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  1. Alison says:

    When i head out to the book store i’m always scoping out the ones you’ve published, being a f big fan of you work i always wait and wait for a new one to come out. No other book i’ve ever read can compare that what yours make me feel for the people going through these issues and it makes me want to be able to help them. They’re really changed the way i think. I can’t wait to be able to read Perfect.

    • Bolu says:

      Wow, is all i can really say out of the flow of things i want to say about your books. Even thinking about them, every one for teens makes me want to cry, they were just that beautiful. The bawling i did because of the life altering feelings and thoughts provoked by the books were amazing. From crank to glass to identical all of them opened my mind, my heart to the rawness of these realities that thank God aren’t mine. And for that I just thank you Mrs.Hopkins for sharing these stories, lessons, realities to us teens. <3

      • Just Me. says:

        She truly is an amazing author. <3 It's definitely hard to put one of her books down.

        • haiiii says:

          omg, i agreeee c;

        • A. says:

          She is a very good author. I heard about her from my librarian and the addiction I get from her books is so real. :) I’m a writer myself so.. I learn a lot from her.

          • Harley Cree says:

            Ellen is so awesome, i just finished burned last night… I as if I was Pattyn… the book and story line was breath taking… I feel like I am her, with the feelings in all. I really enjoy her writing style as well.. just .. speechless with amazement.. :)

        • she really is such an amazing author, I finished burned and cried so much, it was so dramatic

        • Ellen Hopkins Lover says:

          Yessss, I read her books and I can’t get enough! Ive finished her books in about a week, She is truly amazing<3

        • Pat Edwards says:

          I am looking for books for my Sixteen year old grandson. Trying to get him to read more.

        • outsider writer says:

          wow. really. this is what passes for poetry today? this is nothing more than hack writing, meant for the kiddies, I see. Have you ever been an addict, Ellen? I was intrigued by the titles but the writing is so lame and just plain horrible. Cats, leaves falling from the trees, quail? This is why people hate poetry. Have you ever read any real outlaw writers or outsider writers? kids, look it up. You think it’s good because you have nothing to compare it to. Don’t fall for this candy-coated shit. read Misti Rainwater-Lites. Read Joe Pachinko. Read Todd Moore, people who have lived and breathed hard times, and show humor, not just pathos and hearsay. Don’t…read..this…shit. It is hip to write about addiction, let’s face it, it spells money. I know, I am an addict (former) and a writer. But if I had read this shit when I was actively using, I don’t think I would have stopped, honestly. WEAK. Thank you for your time, Ellen, and for inspiring me to become a better writer than you. I already am.

          • veronica says:

            Some of her book are based on her daughters life who was an addict.

          • Rovge says:

            First off if you had bothered at all to read her biography her life wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter and she had struggles. Her addiction books are written and based off of her daughters addiction and experience. So you’ve stated your opinion but this isn’t kiddie sugar coated shit, its her way of writing and it’s beautiful, lots of people enjoy her books, it’s sad that you couldn’t enjoy them as well.

          • just saying says:

            it is not fair for you to sell her off as a women who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. she clearly knows things regarding the topics of each book that she’s published. of course she hasn’t been raped, an addict of drugs and alcohol, etc, but she portrays the stories in a way that makes them feel real. and if u don’t like her then y did u read her biography?

          • Anonymous says:


        • Mikayla says:

          Ellen Hopkins is an AMAZING author an reading her books has really made me realize how bad drugs are. When I was reading her trilogy Crank, Glass, and Fallout, it was sad to know that the books are based on her daughter. I flew right through all three books and I thought that it was cool how she wrote the third book an what point of views it was in. I will always love Ellen Hopkins’s books and I think that it is cool how they are in free verse. I think that Ellen Hopkins is an amazing author who writes books that are amazing and really show you the reality of things.

      • Angel Haven says:

        Yes same here. Ellen Hopkins books tell the truth about how it really is. She tells the story how it actually is in reality. That is what I love about her books.

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too, and even though the books are for fourteen year olds im 11 and i completely understand whats going on… I LOVE HER BOOKS and so do my friends..

      • Jaid says:

        I’m also 11 and I understand how the character feels because Ellen describes their feelings perfectly. She always uses beautiful sceneries just like in Fallout when Hunter gives the promise ring to Nikki.

        • hannah says:

          I totally agree with you because when i was 11 i read crank and instatly LOVED Ellen Hopkins books i could barely put it down i love how she writes in free style form. I honestly fel like i was Kristina/Bree. Now Im 12 and i still LOVE her books!!!!!!!!! Mrs.Ellen Hopkins you should defently write another book about Kristina,Hunter,and Kristina’s new baby! You truely are the most epic writer in the world!!!!!

      • kristina says:

        no its not for u stupid girl hav u had sex yet….exactly stupid b*****

        • Lakiesha says:

          I don’t see what having sex has to do with anything. I am seeing alot of immature posts on here. there is no reason to be bickering or poking fun of eachother. grow up. there is no need for anything you said.

        • blahhh says:

          Yet this “stupid b****” has much better grammar than you. Not to mention she isn’t ignorant or jumping to conclusions. Both are things I cannot say about you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Um.. how did you even end up on this site? This website is for an author… who writes books…. books are for literate people…. which, clearly you are not. You don’t belong here, leave.

          • Anonymous says:

            You don’t have to be so rude to people

          • Brie says:

            Books are for anybody….if somebody wants to read why would you put them down for it….you’re telling them to be literate and saying that they can’t read or share their oppinions? Seems a little messed up to me.

          • Brie says:

            Haha didn’t even realize this was from 2 years ago sorry man

        • Samatha says:

          if you have not realized this is for people who can say what they say about her books without being called names so clearly your have insecure feelings about your self; clearly you give it up too much to one too many guys, if your so proud of yourself,i wouldn’t be. As far as name calling get a life what are you in the 5th grade? Honestly I can say you need a life.

        • Tamerah says:

          you need to calm down and keep this mature. Sex has nothing to do with anything.

        • Hannah says:

          Excuse me and yes I know this comment was left on my post awhile ago and I would just like to answer you’re question.. No I haven’t had sex yet and I’m 13 now. Just cause I havent had sex it has nothing to do with my ability to understand books like these and I’ve read alot of books by Ellen Hopkins now and yeah I do understand them completely! And for your information, what I read has nothing to do with you or anyone else, so dont even comment on people’s posts if you’re going to be rude like that I was trying to explain why I love her books, because she has a way of writing that makes you feel like you’re the character in her books, and you can not put down her books. And why would I bother writing something on here if I didnt understand it!! So yeah just grow up! And there’s a lot of girls and boys who read her books starting around that age, they might have a friend or an older sibling who reads her books so they started reading them ( My older sister let me start reading it and I couldnt put it down I read most of it with 4 hours!! And understood it completely!) And there is no reason for calling me a B***** because at the time I was 12 and how old were you? Most likely old enough to know not to swear at a 12 year old!! And if you have anymore comments keep them to yourself! This goes for anyone who thinks that I shouldn’t be reading these books or anyone for that matter even though we understand them!!!!

      • Maci says:

        I’m 11 too!!! I love these books so much. Mrs.Hopkins’s writing style enthralls me and the topics are ones that writers tend to stray from, in case they write the wrong thing or offend readers. I have only read Glass and Impulse so far, and just started on Fallout. THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!! I am a total Impulse fanatic now and I think she should write a sequel.

        • Brit & McKenna says:

          Hey, you should definitely read the rest of her stuff. It is amazinggg. And Perfect, one of her newest books, is actually the sequel to Impulse. It is just from Connor’s sister’s perspective. It’s great :) And just so you know, Crank is the prequel to Glass, and Fallout is the third.

          • Norie says:

            Its not just from his sisters perspective, but it partially is. xD(:

          • Erin says:

            Fallout is actually a companion

          • sarah says:

            you should have read crank first then glass then fallout. they are a trilogy based on her daughter.

            perfect is the companion to impulse.

            i have all but 2 books now. i got hooked 3 yrs ago. just need triangles (her adult novel) and tilt.

        • Anonymous says:

          i loved the one book i read my teacher didnt like it but i dont think she liked it cause she couldnt relate but its almost like she wrote my life story in ientical

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m 11 to and as fan to fan of her books, you should read Identical. The book was just….Wow

          • Sarrah says:

            i’m 16 and i read identical as well. all i can say is wow… it was just amazing. the way ellen writes is awe-inspiring. she brings everything into such an understandable perspective. she writes and shows the motivation behind every action, gives little hints to how something might go down, but then it’s like bam!! and the character does something unexpected. and that ending to identical? genius.

            Ellen Hopkins is one of my favorite writers and my personal role model. I love each and every one of her books. the only one’s i have not had the chance to read are tilt, tricks and triangles. though i have tilt checked out of my library, i have 3 other books that i have to finish first.

        • Mallory Cash says:

          Perfect is somewhat of a sequel at the end- since one of the stories in Perfect is Cara’s, Connor’s twin sister, and since he dies she describes the funeral, and Tony & Vanessa are there. But I agree, an Impulse sequel would be terrific! I would love to see how Tony & Vanessa end up.

          • Cora says:

            Yes!!! I would love a sequel to Impulse Vanessa and Tony are my favorite characters in the whole series they are amazing together they understand each other I want to read the sequel as soon as it comes out!

          • Sarrah says:

            well the sequel would actually be to perfect. because perfect is impulses companion, the book that would show more tony and vanessa would be after the funeral, after everything that happened in perfect. and i absolutely agree, having a 3rd book would be amazing!!

          • Jeanysa R says:

            I agree! There literally needs more sequels too because Ellen’s books are jsut that good!…

      • Annonymous says:

        When i read her books its like im in an alter reality and its like im in the book and i can imagine whats going on at all times. I love her books and cant wait to get all of them. When i first picked up burned i read the back and instantly got hooked on it. Ever since then i have been reading them and havent stopped reading them. Shes an amazing writer and i would love to meet her one day.

