure is put on our sholders. How much is expected of us. However, the problem comes in when we start to want to accomplish more than what is expected of us. Another word for this is to overacheive. I personally am an overacheiver because I want straight A’s but my parents told me that they are fine with me getting a b or 2. Everybody in some way or another are overacheivers because they want to prove people expecialy parents wrong. In reality, we take on too much and then, we crash and burn. Instead of proving them wrong, we end up failing not only in our own eyes, but also our parents eyes as well.

  247. Ana ; Ellen Hopkins Biggest Fan ! says:

    Perfect . Can anyone truly be perfect ? Just like any other normal human being I am me . I get upset . I get mad . I hate . I love … If all of those things don’t make me “perfect” then what does ? Even though life can push me down doesn’t mean I can’t get back up . Just because some people don’t like me doesn’t mean I have no friends . Sure stupid lives in this world just as much as ignorant does . If someone tries to make a fool of themselves and hurt others(physically or emotionally) to get a laugh or make themselves feel good then they’re sure as hell not “perfect”. You’re entitled to your opinion and if someone doesn’t like it so be it . I’m sure that no one in the world is perfect , but I can honestly say that everyone is perfect in one or another form . Everyone use to look down on me as the geek . I had glasses , I was weird , not the skinniest twig on the forest floor either , but I tried not to let that get to me . I know that if I let people drag me down that I may get buried . I don’t ever want to lose myself because I am who I depend on . If I depend on others I don’t get the life I want . So if anyone tries to change you don’t listen . You are who you are and no one can change that . If you really had no true purpose to be here then guess what … You wouldn’t be here . Don’t try and be “perfect” be yourself because people are going to love you no matter what . Even if others put you down I just have to say I love you . I don’t know you , but I don’t judge . Whether you’re skinny , fat , black , white , hispanic , anorexic , bulimic , biplolar , do drugs , or cut , or SI of any sort I’m here . I’ve been through it all . Life is what you make of it so let it be a life you’re proud of .

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  249. Asimwe O. says:

    I see my life as a mirror of conner’s life in Impulse. on the outside im a happy perfect student athlete. i made varsity for 2 out of the 3 sports i did as a freshman. but in my house my parent had crazy expectations for me that were impossible for me to fulfill. when i couldn’t, they would compare me to my absolutly perfect sister who i want to be nothing like. My life was a mess and was falling apart right before my eyes. i began cutting myself for every mistake i made. i felt alone in the world until a friend recomended impulse. i read connors story and it opened my eyes. i realized i dont have to be perfect to be accepted. thank you very much for saving me.

  250. Regina Lim says:

    I can sympathize with Cara as I have always been drowned with high expectations. Also questioning love and other things is something I have experienced before. I felt so in tune with the book and couldn’t wait to turn the next page. Although now I still try to reach for the expectations, I do not try so hard to please my parent’s expectations. Although the book did make me realize many things. It was a wonderful read and I am looking forward to reading the other books.

  251. Ashley says:

    Nothing. Nothing makes me perfect because I am not and will never be perfect. Such a word doesn’t exist, but despite that, I strive to accomplish society’s image of “perfect”. I try so hard, so so hard to be perfect, but I can’t be. I’m not and never will be. I’ve come to realize that. I am ugly and worthless and no one loves me. I hate my life and nothing good ever comes for me.

  252. aisha says:

    i think nobody is perfect

  253. Alison Kay says:

    I am not perfect, but my flaw that I believe that is close to perfection is how I am unselfish and have a kind attitude towards friends, family and strangers.

  254. Langley Bradley says:

    What is perfect?
    Is it wearing so much make up that no one can see real beauty?
    Is it having the same clothes that everyone else is wearing?
    I don’t think so.
    Perfection to me are my scars.
    They tell a story that no one else can.
    They show the world the struggles I’ve been through.
    They show everyone what I’ve had to go through since before I was born.
    Scars are what are perfect to me.
    They are beautiful.
    Beautiful artwork I think.
    Even he says that they’re beautiful and I know that they are.
    What they lie on top of is beautiful too.
    A perfect heart.
    A perfect heart, for a perfect person.

    I wrote this poem shortly after learning about Ellen’s book Perfect. I think it describes me very well.

  255. Serena says:


  256. Serena says:

    I agree with Miranda. This OUR life. So why can’t we live it?

    - Serena C. BC, Canada

  257. Anonymous says:

    I’d have to say what makes me perfect is the insight that I am. Most people can’t see past the generalized view of perfection. Being perfect is being exactly who you are, always.

  258. Lissa Jane says:

    I know no one is perfect. But we all strive to be. The past is hard to look at, even though that is what makes me stronger. I think everything I’ve been through every tear, every hurt words said, and abuse makes me perfect. I realized that what doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger. Perfect is what you think it should be, not society’s image of being perfect.

  259. Nicole says:

    Im not really sure what makes me perfect. Im still figuring that out. As I’m on my journey on a very long path of battling and eating disorder I know as I find out what it is as I work towards the light. But most the time Iv been told no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. That’s what makes us Human. Where not God. Only he is truly perfect…..

  260. Veronica says:

    I don’t think being perfect is the best thing on earth. I know I’m not and I like it that way.
    being perfect for me is getting great grades in every class or having a life with no mistakes. And I bet we all made mistakes we would like to take back. I guess what I am trying to say is being perfect is hard to understand…..i think.

    Veronica, 17

  261. Amanda says:

    I think perfection is basically in the eye’s of the beholder type of thing. Who is any one person to say someone isn’t as beautiful, or more beautiful/perfect than another. In my opinion, everyone is perfect because Perfection shouldn’t be measured by size, personality or life style in general. Perfection is really something that everyone has and can obtain in their own self as long as they can see it when they look in the mirror. It’s hard to love yourself in this day and age, but if everyone could just look in the mirror once a day and say something positive about themselves, sooner or later they will think of themselves as something perfect in their own way, because everyone is perfect. Overall, my point is that I find perfection in simple things, in complicated thing’s, in odd thing’s and in thing’s some other people wont take even take a glance at. You just have to look for that one thing, the one seemingly insignificant thing that can change your thoughts and opinions on it. Everyone is perfect.

  262. Lindsey says:

    What makes me perfect is when I’m dancing or writing. It that feeling like nothing can touch you or hurt you, all your problems and issues get put into each movement or ever word your pour out on the page.

  263. Maria says:

    Perfect? There’s no such thing. People all over the world struggle to be and look like what they think is “perfect”. Teens see the super models, and the movie stars, and think “I wanna be like that. I wanna be that skinny”. News flash, dear? The Goddess made you the way you are for a reason. Stop trying to change what you look like, and who you are as an individual. People love you for you. So give up with tryin to be supermodel (which is code for annorexic) skinny. Stop the plastic surgeries, the liposuctions, etc. Just be happy with the way you are. Nothing else matters.

  264. Could you message me with a few tips on how you made your blog look this cool , I would be thankful!

  265. Aislinn says:

    You know, a lot has happened in my life, therefore it could never be perfect. I write poems to put how I feel into words I only understand. I’ve cut and attempted suicide many times. Can I say it’s perfect? No. Can I say it made me who I am today? Yes. Because of all that I’ve been through I plan to become a behavioral therapist for adolescents. I just got into IUSB. Can I say that me life will be perfect? No. But I can say that my life will be as good and as PERFECT as I make it out to be.

  266. Lori H. says:

    To be honest , somethings in my life i wouldnt mind changing but i am sure if i did actually have the chance to change something i wouldnt actually change a thing because the me i am right now is the real me. All my mistakes and problems aare what make me stronger then ever before. Yeah , i might sometimes break down but it is never to the fact that i would physically hurt myself. I love my life and i do understand that my life can be hard sometimes but i wouldnt and couldnt change anything about me. I know for sure that if i did change one little thing it would change me completely. I dont know about anyone else out there but i definitely could say i wish i could change but i never would.

