Pattyn Von Stratten’s father is dead, and Pattyn is on the run. After far too many years of abuse at the hands of her father, and after the tragic loss of her beloved Ethan and their unborn child, Pattyn is desperate for peace. But is it even possible to rebuild a life when everything you’ve known has burned to ash and lies seem far safer than the truth?

Bestselling author Ellen Hopkins continues the riveting story of Pattyn Von Stratten she began in Burned to explore what it takes to rise from the ashes, put ghosts to rest, and step into a future.

Smoke Excerpt

    Pattyn Scarlet Von Stratten
    Some Things

    You can’t take back, no
    matter how much you wish
    you could. No matter how
    hard you pray to
    all-powerful miracle maker.
    Some supposed God of Love.
    One you struggle to believe
    exists, because if he did,
    wouldn’t be so out of control,
    and you wouldn’t be sucked dry
    of love and left to be crushed
    like old brittle bones that
    easily ground into dust.
    Hindsight is useless
    when looking back over
    your shoulder at deeds

    Dear, Sweet God

    Forgive me. I don’t know what to do.
    Where to go. How to feel. I’m perched
    on the precipice, waiting for the cliff
    to crumble. No way to change what

    happened. What’s done is done and I . . .
    I can’t think about it. If I do, I’ll throw up
    right here. Bile boils in my gut, erupts
    in my esophagus. I gulp it down, close

    my eyes. But I can still see him, lying there.
    Can still hear the gurgle in his throat.
    Still smell the rich, rusty perfume of blood
    pooling around him. I so wanted him dead.

    My father. Stephen Paul Von Stratten.
    The bastard who beat my mother. Beat
    my sister. Beat me. The son of a bitch
    who was responsible for the accident

    that claimed my Ethan—catapulted him
    wherever you go when you die. Our unborn
    baby rode into that wilderness with him.
    Dear, cruel God. Why couldn’t I go, too?

    Eye for an Eye

    If ever a person deserved to die,
    it was Dad. But when I saw the bullet

    hit its target square, watched him drop,
    surprise forever branded in his sightless

    eyes; when his shallow breathing went
    silent, I wanted to take it back. Couldn’t.

    The Greyhound shifts gears, cresting
    the mountain. Donner Pass, maybe.

    Can’t tell, leaning my head on the cool
    window glass. It’s dark. After ten. Escaping

    into the night. Into the unknown. It’s warm
    in the bus, but I can’t quit shaking. I think

    I’ll be cold forever. Frozen. Soul-ripping
    sadness ice-dammed inside of me.

    I shouldn’t have listened to Mom. Shouldn’t
    be here. Shouldn’t be free. I should be in

    handcuffs. Behind bars. Locked away
    forever. That’s what I deserve. Instead,

    I’m on my way to San Francisco.
    I want to see something I’ve never

    seen—the ocean. They’ll find me,
    sooner or later. Put me away in a cement

    box without windows, where I belong.
    I want to carry a memory with me,

    bury it inside my heart, treasure, to be
    exhumed when I need something

    beautiful. Peaceful. Pacific. Of course,
    I’ll probably never feel at peace again.

    Dad had ghosts who visited him often,
    demons he tried to drink away. Now

    he’ll be my ghost. A ghost, filled with
    demons. Haunting me until I’m a ghost, too.

    The Bus Is Crowded

    I chose a seat near the back, away
    from the driver. Mistake. Too close
    to the bathroom. It stinks of urine

    and worse. Every now and again
    someone goes in there and then it
    smells like marijuana, though smoking

    is prohibited on all Greyhounds.
    At least that’s what the signs say.
    Not like the driver cares. Easier not

    to interfere with derelicts, dopers,
    failed gamblers, and crazies. Oddly,
    I feel safe enough among them.

    Like freeway drivers in separate cars,
    all going the same direction at the same
    time, each passenger here has a unique

    destination. A personal story. I try
    not to listen. Try to tune the voices
    out. Don’t need other people’s drama.