      • Peyton says:

        I know I shouldn’t be really reading them because I’m only 12 but I understand every thing so I don’t see why I can’t. But does anyone know where to find smoke, perfect, tricks, and tilt? Cause I can’t find them anywhere and my dad won’t let me buy them on amazon :,( so if you know plz tell me.

    • anynomus says:

      ellen is the best author ever. im sorry that i replied to someone elses comment but i dont know how to write my own. ellen inspired me to do better in school and to read more. thanks ellen.

    • Krissy says:

      Hi Ellen!
      First off i want to start with sorry i am just replying i could not figure out how to start my own. I love your books, there are a few jr. high school kids i used to try and help out with there “bad habits” while i was in high school, after i read your book CRANK in high school i asked them to sit down and read it because it showed the other side of what drugs and sex can lead to i feel that the world has allowed glamour and acceptance of drugs and drinking in the public’s eye to influence it and it was able to take show you what it rely is. Unfortantly i have not been able to read all of your books YET! I just finished burned and i could not set it down, i am an extreamly slow reader but i was able to finish it in two days, i am am extreamly excited to finsh rereading crank to start on glass

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know how to make my own comment so I’m just replying. Your books are literally the best books I have ever read! I started crank a week ago and have already read it, Glass, Fallout and I’m on Burned. Fallout was AMAZING<3 I have never felt more related to a book than I did in Fallout. My mother is an addict and I have been through a majority of the things the children describe in the book. The emotions from the children are spot on. I have so many quotes from that book written down so when I'm struggling with my anger or sadness I have something to help me. I am buying that book as soon as I go out. You are an amazing author and made such a revelation in my life and how to deal with my feelings toasted my own mother. Thanks you for everything you have given me. PLEASE keep writing.

      • Marisa says:

        I hope everything works out for the best of you. You sound like a pretty smart kid:)

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know how to make my own comment, so I’m replying to somebody’s. Ellen Hopkins should write a book based on Borderline Personality Disorder, or some sort of book with characters who suffer from mental disorders of that sort. The way she wrote Identical was amazing, and it might help people understand things like this more, and discourage the “get over it” attitude mental disorder’s get.

    • Chalee says:

      LOVE the books they are so good:) :) :) :) :) :)

    • kristina says:

      i love your books they talk about real life things n u reallly touch my heart i am 18 n pregnant from n unknown father because i am a prostetute in vegas n i feel kind of like kristina in glass i want to thank u very much

      • Maci says:

        Hey! I just want you to know I’m praying for you and your baby. PLEASE don’t fall to prostitution. If you need money for anything, just ask someone. I wil keep praying for you and your baby.

      • Myra says:

        I feel like this is a very sick joke… If not I am sorry, but I would be very upset if I was Ellen and saw a post like that judging her daughter and making shits and giggles about it. I apologize in advance if you seriously are in that situation though, because that is a horrible thing to go through. Their is organizations out there that help out for teen parents for one, and prostitutes as well.

        • nobody says:

          why do you like to add drama?

        • A. says:

          I think you are right and if she does read each comment daily, then i would want her to know that I don’t judge her daughter. Her daughter became her muse which allowed her to publish all these books that inspire millions of people. So judging her daughter isn’t the best idea.

      • brookelynn says:

        hey kristina ,i just wanted you too know theres always a way out of dont have to subside to prostitution .theres sp many prorams for girls in your situation.try and contact the organism ‘children of the night ‘ they work on girls in this exact sistuation.heres there number 1.800.551.1300
        im sure they can help …..if you need anyone to talk to find me on facebook *brookelynn garetta*

    • 23 says:

      Your books are gateways to the soul.

    • Kylee says:

      DeaR Ellen
      I am a semi-dweeb teenage girl i read books more than i should and school comes over every thing. Your books have taught me there is more than just books but be carefull because the world isnt all that nice.knowing that there is more people out there who strive for perfection because thats all they have left . your charachters are intriguing and the stories are intresting. granted the fact that the way you write them is intrigueing too please email me i would love to get to know you thank you for your time and effort it is greatly appricieated

    • Meaghan says:

      Hey I love Ellen’s books I read glass and I just realized that crank is the first of the sequel and I was wondering if it is still good to read or If it will not be as good since iv read glass already. Sorry for replying I didn’t know how to make my own comment

    • #sensitiveone says:

      Hello Ellen :)
      I’m from Sydney, Australia and am about 16 years old. I adore you books and started reading them when I was 13. They inspire my own writing style and my own stories that I have written. Your ability to understand the teenage mind is uncanny – I find most adults remember when they were a teenager but they don’t remember actually experiencing life as a teenager. You’ve captured it perfectly in all your books!
      Since I started reading them I haven’t stopped and I now own almost all of them. I was lucky because I didn’t even know Tilt came out but after going onto your website in hope for some inspiration for an English assignment I found out. I am very very keen to read it :)
      Your Crank series really touched me as I have a friend experiencing the same kind of thing – although younger and naiver.
      I’ve shared all your books with many friends and they love you as well! Three of us in my English class have used your work as inspiration for our next project.
      Thank you for your unique wonderful books that in my opinion show teenagers the bright of day.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the exact way that I feel and now I am submersed into your writing. Everyone no matter how age should read her books!

    • Mallory Cash says:

      Perfect is amazing- you’ll love it!

    • Alianny says:

      She really is an amazing author. It is amazing how her books can be so exciting and interesting. I love all her books and when i go to the library i always go looking for her books.

    • Sarah says:

      I love your books…I am a HUGE fan and would really like to know the true order of these book

    • Sarah says:

      what order do they go in???

    • molly says:

      same feeling here love her books first read one when I was fifteen couldn’t put the thing down read it within the day next day went back to the bookstore to get another ,Just wish there was another about to come out or an announcement I could read I need new suggestions for books anyone????:)

    • Molly says:

      Exactly how I feel. Every time I even enter Barnes and nobles in searching for an Ellen Hopkins book. I’m currently reading collateral and it’s really good. I love Ellen and can’t wait for more.

  2. joshua says:

    this was my school essay:

    Someone who made a difference in my life:
    Ellen Hopkins

    A person who has defiantly made a beneficial difference in my life is Ellen Hopkins, book writer, author of “Crank” and “Glass”. She has opened my eyes to the nature of addiction, how an addictive drug controls your mind and life, and the inevitability of downfall.
    As a teenager growing up in America, You’re subject to temptation of drug-use/experimentation. And in her prequel, “Crank”, a girl named Kristina, who forms a second personality (because of the drug), starts the use of methamphetamines, due to a bad influential visit to her biological father that has drug abuse history. Throughout the books, Kristina’s life becomes more and more complicated and leads to losing her virginity, due to rape, becoming pregnant, all the way to daily meth use while taking care of her baby(which she obviously cant fulfill), before she even turns eighteen. Towards the end of the second story “Glass”, she falls in love with a guy, she turns to dealing meth, then she can’t control herself smoking it, loses custody of the baby, and finally ends up in jail for a half pound of 90% pure Mexican methamphetamine, and She’s forced to rat out La Eme, the Mexican mafia aka the Mexican drug cartel, Scary stuff!
    Yes, I’ve experimented with drugs in my life, but because the first legit drug I experimented with was LSD, it opened my mind to the reality of what I want in life. But a while back I was stricken with temptation to experiment with methamphetamines due to an old friend’s persuasion, but after reading this book, it showed me the paths in life you take due to addiction, and usage of drugs sends you down a path of life you will regret. Especially as a teenager, believe me, I don’t need a loss of direction at this age, I need structure, stability, and of course positive directions that will lead me down an easier path in life. I’m not going to let temptation ruin the rest of my life.
    In conclusion, Thank you Ellen Hopkins, you’ve prevented me from overcoming temptation to experimentation with horrible mind/physical altering and life ruining drugs, by opening you’re family’s window and letting me peek inside the nature of addiction and its effects to family, friends, and mostly, yourself.

    • william says:

      this essay is to beautiful A++++++++

    • REINA BRUNO says:


    • Autumn:) says:

      Thanks to Ellen Hopkins…your books have changed me and who I am as an induvidual. I read all your books, and told my friends (some of who, including myself have experimented with drugs)…and it changed them, too. :) Thank you and I cant wait for more!!! :) Love youuu!

    • Allie says:

      this essay is amazing. I think it’s fantastic there authors like Ellen that can provoke thoughts like this in teenagers like myself.

    • Hazey3 says:

      OMG that was an amazing essay and i can sooo relate

    • Paulina says:

      Your conclusion gave me goosebumps. wow.

    • Christina says:

      omg, this essay is amazing! great job… and i totally agree with you..:)

    • Grammar says:

      Atrocious grammar, and not a very deep topic.

      • Agreed says:

        hahah, yes i agree with that. i’m reading through all the comments under it and yours is the only one i agree with. i’m sorry to Joshua, but the essay was written in a very informal tone (don’t use “legit” for a school essay) (and it’s your family*, not you’re family)
        Also, i’d've mentioned something about the structured poems and Kristina’s demons and her dilemmas and everything.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m sure his English teacher already pointed out his grammar problems. He is sharing what he has written about an author he admires and who he feels has made a positive impact in his life. He does not need to hear your negative two cents.

        • Anonymous says:

          What if it was supposed to be in a friendly tone?.. if not then.. that stinks..

    • emmy says:

      my cousin told me about the book burned…. and i looked it up on line andn read what it was about.. my mom finnaly bought it for mr and i saw hopw long it was and im haha yeah right ill never read this because im an 8th grader that hates reading.. and then i started to read it and couldnt stop! i finished it in 3 days i feel so accomplehsed and now im reading crank and ive had it for 2 days and im on page 253 im so happy! i finnaly found an author i love!!!! :) ur the best ellen!!!!