  267. Emily Nicole says:

    What makes me perfect, is that I don’t let people tell me I’m not.
    I’ve just newly discovered that I have a bad thyroid problem.
    This would also be the source of my 200 lbs.-at-fifteen-problem.
    Being picked on about it my whole life made me loose most, if not all of my friends.
    I’m independent, and that is what makes me perfect, just the way I am.

  268. maverick says:

    im not perfect. im far from it.

  269. KATY:) says:

    My struggles, my flaws, my way of life makes me perfect.
    I live life with a smile, I choose not to complain but to be strong.
    My curves are beautiful, my life is hard at times but I’m a good person.
    The fact that I don’t take my hardships out on anyone proves that I live positive.
    I see beauty not just in everyone but in everything. I’m a thinker. I annalise everything.
    Especially beauty. See beauty in todays world is rare..yes on the outside it’s not but people have trouble showing beauty within. Perfection is different to everyone. I’d rather be imperfect, weird, & simply rediculious. THAT IS MY PERFECTION! <3

  270. Austin says:

    I am perfect because I am the only me there will ever be.

  271. Cat in the Hat says:

    I think perfection is imperfection. You don’t have to be a perfect person, to be a perfect “you”. I want to be perfect, I mean who doesn’t? Realistically though, it’s more about trying to improve myself, whether that be exercising more, or learning better how to communicate with the people I love, it’s all about the journey. I think perfection is more in the things we have no control over as well as the little things; Rain, snow, a hug from a family member, a kiss from the one you love most, laughing with your best friend, sleeping in on the weekend…I think all these things are perfect in their own right.

  272. Shelby S. says:

    To me, perfection is unattainable, and I think that is why people become so obsessed with it. In the back of everyone’s mind, we all know no one can ever be perfect; however, we all attempt anyways, hoping to be that one lucky person that is able to achieve perfection: become a God in their own right. You see if someone would to ever be able to be perfect, everyone would love who they are, almost idolize it, and treat them better…and I think that’s what anyone in this world really wants. I don’t think people want to be perfect, but they just want to be accepted and loved for who they are; and with society the way it is, I’m afraid, not everyone WILL be accepted for who they are. So we all go out and try to achieve what society wants: perfection. Diets, steroids, surgeries, implants, eating disorders, pills…the list can go on and on about the world’s frantic scramble to obtain its perfection. No one, however, has ever accomplished that feat because perfection’s definition is much like the Boggart from Harry Potter, its definition from a dictionary cannot be trusted simply because the meaning of the word is different–it shape-shifts– for everybody. What is perfect for one, is absolutely horrendous for another, and I think that is what makes perfection such a controversial and touchy subject: it is different for everybody, and therefore, cannot be truly defined for universal knowledge; all we know is what is perfect for us. My answer to your question, Mrs. Hopkins, “What is Perfect?” is, rather embarrassing to say but, it is not me. I do have an idea of what perfect is and it’s as if I cannot measure up to my own standards, my own ideals of perfection. I do not look, dress, think, or act like I want to and to what I think is perfect, but rather, how others think is perfect. I think perfect is being able to measure up to your own standard of perfection. If you are good enough for yourself, you are perfect.
    -Shelby, California, USA

  273. Chelbee says:

    I think being me makes me perfect! I know that many other people have probably said this same thing, but I have been through a lot. I know other people have been through more, and I’m not complaining. But I do feel that because I went through so much, and because my childhood was so hard I am perfect. I feel that because of all the mistakes I have made and all of the pain I have endured that I am perfect, and I am wonderful! If I hadn’t made it through all the bad, I would not be able to accept the good. I wouldn’t realize just how beautiful life is and how perfect I really am

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  275. Bri-Bri says:

    I am perfect because I am the only ME out there.

  276. Shana says:

    I am not the skinniest. nor am i the prettiest girl in school. the thing about ME is that i can stand up for MYSELF. i have IMPORTANCE and NOONE will stop me from being ME. who can say what perfect is? I. AM. PERFECT.

  277. Love & Rockets says:

    What makes me perfect is my flaws. I have gone through many things in my life, from losing close people in my life to being bullied. During these times I thought why me and what did I do to deserve this. However, no I look back at it, I relize that all these things only made me stronger. I don’t regret anything.

  278. Anonymous says:

    I’m like Kendra in Perfect-
    still looking for perfectoin.

    • Anonymous says:

      no one is truely perfect everyone has flaws, take your flaws and embrace them be proud of what makes you, you! your important in your own way no matter what anyone tells you!

  279. Miquelahh' says:

    Im perfect because I wear my scars proudly, not afraid to tell my story. Im perfect because Im awkward, wierd, and diffrent. Im perfect because I spell my name like this Miquelahh’ and not like Mikayla. Im perfect because im a freak of nature, a human being with so many flaws im unique. Im perfect because im 108 LBS. were a size 7 in pants, and small in a shirt. im perfect because I have a big butt and small boobs. Im perfect because I were a size 4.5 in shoes and Im 4′ 10″. Im perfect because im completly hideous. Im perfect because im Miquelahh’. And thats just it.
    Abluquerque, NewMexico

  280. Danika says:

    Perfection is a word often confused with flawless. In my opinion, this couldn’t be any wronger. What makes me perfect in my eyes? It’s my courage. My courage to keep pushing through life no matter how many bumps are placed on the road ahead of me. Suicidal-ness, depression, anxiety, eating disoders, self harm, I’ve dealt with it all as cliche as it may sound. But to me, this doesn’t make someone any less perfect. It makes them even MORE perfect, for it shows the strength these people have, that other people may lack.

  281. Paige says:

    What makes me perfect is my confidence in my abilities to achieve my dreams. I am dedicated to my aspirations and that will never change.

  282. Anonymous says:

    I believe the thing that makes me “perfect” in my mind is knowing the fact that, I can never live up to people’s expectations and I couldn’t if I tried. Now, you’re possibly wondering how this works? Well, when you’ve figured out that you can never live up to anyone’s expectations, the stress of trying to do it just simmers down a large amount and you start building up yourself the way you want to, rather than be molded into whatever people want you to become. In truth, my mother and father wanted this straight A getting, high achieving, studious, hard working daughter! In reality, however, I am merely a lazy, easy going, foul mouthed son, though I have yet to come out of the transgendered closet to them! I don’t believe it’s necessary to give them any more stress than needed so, I’ll be keeping my dirty little secret for a while longer. Then I realized this made no sense, I regret nothing!

  283. Cam says:


    There is no one answer to the question of “What is perfection?”. Perfection is like beauty. It is different for everyone. Each person’s idea of perfect differs from the next. Ask two people what their idea of perfection is and I guarantee that their answers will never be the same. There is something about perfection that is different for each individual; something unique.

    I believe that all of our imperfections are what make us perfect to others. What make us perfect for ourselves. It’s hard to look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re perfect. Hard to accept that your uniqueness and individuality make you something special. But they do. Being yourself, being an individual, is what makes you and I perfect. Your life and experiences make you who you are. Create the individual you are. Make you special and one-of-a-kind. Not letting our trials and struggles overcome us, waking up in the morning to fight another day, and going to sleep at night to dream about the next, that’s what makes us perfect.
    All of the above make me perfect. Make you perfect. Make everyone perfect. Everyone alive is perfect to or for someone else, just like everyone out there is beautiful to or for someone else. Our imperfect perfection makes each of us beautiful.

    I am perfect because of who I am and what I’ve been through. You are perfect because of who you are and what you’ve been through. We are perfect because we are who we are. We are perfect because we’re willing to give being ourselves a chance. Willing to believe that we are in fact…


  284. Lori Bass says:

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  285. Ariella says:

    Perfection is such a subjective term that it is often meaningless. We each have our own definition, this mental picture of our personal utopia. The society around us shapes our image of what perfection is, and because each of us has our own belief of perfection, we will never achieve it. The reason that no one believes themselves entirely perfect is because perfection is a standard that we will constantly strive to live up to. It’s all in our heads. Humans are damned to be imperfectly perfect, and that’s actually kind of beautiful.