    But Some I Can’t Miss

    Somewhere behind me, a couple
    has argued for an hour. Seems
    he was up two hundred dollars
    at Circus Circus. But she dropped
    that, plus three hundred more,
    which explains why they’re :
       riding a piss-smelling bus home
          stead of getting a little cooch
             in a cozy motel room before
                catching the morning Amtrak.

    Kitty-corner and a couple rows
    up, two blue-silver haired women
    talk about their husbands, kids, and
    grandkids. One of them got lucky
    on dollar slots. Now she can pay
    her electric bill and have enough
                left over to put some back into
             our savings. Shouldn’t have
          took it out for this trip, but I
       just had one of those feelings . . .

    Behind Me

    The guy takes up two whole seats.
          No one wants to sit near him, mostly
    because he smells like he hasn’t had

    a shower. Ever. Probably homeless and
          put on the bus by law enforcement. They
    don’t much like finding people frozen

    to death in riverside cardboard boxes.
          Lots of homeless take up residence on
    the banks of the Truckee. Wonder if one

    of them will notice the metallic glint
          of a 10mm. The gun that killed Stephen
    Von Stratten. Wonder if the cops will

    check the river. After . . . it . . . Mom
          told me to take Dad’s car and go far
    away. Fast away. She gave me her money

          stash, packed a few clothes. Once
             the cops come, she said, they’ll
          look for the car. Dump it soon.

    Driving into Reno, it came to me—
          a scene out an old movie—to park
    the old Subaru in the airport garage.

    I took the overhead walkway, down
          the escalator, out the front doors,
    carrying the tatters of my life in

    an overnight bag. Walked the couple
          miles to the bus station, much of it
    along the river. Seemed like a good

    place to lose the gun Ethan gave me
          for protection. It did protect Jackie
    from another fist to her face. But, oh,

    the price was dear. For Dad. For me.
          For the entire family. What will happen
    to Mom and the kids now? Tears

    threaten, but I can’t let them fall.
          Can’t show weakness. Can’t show
    fear. Can’t look like a girl on the run.

    Jackie April Von Stratten
    Some People

          Are worthy of a bullet straight
          to the heart because that is where
          cruelty evolves into evil.
          humans aren’t human at all,
          despite how they appear.
          Humanity is what lives inside
          harbored beneath skin, flesh,
          and bone. A soul, if you like.
          A glimpse of God. The spark
          that continues, should you
          an afterlife. Faithful Mormons
          believe every Latter Day Saint
          continues on, transitioning either
          heaven or hell. But I think
          those who have no hint of life’s
          light within are completely
          snuffed out when they

    Violent Death

    Has a stink. Blood. Poop. Pee.
    And something else, something
    I can’t find a name for, but it’s
    mixed up in the sewer smell
    leaking from Dad’s empty shell.

             He has vacated the premises.

    Whatever made Dad “Dad” is gone.
    I don’t think he had a soul. A life
    force maybe. But not anymore.
    What’s lying there, cooling and stiff
    on the shed floor, has nothing inside it.

             He can’t hurt me anymore.

    Pattyn saved my life. Dad would
    have killed me for sure, one slow
    fist fall at a time. I was half way
    there, and ready to give up my own
    spirit. Instead, it’s Dad who’s dead.

             I should feel bad. All I feel is numb.

    Our Tiny House

    Is overflowing people.
             Ladies from church.
             Bishop Crandall.

    Is a cacophony of sounds.
             Shushing the crying.
             Comforting the new widow.

    Is a chaos of feelings.


    The Last Hours Blur

    All I wanted was a miniscule taste
    of love—to be rewarded with even

    the vaguest ghost of what Pattyn
    experienced with Ethan, as short-lived

    as that was. All I wanted was, for one
    blink of time, to feel needed. Desired.

    Desire, become lust, become fear.
    Fear, become pain, become terror.