      • Ashton says:

        I have to agree! A friend of mine had the book “Burned” on the bus the other day and was like ‘you should totally check this book out. i’ll let you borrow mine when I’m done with it.’ so i said ok, and that was that. i didn’t think anything about it til she brought it to me yesterday and was like ‘I’m done withthis, now you have to read it.’ so i started reading it yesterday morning and finished it in just a couple of hours!!!!!! That is one of the best books I’ve ever read! anD i LOVE the formatt of the writting! Ellen Hopkins is one of the best authors I’ve ever read! I recommend that everyone should read Ellen Hopkins’ novels! :) :) :) :)

    • Kristy says:

      This essay is very well written. I hope you got an A+ on it.

    • Natasha says:

      Great essay. Can’t wait til we discuss this topic in school so I can write an essay on Ellen.

  3. joshua says:

    make sure you bring a copy of fallout to austin tx. i cant wait to read the next one:fallout. poor kristina. :)

  4. fabian says:

    i love you

  5. Vicky says:

    Ellen Hopkins you have made a difference in my life. I love your books! You are an amazing writer. Hope to see more books out from you! <3

  6. Victoria says:

    Your books are just amazing!
    I love them all, Impulse is my favorite. It helped me get through a very tough time without feeling so alone.


  7. Hunter says:

    You have been an inspiration to my life in many ways… I have all of your books have read them all 3+ times (Burned being my favorite so far!), and I am truly in love with you as an author. You came to Saint Louis a year or two back and I was DEVASTATED that I couldn’t be up there the day you were signing books… but don’t worry, because someday I WILL meet you! Right now I am (impatiently) waiting for my copy of Perfect to come! It had better be here tomorrow! Love your writing, will own all your books forever, and don’t stop writing. You are an inspiration to all :)

  8. Sara says:

    Your books are truly inspiring. I may have not been through the things that these teenagers have gone through & I might not ever go through these events, but it shows me how good my life is. Growing up in a good house with parents, family, and friends that care. Yeah, I might have gone through my own struggles but, I have definitely pulled through. Your books have taught me many things in life but one sticks out the most : When things get tough, let someone know. They might not understand at first, but through time, things will get easier. Never give up . Thank you for all that you have done. Maybe you never knew your books would be so inspiring and fascinating. But they are, and they will continue to be.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      I completely, 100% agree. I am in the same boat: I haven’t been through the struggles of any of the characters, yet they inspire me anyway. They make me appreciate what I have and how quickly things can change, for better or for worse. Back to my point: great comments :)

  9. Bri Hildebrand says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I have red all your books and loved them all. I’m a new student at Johnson and Wales University. On my move in day I realized that a lot of girls had your books! There was an instant connection. I hope that you could maybe take some time out of your busy schedule and come visit our Denver campus. We would love to hear you speak and sign some books! We love you soo much and would be soo grateful for you to visit our beautiful campus!
    Bri Hildebrand

  10. Ash says:

    Thank you.
    I’ve read Impulse, and literally just finished Tricks and posted an review.
    It’s really..all I can think to say. I said more in the review, but all that matters is thank you. So very, very much I have to thank you for writing this. I can’t find all the words I want -no, need, to express this to you.

    Tricks is beautiful, and I’ll never forget it. Your work brushed a deep part of my soul. I love books. Yet I still never fully understood just how much something as simple as ink on paper could mean to me.
    This book was a gift from my husband, but more than that, it was a gift from you.
    I only hope that one day I can give back to someone, at least a small fraction of what this writing has given me.

  11. myranda voracek says:

    hello i was wondering what order the books go in for Crank can u please tell me as soon as possible please or just email me cuz i would love to no!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  12. Kayleene says:

    Crank was a phenomenal book. & I absolutely loved it. I have Glass, I’m about to start on it, and I wish I could get my hands on Identical. I love your method of writing. And I hope to read all of your books, and i’ll be glad to wait with anticipation of your next release. (:

  13. Emily says:

    I read crank and got hooked. I now own all the books an read 4 within about a month. which is a lot for me. the last book i read beforethat was about 6 months before i saw crank. well i happily read the books ad migh evn read them all again. I am addicted to them :) sorry for misspelling my keyboard in all out of wack.

    Emily (grade10)

  14. Allison says:

    I would love to thank you Ellen Hopkins. You helped me realize the truth about my depression. You have helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in my bad days, my depressed days, and my cutting days. You have helped me through quite a lot and overcome my challenges. For this I owe you a thousand thank yous. You are amazing and my cheaper psychologist.

    • London says:

      Im with you! (: She really helped me through everything.

    • taylor says:

      i totally and one hundred percent agree ellen hopkins writing helped me when i thought no one else could. her book identical is probably my favorite because it hits so close to home. her writing helped me better understand what i was going through and how to overcome it. i just hope she knows how much her writing inspires and truly helps readers with all different backgrounds. I would love to just pick her brain but until then i owe you one ellen:)

    • Natasha says:

      Yeah. She’s helping me through alot. I really wish I could meet her one day to express my gratitude. She’s an amazing author/poet. My favorite.

  15. Danielle says:

    I want to thank you for the impact you’ve had on my life. I’ve read all of your books (well, almost all of them. I’m not too far in Perfect yet.) All of your books have touched me in someway..made me look at things from a different perspective. Because of that, I believe I am a better person now. Again, thank you so much.

    I can’t wait for your future books. Take care.

    - Danielle

  16. Amanda says:

    I love your books! i recommend them to all my friends!!! please keep them coming!

  17. Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for writing, I want to go onto write myself, your books inspire me. I pre ordered Perfect and read it in the day it came. I love your books. I’ve dealt with a lot of things in your books and they make me feel better about life, realizing I’m not alone. Your books have, not only helped me become a better writer, but also by helping me out of a depression and sadness that I laid in for far too long. Through your last book, no one has ever told me I was good enough, I realized I am perfect the way I am. I would just like to reiterate how glad I am you started writing the books you did and I can’t wait for Triangles to come out.
    Thank you,
    Lauren <3

  18. kayla says:

    I LOVE your books! Can’t wait to get Perfect, I’m going through a very rough time and can’t wait untill you come to CA! I’ve read all your books(besides Perfect), and all you do is fill me with hope for my life. Hopefully it will come easy. All I need in my life is for someone to hear my story and tell me there is hope. Your books have gave me some hope, but I don’t think it’s enough. Help me……..

  19. Vanessa says:

    her books have been great inspiration for all of us fans,
    they have helped people grow and have better understanding of life and it’s struggles.
    the fact that you have a different writing style than any other writer is definitely inspirational. you’re one of my favorites for sure, and that never changes.
    keep writing. please! I have read all of your books ( besides perfect and triangles) and i can’t wait to.


  20. Heidi says:

    I love your book Burned (and all of your other books too! I own all of them except Perfect) because it was just so real. The tragic ending was amazingly genuine. I would love to see that story continue :)

  21. Alicia says:

    i fell in love with crank n have every book since and they all have help me out many of ways and i am excited to know u r expanding ur writing… can’t wait for ur new book ur my favorite author to follow. u have amazing books thank u

  22. Marilu Alvarado says:

    I love all of your books!!! My favorite one is Identical, I hope you can visit us soon in Las Cruces, NM.

  23. Tyler says:

    I freaking love Ellen Hopkins books, I have every one published (crank, burned, impulse, identical, glass, tricks, and fallout) I downloaded perfect on my nook. I look forward to her books, they just make me love reading even more. Her books are the best, they are inspiring and I hope she keeps writing.

  24. Julia says:

    Your books are amazing. So unique and captivating. FIrst I read Burned which got me hooked, but when I read Crank, it opened my eyes to the world of drugs. I have a whole group of friends that like to do drugs and reading your books has helped me make the right decision to stay clean and deal with my problems in the healthiest way. And with love, when it hurts, don’t let yourself sink to a place where you can’t get back on your feet. Thank you Ellen Hopkins for touching my life\

  25. Angel says:

    Ellen, I want to thank you so much for your writing. Your books have given me insight and guidance. My favorite is probably Impulse, though I love them all. Its because I’ve traveled the same road as Vanessa. You inspire me so much. I always look forward to a new book of yours. I have all of them so far. I’m 19 and I’m even looking forward to Triangles. You are my idol. And I just wanted to post a comment for you. Thank you for all you’ve done for not only me, but all your fans. You’ve touched my life. (:

  26. Amanda says:

    Thanks Ellen Hopikins for publishing your impactful books .
    I can relate to Crank and class a lot because I’ve had an addiction also. But to a different drug and I feel like I can really relate to Kristina. Some of the things she went to I’ll also did too. So thanks for making know there are others who struggle with the same problem and showing them that drugs aren’t the way to a happier and successful life.

    • Kirsty Lynn Keller says:

      amanda no joke i was guuna say that but i was kinda scared to admit that but i have an addiction to meth and pot.. and nevvver! feel like your alone in this cuz trust me your not! at all..

      • London says:

        Yeah dont feel alone! I was addict. The first time I tried pot I liked it but reading her books put I diffrent image in my head. And I have quit. im going on 5 weeks clean. Thanks Ellen(:

        • maverick says:

          your no fun. i a weird way i love drugs. if its how it gets me throught the day then f uck it. pills pot coke herion whatever works. ive been doing these things since spring break of 2011-2012. everyday since just one long hazy ride. a ride i dont what to step off of.

  27. Kirsty Lynn Keller says:

    hii so ive read almost all of your books and my school librarian got me your newest book Perfect the advanced readers copy and i loved it! youre such a great writer hope to hear from you soon!