    I don’t have to be happy with who I am now; the constant fight for the unreachable is something that led many inspirational people to be the role models they are today.
    I’m perfect because I will always strive for my own personal perfection, and that proves to me that I haven’t given up yet.

  286. Anonymous says:

    Perfection isn’t real. Perfection is an idea implanted in our heads by people with unrealistic expectations. Everyone sees “perfection” differently, but as you see from all these posts, there are many different definitions of “being perfect”. I felt like in the book Perfect, along with many other Ellen Hopkins books, the characters didn’t feel perfect because they didn’t reach everyone’s expectations.
    If you set your own goals and expectations, and are able to reach them, that’s what I’d consider to be a Perfect person.

    • Anonymous says:


      I’m not pretty. I’m not smart. I’m not model-thin (I’m fat). I’m not the kind of girl who everyone likes. But i know that I don’t have to be. I’m me, and that should be enough. What would the world be if everyone was the same? If everyone was “perfect” ? We’d live in a world of impossibility. Nothing special or unique about anyone. I’m not perfect, but I’m still breathing. If I’m enough to please me, I should be enough to please you.

  287. Shelby says:

    I believe perfection is a state of mind… For me I would like it to be bipolar free

  288. samanthasuicide says:

    I am perfect because I love everyone, icluding myself, unconditionally. Perfection isn’t in the way you look, it’s in the way you preceive things.

  289. Hannah says:

    I am perfect because I am a cheerleader just like my mom was and sister. They both passed away in 2011. My mother wanted me to be a cheerleader all 4 years of high school so I’m making her wish come true has this is my senior year and last year of cheerleading.

  290. Melanie says:

    I am not perfect.
    I’m five foot ten, and weigh 176 pounds. I’ve dropped seven in two days. You can guess how.

    The closest I ever came to feeling perfect was when I was fourteen. He was nineteen, and he got me addicted to cocaine. He didn’t force himself on me, but he beat me. To me, that was who I was supposed to be. I got over the entire thing, some how. Every aspect of it. I realize now that he didn’t love me, no matter what he said.
    I’m with someone now. He treats me good, doesn’t hit me. Hasn’t gotten me addicted to anything other than being held by him. He kept me from drowning, kept me from going to that place that nobody ever really wants to go. Or maybe they do. I did.

    I’m not perfect. Not in anybody else’s eyes, and certainly not in mine. Too fat. Too loud. Too stupid. Too tall. Too clumsy. Never good enough, never any sort of enough. Always falling short of where I expect myself to be, where others expect me to be.

    But wile I’m not perfect, I’ve learned something. I’m not alone, either. There are people everywhere who feel the same way I do. I don’t know any of you, and you don’t know me. But I’m there for you, just like you’re there for me. We’ll draw strength from each other, and someday, we’ll be exactly who we want OURSELVES to be.

  291. Kaylyn says:

    What makes a person… Perfect? Well that’s easy. All the little tiny imperfections that people have are what make people perfect. No one needs to change a thing about themselves, because everyone is perfect just as they are. I think if you decide to change yourself, than that makes you imperfect. Be who you are. You really don’t have to change. ‘Cause one day there will be someone who loves every single one of those little imperfections that make you perfect.

  292. Bailey says:

    My definition of “Perfect”: To think the word every single time or NEVER think it at all.

  293. Bethany says:

    What makes me perfect.
    Well, lets start here. I’m 17, 5’1″ and 90 lbs. All of that, you would think, would make me love myself. But, it’s not true. I hate how short I am. I am constantly being called a freshman during my senior year, people call me anorexic since I’m so thin even though I eat in front of them all day. I can’t play sports for medical reasons. So, I am a choir nerd. I love to sing. People make fun of me and laugh at me when I am constantly singing, but if you put heart deeply into what you want to do, your dreams will become real.

    So what makes me perfect? I am not a jock or a beauty queen. I break out at least once a week with acne. I am always called a midget or during the summer with my natural tan, an oompa loompa. I get straight A’s and get mad at myself for anything less than what I feel I am capable of.

    So, to answer your question, I am me and that makes me more than perfect. I am UNIQUE. So when I think about how I could be better at something, I remember. I put my heart to my dreams (like Andre did) and got into the highest choir at my high school. I please my parents. And I love my family and they love me, just the way I am.

  294. Alexis says:

    Nothing about my life is perfect or even close to it, even with all good and bad things ive been through in my life i wouldnt change it for the world beacuse the experinces have made me who i am today. all the bad things have just showed me just how strong i really am and the good things have showed me just how lucky i am even when times are bad. i live by the qoute “keep your head up the stormy weather cant last forever” no matter what happens good or bad it all happenes for a reason and will all play out in the end even if it seems like its taking forever to happen! to thoese struggleing keep your heads up things will get better!

  295. Emily says:

    Theres no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to beauty

  296. Bailey says:

    I can’t truly say I’ve always loved myself, but recently I’ve learned to deal with that. I will never be anyones idea of perfect and I’m just fine with that. I’ve also learned to not set up expectations for yourself because if you don’t you’ll never be disappointed in yourself.

  297. Sydnee.J says:

    I believe I am only perfect because her is onlt one of me. I havent always been the most confident but continually telling my self and others that their is no one like me, take me or leave , Things just startd looking up. I found who I am and all that I stand for completely feel in love with everything about my self. I wont sit up here say that I dont have my moments but just like any other human I do. Make any sence?

  298. milla says:

    what i belive is perfect is nothing. nothing can be perfect. if you think youve got a bad life just think about people who have it worse. i belive everyone can change. and it’s onley up to them if the will let themselves take that chance. ive been where no one wants to go ive tried to kill myself but i guess i havent thought about how my family would react. how my father would be if i ended up dieing being that im his onley daughter of my mother and father. how would he be ? wouold he go back to wat he was doing before he tried to be a father again? all these questions are welled up inside me and i have no answers for any of them. but perfect is who i am and what makes me.. me and thats all to it. i am perfect in my own beautiuflly naturally way.

  299. KeriLynn says:

    No one is ever perfect. People all have demons, people all have secrets.
    No one is ever perfect. I know i’m not perfect.

  300. Alyss says:

    “Perfection” does not exist, it is unattainable. However, being yourself and staying true to you will make you a better person all around. I’m not saying that you can never make a mistake, you can never be different, have a bad day or feel like crap, I’m saying that although “perfection” does not truly exist, you can make your life “perfect” as long as you are happy with it in the end. Live without regrets, give into your impulses sometimes but keep good judgement. That is how to achieve “perfection and what makes me “perfect”.

    Samantha Van De Kraats

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  302. TaTyanna Neumann says:

    i fell from glory, i used to be strong. i’ve lost control of my life, and i want it back. i want to fight to regain all that i’ve lost, but i don’t know what to fight for anymore. im only 15 and already my life’s in the gutter. if you have any thing to say about this, email me at vampireluveer4ever@gmail.com

  303. TaTyanna Neumann says:

    i think that perfection is out there, that its in urself, but u have to find it

  304. Bob Cat says:

    Within my life mainly my younger years I grew up in a crack house, a very bad enviroment for a child. I have witnessed things that no child should see or go through but because of these things i have decided never to do drugs, too not follow in the foot steps of my parents. my past is what is making me perfect.

    -bob cat
    Alberta, Canada

    • TaTyanna Neumann says:

      i grew up in a place kinda like that. and i must say, U R PERFECT BECAUSE OF THE TRIALS THAT U HAVE OVERCOME AND WENT THROUGHT!

  305. Kayla says:

    What is perfect to me? An impossible question. I’m currently in recovery for an eating disorder so the book hit close to home. I still self harm, but I’m hoping one day I will find myself a way out of that. I hope one day that my scars and my struggles make me perfect. I’m hoping the sexual abuse that happened doesn’t strip me of that odd perfection. My ability to find perfection in others is perfect. Now I just need to work on me. <3
    British Columbia, Canada

  306. -- says:

    What happens when we don’t feel perfect?

