Q: In what order do I read your books?
A: Certain books go together. Others are totally stand-alone. Crank, Glass, Fallout are a trilogy, in that order. Burned, then Smoke. Impulse, then Perfect. Tricks, then Traffick. And Tilt is the YA companion to my adult novel, Triangles.

Q: I’m writing a report about you. Can I interview you?
A: First, please read over this website in its entirety. You may quote anything here as if you asked the question personally. The For Students page will have answers to the Career Survey questions I often receive. Other than that, you may email me with three questions you can’t find answers to here. Please understand that I’m extremely busy. I’d love to talk to each and every one of you personally, but my time simply won’t allow that.

Q: How is Kristina? Do you still talk to her?
A: Kristina is alive. Mostly stays clean, although she has relapsed. She struggles daily to make ends meet, and has some health issues due to her use. She’s had seven children, but only the youngest currently lives with her. The others live with relatives, including me. She’s had problems with the law, and spent time in jail and prison. We talk, but she lives 500 miles away from me, so we’re not close. My hope for her is she’ll find a way to return to her art.

Q: What does she think about you writing books about her life?
A: First of all, the books are not only about her life. They are about my life, and the lives of our family members. The truth is, I started Crank as a kind of personal journey, to try and understand what had just happened to six years of my life… and what had happened to my beautiful daughter, no longer so beautiful. I didn’t start it looking for publication, let alone expecting the book to become the phenom it has. But the story inside is universal. Addiction, of one kind or another, touches almost everyone. As I wrote, I understood the importance of the story. When she’s clean, my daughter understands its importance, too.

Q: How is “Hunter?” Does he know the facts about his life?
A: “Hunter,” aka Orion, is a brilliant, beautiful young man. Yes, he knows the facts about his life. For a little more, please see my Bio page here.

Q; Will you ever make your books into movies?
A: Movies aren’t really up to me. A film company has to take an interest. That said, there is some interest, so it’s always possible!

Q: Are you writing anything now?
A: I am always writing. Currently, I have contracts for two books a year—one adult and one young adult. I don’t foresee that changing, and feel absolutely zero desire to ever retire from writing.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your stories? Are they all based on real life experiences?
A: The Kristina books are based on my family’s real life experiences. The others are totally fiction, although there are threads of real people/situations in them. Inspiration comes from many places. Friends. Family. In the news. And yes, sometimes from readers.

Q: Will you write my story?
A: Reader stories often serve as inspiration for characters or story threads in my books. But I don’t want to write someone else’s story for them. Some day, they might want to write it themselves. And it would limit my ability to let my characters talk to me and tell me their own stories.

Q: I want to write my own books. How do I start? How do I publish?
A: Start here, on the For Writers page. I DO NOT recommend self-publishing. If a publisher wants money from you, that is self-publishing. Why not try to get paid for your writing instead? And remember writing is a journey. It may take years to publish, but that’s okay. Everything you write is a learning experience. And often the perspective gained along the way makes your storytelling deeper.


    ▪ Favorite color: RED!

    ▪ Biggest vice: Red wine

    ▪ Pets: One German shepherd, one red and white Irish setter, one cat, inside and outside fish

    ▪ Favorite music: Rock, grunge, some country, big band

    ▪ Favorite band: Pink Floyd

    ▪ Music when I write: None

    ▪ Favorite TV show: House of Cards
    ▪ Favorite food: Fries (but I avoid them, or else . . .!!)


P.O. Box 2205
Carson City NV 89702
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