  28. angela says:

    just saying.. your books are amazing.. my friend got me into them. and i just started reading Crank today :$, but from what i have read.. it is AMAZING .. and i read a little bit of perfect.. and from what i have read of that book, it is really good.
    i think you should make a movie based on one of these books,’
    casue i know if you did. I would deff’s be watching it..
    anyways, keep up with the good work <3

  29. Nicole says:

    I never thought of actually reading these books until my friend told me that I would love them… and I did. These are very real stories and that is what gets me the most. I get so into these books it is exactly like I am not even here I am for maybe just an hour in a whole different world. I am going to read Perfect and scarily enough it reminds me of me… the one that has calories and not eating controlling her. These books opened my eyes. Thank You for bringing such an intense but wonderful book/s to my life. I seriously have no idea what I would do without them. :)

  30. Derek Elliott says:

    I’m sure you get this all the time, but while reading your books, I found myself so inspired to start some of my own, which will probably never get finished. The way you write, and how you can connect to each and every character, is amazing. It seems like every time I read one of your books, I’m reading a biography about someone’s life rather than just a fiction novel. If I ever do finish a book, it would be amazing if it would amount to just a fraction of yours. I am a fan for life.
    I’m also SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO happy that you made a companion for Impulse. Impulse is, by far, my favorite book by you (and ever!). It was amazing to get more insight on Conner’s life. Thank you so much for writing these amazing stories.

    Cincinnati, OH

    • Kaitlyn says:

      That first sentence? Yep, that’s me. I’ve tried writing a book or two, neither of which are complete. But Ellen inspires me to keep writing and hope someday I can influence readers the way she has.

  31. Taylor says:

    Ellen your books are amazing. I feel like i can relate to them without really being in your characters shoes. I can’t wait to read Perfect! Keep writing!

  32. Alexis Bern says:

    I love you,your books,your stories,your honesty,how I can trust you. I feel like I’ve gotten to know a little bit better by meeting you in Omaha. You really spoke to me and I really appreciated it Ellen. You yourself inspires me to read more and more. I love how you can come to the world and share your stories through your phenomoinal books. I will forever and always have every single one of your books no matter what. Your books really encourage me to stay away from things that a 13 year old shouldn’t get herself into. Crank is my #1 favorite book, I was a Twilight Saga freak until you came into my life. All I can read lately are your books. I was at a point in the book siging where I almosted cried because what happened to your daughters life was horrible and I wish she could go back and change it all around. I also love how you take time to write back to your fans. You truly are amazing Ellen and a very beautiful woman. Stay you,stay honest,don’t change one bit for no one. Keep up the fantastic books.

    Love, Alexis Bernt

  33. Alexis Bernt says:

    I love you,your books,your stories,your honesty,how I can trust you. I feel like I’ve gotten to know a little bit better by meeting you in Omaha. You really spoke to me and I really appreciated it Ellen. You yourself inspires me to read more and more. I love how you can come to the world and share your stories through your phenomoinal books. I will forever and always have every single one of your books no matter what. Your books really encourage me to stay away from things that a 13 year old shouldn’t get herself into. Crank is my #1 favorite book, I was a Twilight Saga freak until you came into my life. All I can read lately are your books. I was at a point in the book siging where I almosted cried because what happened to your daughters life was horrible and I wish she could go back and change it all around. I also love how you take time to write back to your fans. You truly are amazing Ellen and a very beautiful woman. Stay you,stay honest,don’t change one bit for no one. Keep up the fantastic books.

    Love, Alexis Bernt

    p.s sorry I had a typo in my name :)

  34. jaia elie says:

    rude black child(:

  35. Meagan says:


    You are amazing at what you do. I can’t wait to pick up “perfect” I already know I will love it. You haven’t written a book yet that I havent fallen in love with. My favotite is “burned” and i’ve read it 4 or 5 times. Keep up the great work!!!

  36. Meagan says:

    PS come to Canada!!! Calgary, Alberta specifically… but i would travel if need be :)

  37. Stephanie says:

    You should really write a sequel to Impulse!!! it was my fave book out of the series!! please write a Sequel to it!!!!

  38. Jennifer Roningen says:

    I went and bought Perfect yesterday. I couldn’t stop reading it. I stayed up all through the night and finished it today. I love your work it speaks to me and I am sure to others everywhere. Please don’t stop writing!!

  39. Andrea says:


    when I was 12 my dad took me to Barnes and Noble, I looked and looked for the perfect book to indulge myself in, but nothing spoke to me. As I looked my dad came back with your book in his hand, Crank. I never read it, until I met my mom who happened to be an addict just like Kristina. That was last year, I picked up Crank and instantly understood my mother, what must have been going on in her brain, I have to say its very settling to understand that addiction better. I havent heard from my mom since August 25th, 2010. Since then i’ve read Glass, Fallout, Burned and im now reading Tricks, im on the very last 100 pages of it. I just wanted to say thank you Ellen Hopkins. you pulled me from a difficult depression and gave me a better understanding. i will always read your books until the day the good Lord takes me. God bless you, you’re my idol and my most favorite writer.

  40. Hayley says:

    I was never a good reader. I hated the idea of reading. It just bored me to death. When I entered seventh grade I had a new reading teacher who really went out of her way to help me get books that i found interesting. I found one book.. “I heart you, You haunt me” By Lisa Schroeder. I loved the verse writing style. I asked my teacher if she had any other books written in verse and she handed me “Crank”. I saw my friends reading it and thought it looked like a good book but I thought it would be too big. I took it home that night. I sat on the couch for two and a half hours and read the whole thing. I absolutly loved it! Then I had my mom order Glass and Fallout and I loved those too! Now I am (not so patiently) waiting for to deliver your new book, Perfect. Thank you so, so , so much! It was because of your book, I became a HUGE reader!

  41. Jeanina Kay Reyes says:

    I am addicted to your books they are what truly defines the lives of people. They are telling the world how cruel life can be, but sometimes it is our path that determines if we are going to end up in a ditch with no escape.

  42. Alejandra says:

    this chick is sooo smart she wrote the first book im obligated to read that i actually enjoy so good and i felt like i was litterly inside the book. i used to hate reading so bad but now if i can read some of these books for the first time i will defiantly say YES!! :D

  43. Alaina says:

    You’re literally my inspiration for everything. I’m an aspiring poet/writer and you’re everything I want to be. Your books inspire me to continue to do what I love. Your style of writing is beautiful and so are your words. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with so much in my life. I love you and I can’t wait to read your future books. You’re f-ing amazing.

  44. Cynthia says:

    I have fallen in love with your books and how you write them I love how you put so much detail in your writing i go to this bookstore where i live and i ask them to get your books then i look around and see if u have any out if not i wait till they call then i hurry to the bookstore just to get yours books they are so great. I have never read this much i have read your books over and over this summer thats all i read my mom got so tired of me reading and being in my room then playing out side so i said “Mom read this and tell me if you would be outside right now.” and she would not give me the book back and she kept reading it too ha ha. She loves your books to . Your a great writer i hope to see more books from you..

  45. Joey says:

    I love these books I am trying to read them all! :)

  46. Anonymous says:

    These books are beyond incredible. Good isn’t really the right word for them but they’re real.

  47. Adriana says:

    Thank you for creating such beautiful art to share with people that can relate to.
    It really is a pleasure to have read all your books.You put so much time into what you write and it almost makes me feel like what you were feeling.Your words are so strong i some day would love to write such great masterpieces like you.You are my hero…and you really made a difference in my life even without knowing you in real life your words have touched me truly it gives me the courage i thought u could never have.Your books also have made me see life in such a different way a much more positive way.Thank you.

  48. Anon says:

    I’m at the point where if I just hear a new book coming out, I just pre-order it and don’t even look up what its about because I know it will be amazing no matter what its about.

  49. Gabrielle says:

    Hey i just wanted to tell you that you are my all time Favorited righter!!! i all but 2 of your books. i love your books. Don’t ever stop righting please!!!

  50. madi marie says:

    you are a amazing author ! :) ive read your books like 50,000,000 times !
    never stop writing <3

  51. giiuls says:

    Your books have only motivated me even more to pursue my future goals, which is to reach out to young adults and youth around the world and help make a difference in their lives. I’ve already taken steps towards that goal by creating a self-esteem group for girls in grades 7 and8. I hope to one day reach more than just those 10 girls i worked with. but with every book of yours that i read i open my eyes to the realization that there are so many other difficulties that young people have to deal with in today’s society besides the way they look.

  52. Taylor says:

    I can’t even describe how happy I was when I went to the bookstore and remembered that your new book (Perfect) was out. I finished it that day. I have every one of your young adult books, and I’ve read all of them at least 3 times. I let my friend borrow them, and I swear your books are the reason she turned her life around and stopped using drugs. I really hope you read these, and I want you to know you made a difference in my life and my friends life. :) please never stop writing

  53. Nicole says:

    I love love love your books! I read Perfect in 2 days! Your books are the best ive ever read! Cant wait for the next book to come out. Never ever stop writing!(:

  54. Mexa Laughard says:

    I have all the books and cant wait to have the money to buy Triangles… I love your books.

  55. Brianna says:

    I’ve read all of your books and so far Impulse was my favorite. But yesterday I got Perfect and fell in love with it! I literally just got finished reading it 2 minutes ago. I loved how you tied Impulse and (I think) other books into Perfect. For a while, I thought that I had to be perfect too, and I tried reaching that, but I couldn’t, and now I accept myself. I don’t think I’m perfect, but I know that I’m not imperfect. But yeah I love your books <3. I liked how you gave Conner's mom some emotion.

  56. Amelia says:

    Just finished reading Fallout. What a striking end to the best realistic fiction series of the decade. I remember reading Crank as a young teenager who was already headed down the slippery slope of substance abuse and addiction. I found so much of myself in Kristina, and so much truth in her story. It was fiction I could relate to. Thankfully I was forced into rehab before I completely lost myself on the path that leads Kristina to the place she is in Fallout. Thank you for writing something so real and relatable, especially in this era where most teenage ‘literature’ has become for the most part the farthest thing from what I would ever consider classifying as literature. You are such an amazing writer and your books are so inspiring. Thank you for that.


  57. Jasmine Vernon says:

    I love your books but i found out the hard way i was reading them out of order when i got glass before crank. but i am still in love with the books…so far i have read impulse, identicle, and burned. I love them all Ellen works magic with her words. :)

  58. Jasmine Vernon says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. When I read Impulse it connected to me in every way possible. About a year ago I was going through a lot of problems and became very depressed and sought refuge in the blade of a pocket knife. I was in a lot of pain and it was the only release i could find. Finally about october of 2010 I was consulted and I agreed to treatment and I was sent to a hospital here in Arkansas called Bridgeway, I was only there for a week but it helped in so many ways. I finally found the help I needed and am (not completely) better today. So again thank you.