    • Anonymous says:

      When you don’t feel perfect, it is probably because people around you or media. What i have to say is don’t worry about what people say. Don’t worry about what the media says perfect is. Everyone is perfect in one way or another. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. So just be yourself, and you will find someone who thinks your perfect. If you need any advice add me on Facebook and send me a message saying you saw my comment on this page. -Isaiah Crespo

  307. When you don’t feel perfect, it is probably because people around you or media. What i have to say is don’t worry about what people say. Don’t worry about what the media says perfect is. Everyone is perfect in one way or another. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. So just be yourself, and you will find someone who thinks your perfect. If you need any advice add me on Facebook and send me a message saying you saw my comment on this page. -Isaiah Crespo

  308. Anon. says:

    I do not believe that I am perfect nor can anybody ever reach “perfection”, whatever it may be to them. Although, what I do believe is that the ambition for a human being to strive to become “perfect”, is perfect.

  309. Anonymous says:

    Perfection is something that I have always desired. I don’t mean to say that I have always wanted to be “better than everyone else” just that I have always wanted to be perfect for me. I never accepted myself getting anything less than an 85 on anything and have always wanted to be really thin. But I have a learning disability which interferes with my math and I can’t be thin. Consequently, I have grown up hatting myself which has led to self-destructive behaviors. These behaviors have led to even more hospitals and as of this moment I am about to go off to a boarding school, I am failing most of my classes and as well as being miserable, I have made my family miserable, scared and upset. I have taken myself a long way to gain perfection and it hasn’t helped me one bit. Now I know, perfection stinks. But I have gone too far and can’t stop myself from destructing. My quest for perfect has left me with a scared body, failing grades, eating problems and being sent away from home. Perfect has cost my family not only money in treatment, but many a heartache.

  310. miranda says:

    I think that, to be perfect you just have to be happy with who you are. Have fun, learn from your mistakes, take chances, love your friends and family, and enjoy life the way it is, don’t sit around, because life isn’t going the way you want it, make the best of it.

  311. cortani says:

    perfection is a state of mind and mearly an unattainable factor of emotion! i am strong, capeable, and of course unique! what i am is a whole new kind of perfect the kind that anyone can be anyone can attain and we should all work to help support eachother to become!

  312. Maggie says:

    What makes me perfect? My strongness. I’ve been thru the worst things you can imagine. But, everyday, i just live each day with no regret. I’m glad about the rape, abuse, everything. All of my past has made me stronger. I can live each day as long as i have god on my side.

  313. Bethany says:

    I wouldn’t change a thing about my past for a simple fact it has made me who I am. Yes, I had to learn a lot of things the hard way through an abusive ex boyfriend to a father who was never home but all these things have created someone special. I always put others first because i know how it feels to hurt to not want to wake up….to even starving yourself but sometimes just one person asking about your day can make a huge difference. Everyday i try to live it to the fullest as proof that i am here, i am alive and i am here to make a change in someone life. I know i am no where close to perfect nor will i ever be but as long as i try to be the best i can be that’s all i need to do. i

  314. Romie says:

    Doing what I know is the right thing, regardless of adversity, is what makes me perfect.

  315. Al says:

    Well… I don’t believe I’m perfect. I mean, I don’t believe anybody’s truly perfect. How does perfection feel anyway? I wouldn’t know, but I’m glad I don’t know because I’m only being myself. Even if myself is imperfect, I don’t care.

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  317. Anonymous says:

    my eating disorder

  318. Andrea says:

    I am not perfect in any way, form, or fashion, but my husband of nearly 4 years thinks I am beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful. We have been together as a couple for almost 9 years so he has seen me, unfortunately, at my worst and most fortunately, at my very best. He has always seen my potential, even when we first began dating in 2004. I am trying each day to see myself through Neale’s eyes. It is not easy but it is getting better.
    So, to answer the proposed question, I am not at all perfect but I am perfect for my husband and in his eyes.

  319. Morganne says:

    To me perfect is being happy.

    After years of struggling with depression looking in the mirror and doing something as simple as smiling at myself makes me realize that just being happy is perfection. Sure I could have looks. I could have a body without scars. I could have a “perfect” family or “perfect friends”. But what does all that matter when you yourself are happy?

  320. Caitlyn says:

    Sometimes I feel perfect. I’m on top of the world. I feel like I’m loved by all my friends, my family, and that they care. But it all goes away sometimes, randomly. Suddenly, in the middle of the day I’ll feel so desperately alone and disgusting it’s all I can do not to run out of class. I’m working on it, telling myself I’m perfect in the mirror in my room. But it’s a lot harder in society, you know? There are so many people saying certain things will bring you closer to perfection. I can’t help but think, “Why can’t I be like that? Why can’t I be size 14 and love myself?” I just think a lot of time to myself without any outside pressure about perfection would help me get my esteem going, and I’m sure others feel the same way. I want to be perfect, but I don’t want to be perfect in a way that’s going to hurt me. I’m not going to let my family down, or my friends, or anyone else who sees me. I will be me, as me as I can be, and that’s the way it works. ;)

  321. Moe says:

    I would change everything I can ever change about myself. I don’t want to feel love anyways; it’s such a bother to even consider the amount of pain you will feel afterwards.

  322. Anna says:

    Nothing is perfect about me I am not pretty or smart or nice I don’t have a boyfriend and I never have, I represent the world and no one cares. People who have happy live are just figments of my imagination and they just show up to ruin my life. People who are smart don’t exist, pretty people don’t exist, nice people don’t exist, etc. I am the only REAL human being because there is nothing in my life that is perfect. I am scared to tell my friends my secrets because I don’t trust them because they don’t exist either. All of them are pretty and skinny and have a very high paying job. People don’t talk about them behind their backs, their siblings are not mental, everything about their life’s are perfect. I could go into more detail but I’m not writing a book, so we will have to finish there.
    If you think I am mental or depressed, please email me at annanator@mailinator.com

  323. Bee says:

    All my life I had thought that “perfect” was all about body, hair, face, and all the things that boys looked for in a personality. But now that I am in college I have found that “perfect” is not what we think it to be, perfection is what we, ourselves, wish to be. Yes, we can all be perfect, but we all have the tendency to make bad choices and then realize the mistakes, then claim we are not perfect. We all strive for perfection, but in reality there is no existence of perfect. I, like many others, would change some things about myself, but because of the choices and mistakes I have made, I have become what I am today. We all must realize that beauty is not perfection, because in reality “imperfection is beauty.”

  324. Sidity says:

    I Know Im Perfect In Every Way …And Im Pretty What Makes Me Perfect Is I Fo Me And I Font Do None Wrong I Never Made A Mistake And Im PRETTY & Smart And Perfect ♡

  325. Katie says:

    perfect is not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.

    when I reach my own expectations, I am perfect.

  326. Aurora travis says:

    what makes me perfect is the fact that i can be myself and have faced some of my demons there have been people in my life who tried to change me but i wouldn’t let them. I grew up being teased because i refuse to changed so instead of human friends i always had books i grew a brain and later saw everyone around me doing stupid things and having kids doing drugs. im glad that i am who i am because i end up scaring people away with my big brain and i can always find comfort learning new things.
    im an imperfect angel that is actually perfect in her own way. anyone who wants to be “perfect” defined by others, the social media, and anyone who thinks that controlling someone and changing them to their picture perfect woman or man might have something wrong with them. not many people can admit their flaws and hide them like secrets but when their flaws come out they don’t stop and think they just go for surgery, or have some mind disease that ends up taking control of the and can take away lives forever.

  327. Magan says:

    Imperfection is perfection. Enough said.

  328. Emily says:

    I’m perfect by my imperfections.

  329. Victoria Hayes says:

    I’m perfect because I am a survivor, of an eating disorder.