    Terror, become release. And I am
    frozen there. People talk all around

    me. Their voices inflate inside my head
    until it thuds and I can’t quite make

    out what they’re asking me now.
    What happened? I don’t know. I’m not

    sure. It was all so fast, so slow motion.
    Someone in a uniform—a woman with

        warm hazel eyes tells me, Relax.
        Take your time. A cop. She’s a cop, and . . .

    Who Invited the Cops?

    Mom didn’t call them. She called
    Bishop Crandall. I remember that.
    Remember her standing over me,

        phone in hand. Hurry, Please.
        I think . . . I think Stephen’s dead.
        I’m not sure. I can’t touch him.

    Our bishop lives less than five
    miles away. In the short time it took
    him to get here, Mom had covered me

    with a blanket. I could feel it sponging
    blood, but it couldn’t hide the damage
    to my face. Bishop Crandall looked

    at me with disgust. In fact, my father’s
    cooling corpse seemed to bother him
    less. He kneeled on the floor beside

                Dad, put a finger against his wrist.
                I’m afraid he’s gone, Janice.
                What in God’s name happened?

         Through my swelling eyes, I saw
         Mom shake her head. I don’t know.
         I don’t know. I was just getting out

         of the shower when I heard gunshots.
         I threw on some clothes and came
         running, just in time to see the Subaru

         roar out of the driveway. It was . . .
         She paused, trying to make sense
         of what she saw. Pattyn was driving.

    “She saved me,” I wheezed, the act
    of sucking in air so excruciating
    that I could barely catch breath at all.

    Darkness snatched at me. My head
    throbbed and my brain refused
    to process any more information.

    But I knew one thing, and it was
    worth the searing effort of repeating
    it. “Pattyn saved my life.”

    Next Thing I Knew

    I swam up into muted yellow
         light and found myself here, in
         Dad’s shabby recliner, wrapped

    in a clean blanket. People had
         started to gather—LDS sisters,
         to help care for the little ones

    and Mom, who is propped up
         on the sofa across the room,
         Samuel on her lap, peering up

    at her pasty face. Bishop Crandall
         must have made the calls, and he
         continues to direct operations,

    instructing his wife to please
         pack some clothes for the girls,
         who are being divvied up among

    the church faithful, and have no
         idea why. The exception seems
         to be Ulyssa, who sits in a corner

    with Georgia, who sucks her thumb,
         though she gave it up weeks ago.
         ’Lyssa’s eyes scream that she knows.

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    There’s very little information about the Church itself, and even out of that, none of it is accurate; even “Latter Day Saint” is an incorrect phrase (it’s Latter-day Saint; and no, the two spellings aren’t the same, because one is associated with either the RLDS or FLDS church, either of which is an entirely different religion).

    As a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who has been violently persecuted for her religion (partially because of how people I know have read Burned, in fact), it bothers me that so little research was done about the faith, and that the role of the bishop and the Relief Society (referred to as “LDS sisters” in the excerpt) are so horribly misconstrued and (for the most part) falsely presented.

    It makes the Church out to be something it’s not, and quite frankly, I’m disappointed. Authors should know how to do research using reliable sources, and – perhaps due to some unmentioned prejudices she may have – Ellen didn’t do that with the religion, and so the religious aspects of this book will be horribly inaccurate and biased toward the Anti-Mormon side of things, which is just pathetically sad.

    • Renee says:

      Its not her view on religion its about Pattyn’s perspective.

    • kori says:

      since you think you are perfect and nobody should be able to make a mistake witch im sure in her case was no mistake why dont you write a book or as many books as she has and see if you do perfect or some as far as she has! if you dont have a nothing good to say about her books dont say nothing at all because quiet frankly nobody cares! she is a talented write and has changed many lives.

    • Akila says:

      I agree! I have friends who are LDS and I feel the portrayal of Mormons are completely untrue. I truly hope no one forms an opinion from these books about this church because you are being horribly mislead. Please do some research before making up your mind. The book itself is well written, but the information is one-sided and mainly false. Go find out for yourself , don’t treat this book as truth.