  59. william says:

    i love you & your books , theyre so amazing <3 nothings better then reading your books. :D marry meeeeee ..

  60. Christie Barnes says:

    Ellen Hopkins writes such powerful books. They are such an impact on your outlook on things in life. What amazing reads. All her books were great. I am almost finished “Perfect” (150 more pages!!) And I only started two days ago. I just want to keep reading and reading. I’m ready to go back and reread every book! Other books just can’t compare to the connection this poetic form brings. Thank you for all your hard work!!! :)

  61. Morganne Frye says:

    I L-O-V-E your books. My friend got me hooked on all of them and I’ve read most of them multiple times. I have EVERY YA book you’ve written, except for Perfect. But I WILL get my hands on a copy if it’s the last thing I do. You are an AMAZING writer. Your books take me deep inside the lives of the characters you write about. I especially like your book Impulse. Every time I read it I get mad that Conner kills himself at the end, just when he was appearing to be well. I cannot wait to read Perfect.
    Love, Morganne

  62. Deoundra says:

    Ellen you’re such a wonderful writer, you make me want to become one I’ve read all of your books so far i just got done reaing Perfect, loved it. Cara was my favorite character, how she was so trying to figure out who she was and her sexualty. I also loved how Andre fell for Jenna even though she made it clear that she didnt love him (or couldn’t). You books are soo wonderful I can’t wait to read tangles. I love you’re work!

  63. michaela says:

    all of your books make me cry. they bring up people from my past who are suffering with the addiction or the situation. the characters seem real to me. and when something happens it makes me hurt for them as if they are people in my life. i own every book you have written so far. and whenever i feel like my life can’t get much worse then it is, i read one, or two, or all of your books again to show me that i’m strong. i just got perfect in the mail 2 days ago. i just finished it. crying my eyes out about how it ended. i read the last line and didn’t even know conner was the same boy as impulse. it’s crazy that just by the little sentence i could place what book he was from. impulse is now sitting on my bed so i can reread it and see what he has to say on his point of view.
    you truly do something remarkable when you write these books. you help kids all over the place cope with their lives. sometimes i feel like i have nothing to live for, but when jennas mom tells her that she would never want someone to feel the way jenna does it makes me stop and think. cara’s death poem at the end of perfect is where i lost it and starting crying the most. you find this way to make sense of things that really have no sense to them.
    thank you for writing, sometimes i feel like reading your books is what makes me still here today.
    thank you.

  64. Brittany B says:

    I bought your new book ‘Perfect’ and started reading it, only to be surprised to the references to Elko, Nevada. I actually went there this past summer for a months visit to my sister. I know where the Thunderbird Motel is. And I too, have hiked Lamoille Canyon. It is a very* beautiful town but, if you blink your eye it’s gone! I was so shocked. I love the book so far!! :) Once again, great job Ellen Hopkins!!! :D

  65. Dawn says:

    Ellen, when i first discovered Crank i was looking for a book to read from my english teacher and he had your book sitting on his desk and i asked if i could read it and he told me “Of course, sshes a very powerful reader i think you will like it”. He was my favorite english teacher in high school. I read your book and i was finished with it in two days and was so excited i gave it to my friend and she passed it on and your book became like a chain reaction in my school i had everyone reading that instead of twilight :D . Anyway, i wanted you to know (and im sure you here this all the time) that you are an amazing writer. Thanks

  66. Angela says:

    Ellen….I am in love with all of your books! I have read all of them except for Tricks. I never started reading a lot until I read Crank. I could just picture every thing that was happening in all of the books. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books you make.

  67. Megan says:

    Your books have changed my entire prospective on life. I just finished reading burned and it was one of the best books I have ever read. Sure, it was a depressing ending, but that was one of the reasons I liked it. It made me come to understand that fantasy can’t last forever. It proved the hard truth was reality sucks, but that is just the way it is. No matter how much you love someone, it won’t last forever. Thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me understand a whole new way of life! Love your books!

  68. Alejandra says:

    So far i have read Crank , Glass , Identical , and Impulse. Tricks had brought my attention but i cant find it anywhere. so i have to keep on looking for it. (:

    and i so enjoy reading your books over and over again.
    i’ve done a book report on Crank and on Impulse.
    i got both A’s on them. (: hope you come up with alot more
    books so i can read them (:

    oh and is there just 8 books you have published?
    i would like to know if there’s any more out there that i can read (:

    please and thank you (:

  69. shyanne says:

    whenever i read on of your books they move me,they incourage me to follow my dream and every charecter make me feal like i have known them forever
    out of all the books perfect is my favorite because my whole life i felt like i needed to be perfect but now i dont have that pressure
    thank you!!!!

  70. DJ says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for choosing to become a writer. A friend of mine lent me a copy of “Tricks” last summer and it has become one of my favorite novels. Seth was such an inspirational character for me. Reading “Tricks” really helped me recognize issues I was facing about coming to terms with my own sexuality. It’s been a difficult process, but your books have been a great help.

    Once again, Ms. Hopkins, thank you.

  71. Sara says:

    Out of all the books I have read, and I have a TON, you are by far one of my favorite authors. I always check the bookstore and your website to see if you’re coming out with any new installments. I just bought Perfect this past week and look forward to reading it! My stepmother loves to read your work as well. After my friend suggested Crank to me, I was hooked. Your writing is so unique and the story line keeps me reading for hours! Keep writing Ellen!!! :]

  72. I don’t want to say I’m your biggest fan, only because I’m like 99.9% positive that there are at least a million other readers who love your books as much as I do, but I would like for you to know that ever since ninth grade I’ve been reading your young adult books, I can actually kind of relate to some of them in certain aspects, and every year I freak out when I hear you have another book coming out. I couldn’t wait to purchase “Perfect” when it came out September 13th. I reserved my copy at Barnes&Noble and set it on my calender and everything. You have an amazing talent. I’m heading off to college in January, and I’ll actually be majoring in journalism. I’ve always loved to write, but it was you and your work that kind of really inspired me to make that choice. I can only hope that one day I’ll be half as successful as you! Keep it up, you’re doing an amazing job, and thank you for being my inspiration! ♥

  73. Kaylee says:

    I have been reading your books since I was 12. I have always been so inspired by your books and I always find a way to relate to them. I cant help but get lost in them. Im a senior in highschool this year and Im constantly getting in trouble for reading instead of doing work but I just cant help it. Thank you so much for writing them. I cant wait to read Perfect.

  74. Kayla says:

    Ellen Hopkins books are one of a kind. I’ve never enjoyed reading ever- but after reading Crank, I bought every book she has written so far and I’m the first in line for her new ones. When you live a life with many different hardships, these books make you feel like you’re not alone. It is so easy to connect to the characters and feel apart of their struggles. Ellen Hopkins has influences me to begin my own writing as well as inspired me to dive into the very bottom of people’s hearts. There are not enough words in the world to describe how phenomenal I think her books are.

  75. Felicity says:

    Ellen Hopkins, you are truly an amazing writer and an inspiration to teens all over the country. I have everyone of your books (except perfect, but it is on its way :D ) You have an amazing talent, your books lure readers in by just your “disturbing” covers :D I can’t wait til the day comes that i get to meet you!!! Thank you soooo much for writing these books!

  76. Amanda says:

    Ellen Hopkins, I just wanted to tell you that today you have made my day. i was having a rough week and i was just in a bad mood to start the day, after school i decided to go to Barnes and Noble. I figured that a good book always cheers me up, so I got their and had to find the new teen section because they recently moved everything, but anyway the first book i noticed was “perfect” by you of course, i was so excited. I have been so busy lately i didn’t even know you had a new book out but i grabbed a copy and bought it without even reading what it was about because i knew that i would absolutely adore it just like your other books. Also you have changed my life, you have inspired me to write and writing has become an escape for me it is my way of letting off steam and just escaping from my hectic life. So in conclusion i just wanted to thank you for writing about difficult topics that critics don’t enjoy.

  77. Sarah says:

    I first picked up your book Burned at my local library a several years ago when I was 12. I have been addicted to your books since! They have honestly had huge impacts on my life. They are my escape when I’m not feeling well, and have made me view the world differently. Every syllable is placed perfectly in the sentences, creating such an immersing story. Thank you so much, Ellen Hopkins.

  78. Summer says:

    I’d have to say that you are honestly one of my favorite authors. Your books are everything beyond amazing. I started reading them a few years ago & I now own every one. I even got my friends hooked on them. (:
    Needless to say, they love them too. (:

  79. nykira says:

    hi i am a student at bolger middle school. Me and most of the kids read your book and we gust love them. it would be very nice if u would come to ower school . right back soon.

  80. violet says:

    i dont know where to begin!!!! i love you!!! i love your books!!!! PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP WRITING!!!!!!!!

  81. Virginia says:

    Please Come to Atlanta, Georgia!! I love all your works, and no other author can compare to the way your books pull on my emotions and demand my total attention. I literally cant every put them down once i start, and will read them over and over again. I would LOVE to go to one of your book signings and tell you in person how much your writing has inspired me. Even if you never do come to Georgia, keep up the GREAT WORK!

  82. Cory says:

    I LOVE your books! I had started reading “Crank” at Barns and Noble. I thought it was a must have! I have all your books I’m hooked! I recommend your books to everyone!

  83. Raven says:

    all her books are kind of life changing, after reading them i never have the same attitude towards whatever subject the book was on
    i think she she get an award for the way she ends all of her books, because there couldn’t be a more perfect ending the way she writes them

  84. Jacque says:

    I hate you so much. Why would you ever write about your daughter like that.

    • Holly Woodward says:

      thats really harsh. She wasn’t talking about her daughter in the first place? all of her insight for Kristina’s personality and addiction habits were loosely based on her daughter. Her daughter inspired this book in a beautiful way. Ellen Hopkins did a beautiful job at illustrating the terrible events in her daughters life.