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  331. Caitlyn says:

    What makes me perfect are my scars: physical, emotional, and mental. What makes me perfect is that, I’m not perfect. I’m human, I make mistakes, that’s what makes all of us perfect. Especially if we can learn from those mistakes.

  332. Sarah says:

    My imperfections
    what make me perfect.

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  336. Hattie says:

    I don’t know what perfection is, I don’t think anyone knows.
    How can you express a meaning of something that Is consistently different for each person.
    Perfection is something I don’t strive for, and never will.
    If I strived for perfection then I would have to look at my flaws.
    I have too many.
    I laugh too loudly.
    I can be a bitch for no reason.
    I expect everyone around me to read my mind
    To eradicate just a few would be impossible.
    Plus I’m too lazy.
    And there will always be someone who doesn’t find you perfect
    This is fine because “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  337. marissa says:

    i am perfect because i am flawed and i have accepted that and found strength in my weaknesses

  338. Kerstin says:

    What makes me perfect is nothing. I am not perfect but I can always strive to be. I have my faith in God and I am thankful to have a loving family and a wonderful life. I just hope I can help others.

  339. Lauryn says:

    I am perfect because I accept my weaknesses and I work toward improving them whenever I can. I think being perfect is just being able to accept the way you are. We should embrace our uniqueness and not try to mold ourselves into what society thinks is ‘perfect’.

  340. Shoshi says:

    Perfect is a complicated thing. I believe everyone is perfect, and everyone deserves to think so. I am perfect because I have gone through a lot, as we all have I’m sure, and I feel that without my past, I would not be me. Perfection is everywhere. Just look.

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  343. Jade says:

    I am perfect because after I was broken, I glued all of my pieces back together, sans a few irreplaceable splinters here and there, and polished myself up again. I’m perfect because when I realized that there are cracks in me that will always be visible, I decided they made me more beautiful. Now I choose to be free and refuse to feel shame over what I am, both the good and the bad, and turn away from anyone who disagrees. I’m perfect because I love me :)

  344. Vincent says:

    I find myself perfect because I have the woman of my dreams by my side. Without her, my life wouldn’t be infallible. I was stuck looking for love and acceptance just like Conner (Impulse) or Kaeleigh (Identical). I find perfection to be found within our imperfections. Luckily for me, I finally found the woman that can hold me together and keep me from falling apart.

  345. Kayli says:

    What makes me perfect? All my imperfections, because perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection is something that empty people strive for.

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  350. Shelby Kortness says:

    I understand where all of you guys are coming from with the whole thing on not changing a thing about yourself and just being yourself makes you perfect. And to you it probably does. But in all honestly, I hate who I am. And if I could, I would be an entirely different person. Partly because I’ve gotten to the point of hating amost everyone I meet becaue if I don’t hate them, then we’ll end up being friends and I’ll end up hurting them somehow. I’ve been the shit talker that goes behind their friends backs. I’ve been the horid and relentles daughter. And there’s more but I don’t want to list them all. So yes we all see perfection in different ways. Most people think that being themselves and not feeling like you have to change things about you makes you perfect, and you’re absolutely right! But the way I see it, being anyone but who I am and who I’ve been. That Would Make Me Perfect.

  351. Shelby Kortness says:

    I understand where all of you guys are coming from with the whole thing on not changing a thing about yourself and just being yourself makes you perfect. And to you it probably does. But in all honestly, I hate who I am. All of these books have kept my interest because I can relate to them so well. And if I could, I would be an entirely different person. Partly because I’ve gotten to the point of hating amost everyone I meet becaue if I don’t hate them, then we’ll end up being friends and I’ll end up hurting them somehow. I’ve been the shit talker that goes behind their friends backs. I’ve been the horid and relentles daughter. And there’s more but I don’t want to list them all. So yes we all see perfection in different ways. Most people think that being themselves and not feeling like you have to change things about you makes you perfect, and you’re absolutely right! But the way I see it, being anyone but who I am and who I’ve been. That Would Make Me Perfect.

  352. Makayla Kaiser says:

    What I think about what makes a person perfect … it is just being yourself around others and not caring what other people think about the way your body looks. God made us the way we are for a reason and we shouldnt’ want to change that. I know that people will still do things to change there bodies butI know I will never.

  353. Griselda says:

    I’m not perfect. Everything about myself; I’m disappointed in.
    The only thing about me that I feel good about is my writing.
    But, my writing isn’t perfect either.
    Just decent. Average.
    Unlike me, I’m below average.

    • Think says:

      No matter what you write, whether millions of people read it or just you alone. It is you and your thoughts, and that is nothing but above average.

  354. Christopher Allen Henderson says:

    I think she makes me perfect :)

  355. king black says:

    what I would like to say is that all of you are in wrong !!!!!!!
    no one is perfect in this world…………….thanks.

  356. Anonymous says:

    Being you makes you perfect.

  357. I’m a total spaz. I have no clue how to chill out. I use to have tons of friends on lock and be the funniest kid around. Then in eighth grade I acquired the label of a bad kid, because all of my new friends were older, some too much older I guess, and I had begun experimenting with illegals. I guess I set myself up for this unfailing misery, but it’s crazy to think that of all the people I once had behind my back at all times, can’t be found.. All because of a short ride with the monster, and a fall off of roxy
    One day I’ll be perfect.

  358. I’m a total spaz. I have no clue how to chill out. I use to have tons of friends on lock and be the funniest kid around. Then in eighth grade I acquired the label of a bad kid, because all of my new friends were older, some too much older I guess, and I had begun experimenting with illegals. I guess I set myself up for this unfailing misery, but it’s crazy to think that of all the people I once had behind my back at all times, can’t be found.. All because of a short ride with the monster, and a fall off of roxy
    One day I’ll be perfect.

  359. Bailee says:

    i really really love all your books. they have inspired me to look at life in a totally different way, ive read every book in 2 months. i hate reading but your books are sooooooooo good.
    what makes you perfect id have to say,,, who you are and what u may become might be perfect. how you view your self i also think is what makes you perfect. but then again no one is perfect. most people just think they are perfect and havent tried to view things in other peoples eyes or in their shoes. people never know anything about me and who i am my boyfriend for 3 years i dont think even knows who i really am because they dont know what goes on in my head so they have no idea who i am inside my body. im not different i just dont think they know,,,you know.

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  361. Lindsay says:

    Everyone has their own definition of perfect. I have been through a lot and have accepted every mistake I have made thoughout my life, and it takes a big person to except flaws. No matter where you are from, what you believe in, or what you have been though. As long as you can look at yourself in the mirror, and except the bad and the good about yourself, then that is perfect. Every mistake or footstep, you have made to the point are now are because of your mistakes you have made, either you learned from them or you didn’t. Let your mistakes make you a better person, not a bitter person.

  362. saranda says:

    i also agree with cassie nobody was made to be perfect if we were god would have all made us perfect we are who we are for a reason!

  363. Jessica says:

    I believe what makes you perfect is when no matter what your past, present, or future you know you will have a good life. You have to learn that life is a struggle. Never in a bad time is it good to look at someone else’s life. You need to always stay in your own because no matter how “perfect” you think theirs is they are thinking the same thing about someone else’s life. Keep your chin up and smile. In the end its all worth it and great!

  364. Beth says:

    I got pregnant at 16. “Mike” wanted nothing to do with us. When she was born he finally stepped up. He became the man I loved and the father our girl needed. When she was ten months old he died in a car accident at 18. We moved in with his family and life gradually became beautiful again because of her. I am not perfect, but that little girl is.