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  57. Germain says:


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    I am completely in love with these books. once I start one I literally just cant put it down. I literally got in trouble at school, because I was reading during math class. I relate to these books, because I’ve been through most of the shit they have been through. the struggle is real, but these books give me a sense of relief for some reason.

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  70. Adavis says:

    The book was absolutely amazing :) I look forward to more books by her, definitely my favorite author!

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  74. Tayler says:

    I loved the book and am very happy that Pattyn got the closure she deserved. Burned will forever be my favorite of all of Hopkin’s novels. I would like to thank my very on “Ms Rose” recommending to me back in middle school. I do, however, wish that there was a clarification that the LDS community mentioned in the novels is the extremist version. The LDS community I grew up in was not harsh and heartless like the one mention in the novels, not that they don’t exist…just a rarity.

  75. Alex Osborne says:

    Ive read all of her books. Besides identical (its waiting for me at home), tilt, and smoke. I have to say im addicted to impulse. It tackles suicide. My main addiction, pain. It brings joy to me reading about all that. Connor is amazing, although im more like tony. Reading impulse then Perfect…. I dreaded finding the part where they were informed he died…. But i never expected it to be the ending. The fact that they ended it with those exact words.. I broke down. I was reading it during english class. I know this shoulda been put on separate message boards but i couldnt wait to post it :p. i cant wait to get home and read identical. The library said they were getting Smoke soon. Cant wait!

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  79. Eva Mae Roberts says:

    Dear Ellen,

    Every reader you’ve ever had has probably said this but, I love you; SO MUCH! You have saved me through your poems and inspired me in my darkest times. When I first read CRANK I think I re-read that book (honestly) 20 times. Every single time was like reading it for the first. But BURNED and IMPULSE struck me down to the core. I could relate so much to them, I didn’t even understand. Ellen, thank you so, SO much! Please keep writing. I can’t wait for SMOKE!!!! And if you ever happen to be in FL you can always come and visit Suncoast Polytechnical High School or SCTI in Sarasota, FL! ( I would cry if I saw you, but through tears of joy. Or just shock…)

    Eva Mae Roberts

  80. kori says:

    i love you books although i wish this book would have came about before i started in the crank books i am really looking forward to see how pattyn copes with what has happen!

  81. monica says:

    ugh i wanna read it already!!

  82. morganr says:

    I’m kind of upset I have held this book for maybe two months and with work I was less then a hundred pages left and I had to turn it in. no telling when ill be able to recheck it out and finish it

  83. Narissa says:

    Ellen, I am honestly touched by all your books. Some I can relate to more than others but your poetry always has a way of hooking me in. You were in my state a while ago, I didn’t get the opportunity to meet you sadly. This is beautiful and I’m going to order all of your books and re read them again so I can catch up on it all. I love your way with words and how you can easily approach such situations and explain them so beautifully. You’re my favorite author, I love it all. Thank you.

  84. Ciya says:

    Every single book by Ellen Hopkins has captured my heart in some way. When I read these books, I become the character in the books. I can never put them down once I pick them up. Smoke was one of the best books i’ve read. Pattyn’s heart felt story stayed in my head for days even when I finished the book. Ellen Hopkins, you inspire me to write, read and you have taught me how to look at other people’s situations with a different light. You are the best author, I don’t know what I would do without your books. They have helped me through a lot of rough times in my life. I can’t imagine my life without you. <3

  85. Halei says:

    I need to find this book ASAP, all her books have become my newest obsession. Burned was the first one, now it’s Crank and Perfection. I finished Crank

  86. LeAnna says:

    I so can’t wait to read this book along with her new one coming out in August. :) she is a really good Author.

  87. Caryn says:

    WOW. This book was absolutely amazing. I love reading Ellen’s writings because it helps me escape and I feel as if I am living the lives of the people she captivates. I cry when they cry, I laugh when they laugh, and I feel the same pain they do. Ellen has an amazing talent and I am looking forward to reading more of her books and re-reading all of her others as well.
    Bravo Ellen, Bravo!!!

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