  85. Julie says:

    Dear Ellen,- – - I really love your books. I think its truely amazing that you can take real things that are happening to teens everyday and write about it in the way you do. Ive experienced first hand how drugs can affect loved ones.when i was born my father chose an addiction over me and my mother…i havent seen or heard from him since, im currently in 11th grade. also , i have a friend that experimented with drugs in 8th grade and is now a full blown addict, who has been kicked out of her house and is currently in a mental hospital for addolence. This is a subject that really hits home for me to read about and in your stories, you show the concequences and hurt that people go through with this. You always end your stories showing theres always a way out…again, I really appreciate your work, its really hard to deal with this sort of thing but, knowing theres others that go through the same thing. thanks, Julie
    11th grade

  86. Belinda wozniak says:

    Favorite book: Identical, Burned
    I think you are one amazing person, I always enjoy reading you’re books. I’m only on my second one! that’s the lovely part I’m only getting started! I like that you connect with people on so many different levels it’s crazy! I can’t wait to read the rest of you’re books & the ones to come.
    Sending love from Canada.

  87. Cecelia says:

    dear Ellen,
    You are such an amazing writer!!! i love reading you’r books! :) you should come to seattle!!!
    i just finished reading crank yesterday and now im almost all the way finished with burned which i’m already hooked on because i can’t stop reading it :) i wish i had the rest of the series!!! :(

  88. maryjane says:

    You should really come to omak washington

  89. Hannah P. says:

    Out of the thousands of books I’ve read, I will always remember all of yours. I’ve read them all except Perfect, which I’m planning to, and I admire the story and love the way it is written. I know you get this a lot and I’m not expecting much of anything, but I would love to meet you. If you ever have a thought as to where to go next, I’ll be here in Lawton, Oklahoma.
    One of your many fans,
    Hannah P.

  90. Nicole says:

    I’ve read all of your books, and I’m buying perfect next weekend to read on a long bus trip. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I loved your books. I can understand some of the trials that the characters in your books, because, well the monster is in my life, and brewing disaster. One of my biggest goals is to meet you and get you to sign impulse. :] I cry everytime I finish that book. Keep writing, Your my favorite author. Thanks so much.

  91. Kaylie says:

    HI! I just saw you in Phoenix. I told you you should write about hoarding. My father is a hoarder.. living out of a house with no electricity or running water. I think you should make a character at some point who is a hoarder. The television show “buried alive” doesn’t even do justice.
    Anyways, i love you and i wrote a poem that was inspired by your books. <3 please email me back if you need anymore ideas or experiences or tell me what you think of my poem. :) :)

    it's called Mental Exhaustion.

    Sleeping is my world, my excuse, my safe place,
    no one can bother me there.
    no one can tell me i'm not good enough.
    my dreams are comfortable and
    at times, acceptably horrifying.
    Sometimes we need that, though.
    Sometimes we need


    Sleeping is better than any opiate.
    I could fall asleep at any moment desirable.
    I use that to my advantage.
    I can get away from anything.
    hurt, love, loneliness, people,
    situations, and most importantly,
    just curl up, close my eyes,
    and that's really all it


    Sleeping, can it be an addiction?
    A two hour nap every day is efficacious.
    It's more like a hobby, it doesn't mean i'm depressed.
    It just means i like to be
    "comfortably numb", if you will.
    Wrapping up in escape plans, and fluffing up not only my pillows, but also my
    serious thoughts and endeavors
    makes me even more eager to get into that queen sized bed to forget
    about the room, the house, the world around me.
    When i wake up from my nap, whenever desired,
    i feel extremely rejuvenated. So fresh.
    so happy…
    I wonder if it will have to be monitored.
    it's not abnormal… is it?
    I wonder if it's a serious disorder.
    i don't care though.
    Sleep doesn't need


  92. courtney melanson says:

    I am a huge huge fan
    infact you are the only aruther i will read
    I always wonder what is going on in Kristens life now. I feel very close to her im so curious

  93. Melissa says:

    I asked a good friend if she had any good books. I needed something to read on a flight. My flight was three hours and I was just finishing the book “Crank” I have been addicted to Kristina’s story since. I cant wait to start the next one.
    Please keep up with your amazing writing, I’m looking forward to the next read. You are an inspiration and I’ll be looking for the rest of your books to add to my already over flowing library. Thankyou so much Ellen.

  94. Erin Daly says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I’m a librarian who read Crank as my personal celebration of Banned Books Week. I felt compelled to write about it for the Young Adult Library Services Association’s book blog The Hub. Here’s a link to my post if you would like to read it:
    Thank you for your writing and the way you reach teens!

  95. Maddy says:

    I’ve been addicted to drugs (nothing specific–in reality, I’ve been addicted to being high) for the past 3 years. While I’m nowhere near recovered, your books have certainly helped me see where my life can end up if I don’t get it together. Getting clean is not easy, but your voice has helped me through some of the harder times. I really love how I can identify with your characters, in particular Kristina. Thank you thank you thank you. I cannot say it enough.

  96. Shyane says:

    you are by far one of my very favorite authors. i love how you write in verse, its so different and unique. i’ve never seen any other author write like that. the only two books i havent read are tricks and perfect but i intend to. i’ve loved every one of your other books. your an amazing writer!

  97. stephanie says:

    Ellen i must say your books are the best books i have read in my life. I am a fanatic. Your books actually make me tear up! you are and will always be my favorite author! please keep writing great books. I love them all! Thank you!

  98. stephanie says:

    Ellen i must say your books are the best i love all of them. They make me tear up! You are my favorite author and always will be! Please keep writing more books I am looking forward to reading any new books of yours. Thank you!! I really appreciate them all!

  99. Dawn says:

    You truly are a inspiration to a lot of people. I read crank and glass in high school when my parents were suffering with there own monster (crack). They over came addiction after years of jail and living off other people. Them leaving for weeks and me and my siblings fending for ourselves. No one from the outside understood our turmoil that is
    why I think fallout is your best of the trilology. You give the children a voice and for that you are amazing. Thanks for bringing these stories to us.

  100. Kaysa says:

    I just want to say that I love you you  inspire me very much. If my sister would have not went to bot camp and told me about you I would have not seeing you next weekend. I first read crank and fell in love then I read burned, I went to the liberty and saw glass and I read it was the 2 book to crank and my heart stopped. My mom said I could not get it because I was in the middle of (not kidding page 115) I said I will Finnish burned that day and read glass. I finished burned and loved it. Then I finished glass and stared in tricks but I had to move out of the state so, we went to Target near my new house and saw fallout I made my dad buy in (it was 20$ it was new) I read that in 1 week. Then I got to me new school and people wear saying the school had 2 of you books. They did identical and impulse. Read them both, I just want to say that impulse was the best book I have ever read in my life. Then my school went on a filed to this place could Powell. My teacher said I would fall in love with it. I did I bought ricks, crank, glass, then i spent 50$ there for my b-day money I know have all your books. All I need is perfect and flirting with the monster and I m getting that before I see you. As you can see I love Ellen Hopkins.

  101. Amanda says:

    Impulse saved my life. More than once. Burned kept me from losing myself. Crank, Glass, and Fallout inspired me to save a friend. Tricks helped me value myself. Identical showed me who I want to be. And I can’t wait to read Perfect. I wish I had a way to repay you for all that you’ve done for me, even though I may never meet you.

  102. Ryann says:

    My friend got me into ellen hopkins and im so glad he did. you and michael harmon are my favorite authors. your books draw me in and i cant stop reading them. in class i get in trouble for pulling out one of your books and reading. i’ve read ticks and impulse so far adn am starting on crank. i cant wait tot read this book!

  103. Brittany Drager says:

    Well, looking at this blank comment section, I barely know how to start…Hi? Hi! My names Brittany.haha. Anyways I just wanted to write on this wall, because I wanted to say how much I truly love Ellen Hopkins writings and what an inspiration I think she is. I am a teenager who loves to read. And yes I know, that’s not something so common that you find anymore. Kids have so many other things out there like facebook, TV, and friends. And then there is the negative things like drugs, alcohol, etc. I know that being a teenager can be pretty rough at times. And I know I hear many adults say things like, ” wait till you’re older”, or “Trust me, its harder being an adult”. And I cant disagree, its hard being any age in life sometimes, but I know even from personal experiences, that being a young adult, or teenager in today’s society, can be very difficult, and confusing at times. There is so much peer pressure to try new things, that sometimes the temptations seem almost unbearable. I don’t drink, smoke, or party, and sometimes other kids look at me as being the “outsider”, I personally just don’t find the need to do those kinds of things to “fit” in. After reading Ellen Hopkins books, I have read more to understand how giving into those kinds of temptations, and letting others make decisions in your own life for you, don’t always turn out how you plan it too. I realize that I need to take control of my own life, and make my own decisions. Getting older, I know I am maturing into a young adult, and I don’t want to ruin my life by making really and decisions, and by letting peer pressure get the better of me. Ellen Hopkins is by far one of my most favorite authors. I started reading her books with an open mind, and just thought to read it for fun. Once I started reading, I knew I was hooked, and had to read all of her books. I absolutely love her books, because I feel the types of situations and emotions in them are very relevant, and can relate very well with people my age, including me. So now that I have finished my rambling, I would just like to say, that I feel it should be necessary for all teenagers to read Ellen Hopkins books. I feel teens could learn a lot, and really make them think twice before making that choice to smoke with their “friends”, or try drugs, just cause someone peer pressured them into it at a party. I feel these books would make kids really think about the importance of their decisions that they make, and not only how they will affect themselves, but the people around them. I love Ellen Hopkins, and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. I love her & hope she never stops writing, because I feel her writing makes a difference & can change lives.