  365. Vivian says:

    What makes me perfect..
    Perfect? I’m noting close to perfection. I’m an overly insecure 14 year old girl. Sure, I’m intelligent (academic wise) but I’m not intelligent in all ways. That’s what doesn’t make me perfect. If I were perfect, I wouldn’t cut frequently, I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep, nor contemplate suicide every night. I wish I was perfect, I wish my father wouldn’t only visit to beat me, I wish my mother would’ve never told me she hated me, I wish she would stop calling me negative names everyday, I wish my friends wouldn’t judge me, I wish I wasn’t alone everyday, I wish I never got molested, I wish everything was better, I wish my mom never found my suicide letter, but I wish she cared when she found it. However, what does make me perfect is me strugging everyday to put an artificial smile on.

  366. Caitlin says:

    What makes me perfect is my newfound belief in myself. I used to believe that I wasn’t perfect because I didn’t make high enough grades (I made Bs and Cs instead of As) and a few other things. I’ve come to accept that I’m perfect the way I am and it doesn’t matter if I slip up every once and a while. I just need to try my best to be who I am now. I have an amazing life ahead of me. Age- 18

  367. F. says:

    Nobody is perfect.
    Perfection is, in my opinion, impossible.
    I honestly have no idea why it’s what we strive for, since it only makes things worse.

  368. danielle says:

    one can not define perfect only what it means to you it means to me being exactly what you want to be say you wanted to be skinny thats all you want thats what you want thats what makes you perfect to you.

  369. Emma Christine says:

    I know that I’m not perfect, no one is, but my flaws are what makes me who I am. Sure, sometimes I would like to be skinnier or prettier, but I realize that I shouldn’t care what society thinks of as perfect. People should love me for me, my charisma, my personality , not what’s on the outside.

  370. Nadine says:

    I don’t believe I am perfect, but I’ve found peace within myself. I’ve been through a lot more than most kids my age, and it has only made me a stronger person. I enter a situation with an open mind and I always try to see the positive side of things. I’ve definitely had some really hard times, but the book Perfect made me realize that I’m not the only person who struggles with these things. I’ll never be my definition of perfect, and I have come to accept that, theres always going to be a time when I wish I could do something else, do it better, or change something about myself. But I also know that there is no way I can change the way I am, and the best thing to do is accept that. So, my definition of perfect, is accepting who you are and realizing you’re still good for something, no matter what doubts you may have in your mind.

  371. Amanda Arellano says:

    What makes us perfect? I think its all the things about us that isnt perfect. Reading ellens books reminds me of this very statement. I sometimes feel like these books are written about me, i have gone through so much of these same stories and even beyond what her books tell about. I am an ellen hopkins book. If only she could tell the story of my own… the depthness she would give her readers would be unforgettable.

  372. Think says:

    Perfection is a loaded word.

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  375. Trinity Melyssia says:

    What makes me perfect is not the fact that im a size 5 or that a have a pretty smile. Its being myself 24/7 and remaining unfazed by this ever changing world. Its being able to remain true to my brand and understanding that different is beautiful. I may look the part of a perfect girl but take my flaws and wear them proudly. My perfection is not measured in my breast size or my clothing size, its measured on a much greater scale. My perfection’s are my many scars, unruly and unpleasant to see. They are my many faults and errors. My perfection is the idea that being perfect is over rated and that I’d gladly be rated an 8 on a scale of 1-10. Hell a 4 wouldn’t faze me. It’s looking at all those people in society and telling them that perfection will never be reached. You can’t buy/starve/cut/binge/correct/erase/clean-up/modify anything to make it better. Perfection is natural beauty and nothing about society is natural anymore. It’s telling those people that perfection is only achieved by acceptance, and once you accept who you are originally then you see yourself in a PERFECT light. So yea I’m a size 5, 126 lbs. and model, but guess what. The scars on my back, and my legs make me perfect, not the airbrushed girl on the magazine cover.

  376. Emily says:

    What makes me perfect is that I got to meet you. I remember when I met you, I was astonished on how funny and sweet you were. I remember emailing you the week before and you told me you remembered who I was when I met you. You are my inspiration and I would love to meet you again. You wrote in my book perfect, “To Emily, who is perfect.” And I believed you. You changed me life, and for that, I thank you.

  377. Lena says:

    I am me, and that’s perfect enough to be.

  378. Bethany says:

    The thing is.. I’m not perfect and I know I’m not. I’ve made mistakes and I’ll make them again, but I wont let that discourage me. I’m moderately proud of who I am.

  379. Kassie says:

    I make everyone happy, smile and forget about the bad. But I hardly am happy and I always remember the bad. I have horrible health and I am sick all the time and people try to take care of me but I do not let them. I rather take care of them then have them take care of me. I think what I am perfect at is being a good friend to everyone. Even if I do not know you I will be here and have a shoulder for them to cry on. Everyone has a different way that makes them perfect most just have not realized it…Yet.

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  405. frankie says:

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    I can’t ever fully describe what makes me perfect but I am who I am & I’d never change that for anything. I’ve been through a lot in this short life that I have lived for 19 years, from the common things of death of loved ones to abuse and contemplating suicide. However I must say that I am a stronger person due to the help I received from reading your books. I’ve read ALL YOUR YA BOOKS & am currently starting on Triangles but still awaiting more YA books. I realize that what makes us perfect isn’t being what others want us to be but being happy & content with who you are and the skin that you are in, cause if you aren’t happy with yourself, how can you be happy with anyone else? Perfection is in the heart, not in the eyes.

  427. What makes me Perfect is the fact that I know I’m not society’s “perfect”, nor do I try to be. I have had my battles, and have the self inflicted scars to show for it. I’m not ashamed of who I am anymore and that’s what makes me perfect. Getting to this point wasn’t easy, but it’s the trials and tribulations that have made me realize that, because I overcame self inflicted wounds and insecurities that I can honestly call myself, my form of Perfect!

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  429. Jaylen says:

    I’m perfect because I’m still here breathing, alive and striving regardless of the past and all the obstacles life has thrown.
    I am perfect because I learned how to love myself for me.
    I’m perfect because I know it’s okay not to be happy all the time so long as you do not forget there is more than sadness and brighter days.
    I am perfect because I am me.

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  432. Cinthia says:

    What makes me perfect? I’m not. I try to spend time trying to find something perfect in a mirror and I’m simply not perfect. My inner self is as warped as my outer self, I don’t know what to do.

    • BG wolf says:

      Cinthia, you are perfect,everyone is perfect believe me everyone has something special inside them and you dont need the mirror to find it or to thing on it hours its there right upfront of you, you just need to open your eye.And you dont need to do nothing complicate about it just open your eyes and see it

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  436. BG wolf says:

    I dont know what makes me perfect but i am not gonna try to find because I thing its pointless to try to be perfect and to seek perfection.Yeah its true that it can motivate you to do more and makes you look good, but it always when you are trying to find it. It usually change your personality and makes you someone else. In the end when you have it you still searching for it and at some point you realize that it changes you but you dont care because you thing that you ware not good enough at the beginning and makes you hate your true nature.And I thing you dont need to try to seek you just need to work hard and concentrate on your live because I believe that perfection will find you.
    P.S. i dont know if that was in the theme but thats how i feel about it and PEACEEEESSS

    • BG wolf says:

      and also I believe that everyone is perfect and they should try to change and to be someone who they are not ”you are who you are” dont try to change that cuz that makes you different and special ,and perfect in your own way so dont try to seek perfection and try to be perfect cuz you already are

  437. Anna-Lynn says:

    I believe that I am perfect because of my imperfections. The mistakes that I make, and my ability to learn from them and grow make me perfect. Learning from my experiences show me who I want to be and how I want to live my life and I believe perfection to each individual should be measured only by themselves. I believe that everything that makes us different, whether good or bad contributes to our perfection and being perfect means being who we want to be.

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  441. kaleb says:

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  446. prish says:

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  450. Kaila says:

    I think what makes me perfect are my struggles. The fact that no matter how bad life is for me I’ll do whatever I can to help someone else. I always feel the need to help someone who is feeling down because I know how that feels and I don’t want them to feel that way. That’s what makes me ‘perfect’. ~Kaila 17 Morinville Alberta Canada

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  452. Stephy says:

    I don’t think that my mistakes or my struggles have made me perfect but that I am still here and that I haven’t let the past tear into my future. True some people don’t get to put the past behind them but for them, perfect is the fact that they are strong enough to go on through life knowing that their past is always with them and not letting it effect who they are as people. You all say that perfect is the things you have been through but in reality it is the fact that you aren’t ashamed to admit that things have happened and not letting them affect you in a way that will change you are the way you view the world.

  453. bede says:

    I am 61. I proudly worked my whole life until 6/2012 when I quit a job I hated and have not worked since. I have become a lazy piece of sh**. I have become what I hate and have let everyone down including GOD. What happened to me?

  454. Liz says:

    Literally not even 24 hours ago I asked four of my closest friends the same question, “Is there something wrong with me?” I got all the same reaction, “Really? You must be joking.”
    Sitting here, reading all of these comments makes me realize there ARE good people in this world. There ARE smart people who are proud of themselves. I’m probably Ellen’s youngest reader and her book, Crank, truly has helped me gain insite into carelessness and carfulness between the good people and the confused people in this world. I have my demons, constantly whispering doubts into my mind, even at this painful age where I am not yet an adult and no longer a child. I go home to nasty people, religious preachers, and children who are too young to understand my silence that scares everyone in the whole house.
    Then i step back. Reading these books and the comments here remind me that I am only human. And for such a young human, I believe I’m pretty dang smart. Might I just thank you Ellen, and thank you commenters for reminding me there is nothing wrong with being myself.
    Individuality. That is perfection to me.

    age 14

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  456. Krista says:

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    I hope everyone has the chance to feel perfect, and just remember. Even if you never feel perfect or think you are, there is someone out there in the world who thinks you are, even if they never say it.
    You’re all pretty damn perfect to me.

    Love from,
    (17, Ohio)

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  469. Just Another Anonymous says:

    Personally, the feeling of “perfection” being attainable and unattainable are the components of our reality. Perfection is simply the standards we set that appear to us as perfection. To me, I may be the epitome of perfection. To you, someone who is simply existing could be the definition of perfection. So this brings me to a question; why restate and reiterate all of the opinions and points that would make one perfect, when none truly differ from the others. This page itself is entitled “What Makes You Perfect”, but there seem to be only a limited number of answers people can produce. Why not challenge yourself to find a new perspective on perfection? Cynicism aside I would like to answer the question bluntly. What makes me perfect is nothing. I can not seem to hold even my own standards of perfection. Now let me entertain this point with a story, yeah?
    There is this thing that lingers, always in the corners of your vision. It exists in those thoughts that stay hidden from the view of even your own eyes. When you turn away from it, it distorts your thoughts and reeks havoc upon your consciousness. What is this? It is the perception of perfection. Unattainable and yet within your grasp.

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  474. Phoenyx Wolff says:

    I think my flaws make me perfect. I’m not perfect – I’ve got depression, lycanthropy (very fun disease, look it up) & seizures, but I think it makes me something rare & different. I wouldn’t ever have been able to see that without Ellen Hopkins & her books.

    • Abbey says:

      I’m enjoying your disease of lycanthropy. I read a ton of books, and one of the series’ i’m reading right now has characters with that disease. (plus, Werewolves are friggin’ awesome)

  475. Asking questions are really fastidious thing if you are not understanding something entirely, but this piece of writing gives nice understanding even.

  476. Abbey says:

    I think one of the things that makes me perfect is my willingness to be strong for others, regardless of if I enjoy their company or not. I’m also totally open to sharing what I have to offer without the embarrassment of caring what others think. Right now, I’m writing a paper on body dysmorphic disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia), and this book has given me a totally new perspective on what happens in the minds of those with them

  477. Samantha says:

    I’m not perfect but there are things about me that are perfect.
    My love is perfect because it’s unconditional. It’s forgiving. It’s growing. It’s one that has been hurt but also found happiness.
    My shape is perfect because it’s real. It’s curvy. It’s full. It’s that of one who is almost a woman but not quite a child.
    My future is perfect because it’s a blank page. It’s clean. It’s unblemished. It’s one that I control but is not controlled.
    I am perfect because I’m not. I’m broken. I’m whole. I’m a mess that has been pieced together but that is what makes me perfect.

  478. Nicola says:

    I used to wish i could change things about my past. And even know there are times i wish i could schange things such as the fact that i am homeless and i live in a 1 bedroom hotel that has two beds. I live in a town where everyones parents are together and everyone is a “normal” picture perfect family and i dont even know where my dad is. I stay in this tiny hotel room with my 5 brothers and one sister. It is small quarters and i wish is wqas different but its not and thats ok.

    • La Vita e Bella says:

      Nicola, because of all of that, you are perfect. Stay strong for yourself, and the people living with you in that hotel room. It may not be much, but its still a roof over your head. Keep your head up, beautiful. Be thankful. You have people beside you and you have a bed and warmth to sleep. Physically, you have everything you NEED. Now, you justn need time for the emotional stuff. You may be upset at my response because you may think I can’t relate to you, and you’re right; I can’t. But keep reading;
      There’s so much to life, hun. Keep your head up. I have never been in your situation before, but I can and will tell you that things will get better. See, I used to hate when people would tell me that. But from my own different personal experience, I can tell you that Things WILL get better. Give it time. Patience is key. You can do it.

      Meanwhile, hang in there. Smile at the little things, laugh at the tiniest of humorous stuff and cry for happiness. Smile when you wake up, because you once again made it one more day. You can do it. And if you dont think so, if it makes you feel any better,
      I believe in you.

      Best wishes,
      La Vita e Bella;

  479. Yanna says:

    What makes me perfect?

    Thats a hard thing to think of. I dont think Im perfect, but the one thing I would never ever want to change is my caring heart.

    No matter who has hurt me, who has betrayed me, who has lied straight in my face, I still care and love them. I can never hate anyone and not a lot of people can say that. I dont let hate cloud my mind because everyone makes mistakes.

    That is what I think is perfect about me. and (WARNING its about to get religious) I thank God for that. <3

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  483. Anonymous says:

    What makes me perfect?
    My scars. Self harm itself is not beautiful. There is nothing beautiful about suffering. My scars are reminders that those bad days are over with for now. My scars are reminders that I have made it through the war. I used to look in the mirror and see someone that wasn’t me. I would look in the mirror, and just simply cry because I didn’t feel anywhere near perfect. When I look in the mirror now, I see a warrior. Overcoming the worst of my depression makes me feel somewhat proud of myself. That is what makes me my own definition of “perfect”.

  484. Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you
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    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking
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  485. Harley sue! says:

    i have read alot of the books and my favorite on that i read was TILT! it was one of the best ones and each one of the book have a different story but its all good life tips!!!!(:

  486. Shea says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me perfect and I’ve been asked that question quite a few times. Every time i got asked that i would always say the same thing “I don’t know”. Now that i think about it i believe what makes me perfect is my family. My family has been through a lot my sister has heart problems my dad and grandma have high blood pressure and diabetes also my grandpa died of both those things. Without them i think i would not by the girl i’am today they really help with the way i look at things in life. Some people see the glass have empty i see the glass half full. It all depends on how you look at things i always see the bright side in everything i do because what doesn’t kill makes you stronger right?

  487. Cat A. says:

    I love you guys Spirit . You are so right in everything. (Almost). I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas even though I don’t celebrate it. Stay Strong and Hold your head High. I am not perfect I AM ME. Never forget that. You aren’t perfect either YOU ARE YOURSELF.


    Love ,
    Cat A.