  104. Samantha says:

    The first book i ever read was impulse it broke my heart i related to this i struggled for years after i finished the book i cried , i realized that i was making things worse , cutting gave me a sense of relief a sense freedom like i could control the pain, it’s been almost a year since iv’e cut everytime i feel low or sad and feel like going back into that dark place i remember what i learned whith this book . no matter how much you wish you never cut again it’s always going to be a struggle ‘ but this book makes it easier . thank you ellen hopkins!!!!!!!

  105. brenda says:

    Ellen honestly you are my favorite author. Ive never enjoyed reading till the day i read a book of yours(Burned) and was in love with it, Actually i never even read before because it just seemed boring. So far ive read 5 of your booksand only own 3 right now but i cnt wait to get my hands on Perfect:) Everything you write is just exactly what many teens go through now’a days and i can actually relate to some of your characters. What i really like about yours books is that they are super easy to read, i actually read one of your books in half a day. Im amazed at how straightout your writing is and detailed. I also like Ask Alice which you didnt write someone anonymous supposebly did but have you considered writing a book based on someones diary? I really think it would be great if you did and others might think the same you should consider it. Well anyways thanks for being such a wonderful writter, entertaining, and touching many teens lifes.

  106. brenda says:

    is perfect out in stores already? didnt see it the last time i went to banes n noble.:(

  107. Beth Newman says:

    i first found crank when i was thirteen. You realise how niave i was till i read your book. I should of read them at an oldr, wiser age, but your books are just to damn good to wait for. I have had many addictions in life, but your books are the one tht helps me the most. Thanks.
    A fan :)

  108. Marrissa says:

    The only book i have read is Burned and i absolutely loved it. I love reading books involving people in a struggle with drugs so i cant wait to read your series with Crank, Glass, and Fallout. Your writing style also really keeps me reading. Poetry really makes me think and i love that about your books. It gives the reader an opportunity to figure out the characters and situations even more based on their own assumptions. I just wanted to say that you are an excellent writer and I’m excited to read all of your books now and in the future.


  109. jefferey says:

    I had a friend who suffered froma drug addiction , similar to kristina’s or cristal’s. except it wasnt meth. and I let her borrow Crank , and she said that she could never thank me more , because after reading Crank, Glass, and Fallout, she was terrified of drugs. and I felt amazed that I helped someone with their drug addiction just by handing over a book. Ellen Hopkins, Your an amazing person , who has changed so many teen lives. Thank you , for everything Ellen.

  110. carole says:

    you are an amazing author. i absolutely love your books. it touches down on true teen issues and all of your books are such an inspiration. i love them!

  111. Cyndy says:

    You are the most inspirational writer I have heard about & your books have been i my life for ever since I was 13. I love you sooo much even if i have never met you. Please keep writing. For me. For yourself. For us.

  112. Adriana says:

    My brother and I love your books so much. You should come to Minnesota for a book signing. :)

  113. Lainee says:

    Mrs. Hopkins you are an Inspiring author and an amazing poet. You are one of my biggest heros and have made e realize my passion for words. I love your books and am so excited about Perfect(have to wait for my birthday to get it), you should consider coming to Springtown High School in Texas. A lot of us here love you and your books so please! :)

  114. Janet says:

    I absolutely love your books and I own everyone of them. Just keep doing what you are doing. Can’t wait to read more.

  115. Aylin says:

    i have read Identical , Crank , Glass , Fallout , Impulse & now im almost finishing Tricks . i LOVE these book so much , i cant wait to read Perfect& Burned . Ibet they’ll be as good as the others .
    Keep writing
    , best wishes .
    Aylin xoxo

  116. Megan says:

    First off I am glad to say this but you are my FAVORITE author EVER! I started reading your books in middle school and I first saw one of your books going by a bopok shlf in Wal-MART. I’m happy i walked by that shelf because I am addicted to reading your books. They always entertain me and i can read them over and over again! I just found out today by going on here to figure out the order of the books that you have a new book out and I litteraly got so excited, this completely made my day! I am happy to get it soon and Im asking my parents to get me the rest of your books for my Birthday or the closest holiday coming because I can’t wait to read them! Sincerly, A dedicated Reader

  117. Rudy says:

    Thank you soooooo much i used to hate reading but then i read Crank i loved soo much even as a guy i enjoy all of your books I’m reading Perfect right now its amazing I’ve enjoyed it and i have been recommending all of your books to friends

    sincerely, Rudy

  118. Sam B says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I love all the books that you have published, now I’m hooked on them. I remember walking into the bookstore a couple years ago, and I had gotten Impulse. Ever since I had read that book I thought to myself “I must read the others.” That same Christmas I had asked for more. I picked out what the store had. I couldn’t resist on not reading them. I probably read the first 30 pages of each. When we would go out of town I would look to see if there was any I was missing if I was I’d purchase them. I was so stoked on getting Perfect. I read it within 3 days I couldn’t put it down. I look forward to reading more. You have been such an inspiration to many, including myself. And I thank you for everything!

  119. Margaret says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I won’t make this long as I’m sure you won’t even ever get around to reading it (because you have so many fans, and I am but one among millions) but I have to try. I live in Minnesota and I have been wanting you to sign my favorite book forever. I am not sure when the last time you came to Minnesota is but your book impulse had such an impact on me (it has saved my life many times), I understood the characters so well. I would love for you to come to Minnesota for a book signing that would be a dream come true (your my favorite author <3) Your books have lifted me from some dark places and I would love to someday have an autographed copy of impulse.
    ~With much love, your forever fan, Margaret~

  120. Anyssa says:

    I have questions for you. What made you want to write these books and in spire you to publish them. Your books are amazing! Where do you get all these ideas and come up with so much information about these characters? I started reading your books when i was in the seventh grade and i fell in love with them right then and there.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I recently discovered your books! (And I’m a Junior in High School, gah.) I’ve seen kids in Junior High and High School reading them, so I decided to give it a try. The first book I read was “Impulse.” I /immediately/ fell in love. I realized I honestly wasn’t the only one who felt so stupid and alone.
    Over the years, I’ve gotten tired of seeing the same, stupid, fall-in-love beautiful heart-filled stories. Your books actually shows the world isn’t amazing. It’s something I really admire.

  122. Dear Ellen,
    I recently discovered your books! (And I’m a Junior in High School, gah.) I’ve seen kids in Junior High and High School reading them, so I decided to give it a try. The first book I read was “Impulse.” I /immediately/ fell in love. I realized I honestly wasn’t the only one who felt so stupid and alone.
    Over the years, I’ve gotten tired of seeing the same, stupid, fall-in-love beautiful heart-filled stories. Your books actually shows the world isn’t amazing. It’s something I really admire.
    I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” I will always continue to read your books. <3

  123. becca ryan says:

    I was so insprired by your work i think i was addited to treading the book crank lol

  124. Mattie Carbaugh says:

    I was a huge fan of your books. They inspired me so to speak. I have some of the problems you talk about in your damn books. I have Anorexia(an eating disorder), Cutting problems, Sex addiction, etc. These books don’t inspire me to get better. They do the exact opposite. I went back and read Impulse the oher day after 2 years in treatment and it triggered urges. I’m not saying I don’t like them I just don’t like what you are writing about. You can give people ideas to have an eating disorder or cutting problems. DO you want that??? Teenagers like myself need to know facts yes…but all? i’m not asking to stopyou to stop writing but STOP THE DETAILS!

    • Alynn says:

      Wow, dude, harsh. I think, as a person with similar issues, the details were just enough. I agree, there were definitely some triggers when reading Impulse, but if that’s what you got from the book, I think you missed the point entirely.

  125. Kayla says:

    I abesolutely love your books. I’ve been following them since I read Crank in 2004 when I was 13 years old. I always get so excited everytime I find a new one out. I just bought PERFECT this morning and I am already almost finished with it. Keep up the great work and keep them coming! :)

  126. Sam says:

    Every time I read one of your books, something inside of me sparks to life. My favorite has to be Impulse. The concept of suicide interests me, and I have explored all its aspects. Every time I go to Half Price Books I always look for Impulse. It was there once, and I didn’t have enough money. I wish that I had bribed my dad into getting it for me. You have inspired me. Thank you.

  127. Emily B says:

    I love her (: Read ALL her books. She’s amazing.

  128. lyndsey says:

    i just finished identical, and i have read parts of burned. you are the most amazing writer i have come across in a while. i am so very much looking forward to reading the rest of your books. keep on writing! xoxo

  129. jordan westphal says:

    hi my name is jordan and i loved your bood burn and crank i am reading impulse at the moment

  130. Savanah Hernandez says:

    Oh Miss Ellen,
    You’ve inspired me so much. To write poetry straight from the heart, and just let the juices flow. as the pen pierces the page. My perspective in life has been greatly changed by your books, how people can struggle, but still make it through life as the rest of us. Your story telling is one in a trillion, your characters become etched into our lives, and give us a greater view of tragedy and triumph through the eyes of others
    A life’s journey’s worth of thank yous, and keep writing!!!

  131. Johannah says:

    When will you be coming to Barnes and Noble in Portage,MI again? i missed u last time and i was so upset! I absolutely love all your books theres not one that i wouldnt recommend to my friends and co-workers! I just got done reading identical and Im going to get perfect soon and cant wait for triangle! keep doing what you do!

  132. Cayla Daniels says:

    First off i wanna say how i love your books’.When i was in rehab,thats’ all i are my hero

  133. meghan says:

    So i just have to say that i hated reading until i picked up one of your books 2 years ago and since september ive read 3 more i love them and i cant wait to ginish reading them all

  134. Jenna Jackson says:

    I have every one of these books and I am buying the newest one today after work. I am IN LOVE with your writing Ellen. PLEASE keep them coming :D I also just realized that you have an adult side with a book and i will also buy that one. :D

  135. Chelsea says:

    Having read all of your books and owning a couple of them, I cannot wait until I’m able to get a hold of Perfect. I know it’s been out for a while, I just need to make it to the bookstore! Anyways, I absolutely love your books, the issues they address all seem to be taboo subjects in society and it’s interesting to read about what the life of someone who deals with all of those things might be like. Its really made me think about the life I have and appreciate it a whole lot more. So thank you for writing them, and I hope to read more soon!