  488. Shanice says:

    You know what makes me and any other person PERFECT. Being my self at all times is what makes me perfect and others being who they are at all times is what makes them perfect as well. Who cares what anyone else thinks you are you and they are them, just focus on being the perfect person you were meant to be :)

  489. joyce says:

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  490. What makes me perfect is the fact that I’m deaf and I’m only 16. I wear hearing aids in both ears and have been named them after characters from a movie I liked! (Finding Nemo; Dory & Nemo) I’ve come to accept that hearing aids are just apart of me, just like some people wear glasses etc. I even branched out recently and got light pink ones which are more noticeable than my original skin coloured ones. I even decorated them with stickers :-) also this is really random but I wasn’t where to ask this but how old are cristal’s children? Cos I read somewhere that all 4 of them live with Ellen but then I read on here that she has 5 children. If so, what one hasn’t been mentioned by Ellen on her blog or site? Does the child live with Cristal?

  491. La Vita e Bella says:

    What makes me perfect?
    Sitting here in my very limited space of a cubicle at work, really thinking about what makes me perfect. Come to think of it, we can all be perfect in our own ways.

    I believe I am perfect because I choose to accept the fact that I am not perfect. (as awk as that sounds.) I accept that there are going to be prettier, smarter, thinner, brighter and funnier girls out there than me. I accept the fact that I am beautiful in my own way.

    It has cost me a ton of self love and realization to come to this conclusion.

    In one of my Journals I had written that just because I am an 11/13 in pants and a 13/15 in dress sizes, dont make me fat. As I wrote that, I felt like that was really me talking. Not the girl that wants to please everyone.

    I’m not skinny, nor am I thin either. And i have come to realize that I’m not fat either. I’m just simply ‘different’.

    I know I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. But just accepting these simple facts about myself, makes me a tiny bit closer to “perfect”, whatever that may be.

    Keep your head up, all of you.
    Life is a Beautiful thing.
    I promise.

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  493. Janey, you are most definitely not a loser. You have been more active, for three weeks now. You are doing something good for your body already. Weigh all that good of three weeks against … A piece of bread? No comparison. don’t feel bad, go out tomorrow and walk again, and that will make you feel better for sure. Why not think of your body as a friend you want to do something good for? i wish you all the best with your bp.|

  494. Point taken. I guess this conversation isn’t for me.|

  495. Chloe says:

    Now I am not going to lie, I am far from perfect. I have never been perfect and I have always strived for perfection. With being a dancer, I think being perfect means to be skinny and having great technique. And being a good student, being perfect means to get good grades and to not mess your life up. Those are all the things I used to think being perfect means. But thinking those things were perfect messed up my entire life. Because of dance, I ended up barely eating and looking for ways t lose weight to be like my friends. I also burned myself because I didn’t like myself. I felt like I didn’t deserve to live. So I self-harmed and thought about suicide. The things I did to achieve perfection were so self- destructive, that I got put in a hospital. Luckily I wasn’t too far into an eating disorder and I could be brought back to a normal/ healthy weight quickly. And with therapy (and a lot of anti-depressants), my suicidal thoughts and depression decreased. Let me just say that I am not saying this to get attention, I have a point to all of this. Because of what I thought was “perfect”, I put my life in danger. I think that what most people think is perfect, is society’s definition of perfection. Society tells us that being perfect is to be smart and skinny and attractive. They force things like perfection on us and tell us that anything else is far from it. But I think true perfection is being happy with who you are. As for me, I am working on being happy with me. I still have problems with my weight and looks. And I am starting to realize that no one should change themselves to make other people happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      What makes me perfect?
      What makes me perfect (in my eyes) is my scars, flaws, screw ups, etc. All the bad stuff in my life.
      No, scars, flaws, and all the skeletons in your closet aren’t necessarily beautiful. But that I’ve learned that self harming doesn’t make anything better (Every time it makes matters worse). The fact that you have self harmed in any way doesn’t matter as long as you’ve learned that that’s not the way out. At the moment, it may be the “easy” way out but even if you think you have no one left, there’s always, and I mean ALWAYS that one person who cares. If not, more than one person. There most likely is a large amount of people who do care and would want to die if you left this world. I may not have read any of Ellen’s books yet, but I’d like to and plan to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get the message of her books. Anyways, it’s not all your flaws and “imperfections” that people look at, it’s the great, wonderful, REALLY beautiful things people see. So what if you’re not the most attractive or the thinnest, that’s not what counts, that’s not what makes people love you.

      I’m not going to lie, I used to self harm and contemplate suicide quite often. I still think of it occasionally but I’ve better realized that whoever or whatever made me feel like that was the only way out was letting that person or thing win. Regardless of whether or not the person intentionally tried to hurt me, if I hurt myself because of them or that thing, it’s letting them win. And I’m a fighter. It took me a good little while to realize this. Three or four years so. But I am so glad that nothing lead to the death of me. This past summer (or winter/spring/fall, depending on where you live) I made a very stupid mistake. It very well could have been life threatening. I’d decided to talk to this older male. I was under the age of consent so it would have made him a pedophile if hadn’t been stopped when it did. I still don’t even know why I did what I did. But, if it hadn’t been stopped when it did I could be dead right now. If you knew who I am and saw me on the street, you wouldn’t think I’d do something like that. Maybe a little depressed or suicidal but not what most people would consider that to be a whore move. I went through hell (please excuse my language) over that mistake for about three months. My parents still don’t fully trust me. I don’t blame them. I wanted to self harm so bad. I couldn’t do that either because when I got my phone taken away my mom found out that I did self harm and she watched me like a hawk. I cried myself to sleep for probably a whole month. The worst part of it all was the night my parents found out, the looks of terrible disgust and disappointment got to me the worst. I felt like they wanted to be rid of me, disown me, whatever they could to not have to deal with me anymore. I knew I would always have someone watching me so it’s not like I even had time to plan a suicide. Anyways, my point to this is that I hit rock bottom and wanted to leave so bad, my mistake could have caused that, but I managed to find another way out. I put myself around my family and my sister A LOT more often. If I could do it, so can anyone else out there reading this, trust me.

      I just wanted to share my story and let you know that perfection isn’t your past but what you are now. Thanks for listening, or rather reading.


  496. jessica says:

    I think all your mistakes that you’ve LEARNED FROM is what makes you perfect. Sure, you could have screwed up plenty of times, but, as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice it what counts. As long as you’ve learned your lesson from the stupid mistake you’ve made. If you’re now a very good person in others eyes, then what happened in the past is the past. I’m only 14 years old and I’ve made mistakes that I really wish I hadn’t. But, if I hadn’t made those mistakes I wouldn’t be the young adult I am now. I wouldn’t be the person I’ve come to be. You may not think my opinion really matters because I am so young, but to be so young, I have experienced quite a bit of the world to know what it’s like.

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  499. Alma Noheli says:

    What makes you perfect is not the beauty in one’s face but the beauty in one’s heart. I’ve struggled so much with self image self harm and just being a teeanger its a hard thing to go through in life. I may not be perfect but I am someone who is willing to make life worth it. Much love Ms. Hopkins your books have always helped me thank you for everything

  500. maeve says:

    I am perfect because there is no real definition of perfect. Everyone is perfect in there own way. No one is imperfect. There is something about every single person on this planet that makes them perfect.

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  506. It would be so much easier for me to write this if you had in fact asked me to write the more obvious- my lousy character flaws. My mess-ups, and my lack- of’s… but then there is this voice in the back of my head that says everything that is wrong with me is the “perfect”. All the bullshit that i have endured in my painful tiny life so far is what makes me perfect! I don’t know if you’ll agree- and that’s okay-, but without all of the crawling,and falling along my way i wouldn’t have found myself. Some people are lucky, and they find what they are good at early on. I was lucky in a very hidden way. I found my happiness throughout heart-wrenching pain.

  507. Samantha says:

    I think I am perfect because …
    Well I dont. Im trying not to become empty in my strive to being “perfect.” &Thats why I love your books so much. They really speak to me and my struggles. I had my daughter at age of 15 and now I am 18. I have straight A’s in school and I am going to college. I struggling with eating disorder, and cutting. But Ive been clean since new years.
    Thank you for being such an inspirtaion.

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    Age 14.

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