  136. Anna Williams says:

    I love every book I have read from you. I think your so talented in your writing. AMAZING!! Please don’t stop writing!

  137. Kara says:

    I just wanted to say, I absolutely love all of your poem books. I’ve read them all, am excited to read Perfect. Your writing relates to teens all over the world, without a doubt. They are touching, emotional, just plain amazing. I am a huge fan and hope you never stop writing :)

  138. Anonymous says:

    I love all your books I read them in 2 months, all of them. I wish I could be a writer like you. You are my all time favorite writer.

  139. Ashley says:

    Dear Ellen,
    All of your books have impacted me in different ways and have been powerful enough to make me feel empathy towards the characters; crying when they cry feelin elation when they do. Truely powerful writing.
    In all honesty however, nothing has hit me harder than the Author’s Note in the back of Perfect. I have struggled for a long time with trying to satisfy the views everyone else has had of how i can reach perfection. The words in your author’s note were the first time I have ever felt that someone really understood and are helping to empower me to take control of my life and my self image. I am now attemping to accept myself and make the inside count the most and shine!
    Thank You for giving me the girft of self worth and of course your amazing books!

  140. gee says:

    omg i picked up crank at book store at random because i had nothing to read as soon as i read it i went online and brought glass fallout impulse burned and identical
    read glass and fallout they were amazing!!!
    mostly through impuse its so inspiring cant wait till i have the money to buy tricks and perfect!!
    yur amazing <3

  141. Megan says:

    I think that it’s great to read about things like the topics in your books. We don’t hear about things like addictions or depression in teens and it’s really nice to see that there are other people who understand and can relate to it. You’re books have had a great impact on me and I love your work. Thank you for showing me that we’re not always alone and that there are always people who care. :)

  142. Gee says:

    Omg I just finished reading impulse and it made me
    Cry, it was so inspiring and amazing
    Poor connor!! <3

  143. Cecilia says:

    OMG!!! i just started reading a book my teacher recommended, Burned, and i just finished reading it like 15 min ago and i loved it!!! I loved the story about Pattyn and i was happy that she and Ethan were going to be together. DEVASTATED i seriously cried tears(REAL TEARS with sadness) when i found out that Ethan died and his baby along with the memory too :’( i need to start your books from the beginning starting with Crank. LOVED Burned and hope to get a reply from you :)

  144. Holly Woodward says:

    Your books have changed me in a way I cannot explain. They have created a sense of awareness that i have never had before. I thank you for opening your heart and sharing what its REALLY like to be addicted to drugs/love/abuse. You opened your heart to thousands of teens (like myself), and helped us belong somewhere. You showed us that we are not alone, but there are other people going through the same things we are. To be honest, I dont know where i would be right now if i hadn’t have read your books. Like I said, your books have changed the way i view life, and love. i beg of you to continue on writing, and i will continue on reading. Thank You Ellen Hopkins.

  145. Cheese says:

    I love your books and I love everything you are. These books have gone along with me in my self harm issues and helped bring me out. ‘Perfect’, ‘Impulse’, and all of your other books, those especially have helped me realize a lot. I want to thank you for writing these books and I hope you will continue writing these books because I am now on a journey to read each and every single one of your books from here on out. (: Thank you, so very much.

  146. Alexis says:

    Ellen Hopkins, you changed my life. I absolutely love your writing. I finished Perfect while I was in school and was trying so hard not to cry. Your writing is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.

  147. Patty says:

    Recently I checked two of your books out of the library: “Impulse” and “Burned”. I have friends who have read your stuff before, but had never actually read any of your works myself. Until these two books. First off, I cannot express how original your writing form is. Your use of poetry in your books is amazing. And the topics you write about. They are real topics that many teens and young adults struggle with but brush under the carpet in fear of being embarassed. Your books have a character to them that is hard to find in most books out there today that aren’t about real life. You tackle the hard stuff, and you do it brilliantly. In the two books that I checked out, especially “Impulse”, there were comments written in it by prior readers. They were so affected by your writings and could connect so well to the subjects and what the people in your books were going through, that they felt the need to share it through a little note in the pages of this book. And it made them feel safe. You have a way with words that make people realize that it’s not shameful to experience things in life, or feel things, that society feels are embarassing or things to be ashamed about. It’s incredible how you created a sort of safe place for people who are suffering.
    And for this reason, you are my inspiration. I have had a very unique life growing up, and your books are the first things that I have found that have made me realize that feelings that aren’t necessarily normal in society are normal and should not be hidden in a dark corner and ignored. I hope to one day be able to do the same with my writing. To touch people in a way that helps them, to tackle the hard things in life, to let people know that it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but that there is always hope for a better tomorrow.
    I thought that you needed to know just how… just incredible your books are and how they are affecting those that read them.
    And if there were any tips you could give me in my writing, I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog,, that I recently started. I just hope one day that my writing will be able to have just half of the impact that yours does.
    Thank you for writing.

  148. hey i was wondering what order your books go in cuz i am almost finished with glass and i dont know what book comes next???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Anonymous says:

      Glass is the sequel to Crank, so comes after. Fallout is a companion to those two, and comes after. The others are totally different stories and can be read in any order. If it interests you, I wrote them in this order: Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, Identical, Tricks, Fallout, Perfect.

  149. sarah says:

    you have a gift . you touch peoples hearts with your writing . any one can relate to the real raw emotions you pin point in each story . i’m grateful for each & everyone of your books they help me figure myself out . keep writing !

  150. Andrea says:

    Your books inspire me to keep writing because it is what i love to do. Every time i am at a book store, or just a regular store i look to see if you have any new books out and i did that today and i was super happy to find your book Perfect. It’s amazing and your books are amazing. I am happy to say your my inspiration for everything i write and do and always will be. Please keep writing i can not wait until another book comes out.

    New york.

  151. Ashley says:

    your words Ellen change so many, your poems make a person want to reap from their souls a danty dish for all her servants. You books are mesmerizing. They are heart filled, I can feel your voice in them. They have a mighty power, they make me shiver. Thank you for these devine glorious books to fill our brains and to make us not scared of true life dilemma’s.
    Ash;ey Gentz

  152. Kendyl Muehlenbein says:

    You’re not only an inspiration to me, but you have saved my life. Your works describe things teenagers face everyday all the time. They give us something to relate to and remind us we are not alone. Thank you so much for the work you do and for personally saving my life. You will always mean so much to me. I’m asking for Perfect for my birthday coming up, I can’t wait to read it. Impulse is my favorite of your books, so Perfect is definitely something I have been looking forward to. Thank you.

  153. Kathleen says:

    You’re amazing :D
    When my friend Jordan first told me about how great your book Impulse was, I was considering reading it. To my suprise, Impulse wasnt the first one I read. It was Identical. Which was a book that I couldnt stand to put down. Shortly after I read Impulse then Tricks followed that. Now I’m currently Reading Fallout.
    Thank you.
    My mom was once a drug addict before mt brother and I were born, she tells me stories about overcoming her addiction and what it was like to be painfully addicted to meth and marajuana.
    She talks about how many struggles she had still being a teen at age 22 and becoming an adult for once.
    Your books have made me realize that life is worse than I realize for some. They make me want to become a better person not only for myself but for my mom and the people who love me.
    – Kathleen

  154. Alec says:

    Hey! I love your books! I love all you write about. I have read Crank, Glass, Tricks, and I am currently reading Fallout! I am going to read Impulse as soon as I finish it! Thank you for writing as much as you do!

    P.S. Write a sequal to Tricks!!!!!!!

  155. Megan says:

    I just finished reading “Perfect” and it gave me so many different emotions. This was, by far, my favorite. I’m just struggling with what to do in my own life. This book has given me more confidence but also more confusion/questions. I need to wait for the right time to say what I want to. My problem is, when will I know it’s the right time? I love everything about this book, mostly the meaning. Ellen, you’ve been a huge source of inspiration to me. I hope that “Perfect” will help me connect with the person I want to connect with/accept me the most.

  156. Wendy says:

    The first book I read by Ellen Hopkins was Impulse. After reading all of the other books I am now holding her eighth book. Thank you Ellen Hopkins for giving a voice to teens and everyone who has a story similar to the ones in your book. They are very truthful.

  157. hi ok so does is go crank, glass,fallout and thats it of is there more after fallout cuz i like to read them in order

    • Anonymous says:

      Crank, Glass, and Fallout are the only ones in the Crank trilogy, centered around Kristina. Burned, Identical, and Tricks are all three different stories and can be read in any order, seeing as none of them impact one another. Impulse and Perfect are companion books. Though the different books focus on different characters, they do go hand in hand. I suggest you read Impulse first and then Perfect, because Perfect’s timeline extends a little past that of Impulse’s.

  158. kyle says:

    omg im reading perfect RIGHT now and i love ur books my fav is “BURNED” but i really cant say i only like 1 i love all ur books and i cant wait to read “SMOKED” coming out in 2013 :)

  159. Taylor says:

    Hi! I have been a dedicated fan for sometime now. I have read all your books and im reading perfect right now. I love them! They are normally the only books that i can relate to on a deep level. I love the passion in your books. I also love to write, i bet you hear this often, but you have inspired me to write a novel. Its hard so i highly admire you. I have so much i want to say because your books have helped and inspired me so, but i just dont have the words to express. So thank you! Please dont stop writing!!
    Your loving fan.
    ~ Taylor.

  160. Nabila says:

    I love your books. I can not stop reading them.
    I just received my copy of ‘PERFECT’ in the mail, and I can not wait to begin reading it.

  161. Jenn52 says:

    Ok so I have a question…. I read on this website that Crank was based somewhat on family experinces and real life stories so how do you know the Kristina character and what other books are based on true facts of life experiences? I may have read it wrong but i read that you have experienced drugs so is that true? What I do know is that I read Crank from my school library… Finailly cause we had a waiting list for it and after that I wanted to read Glass and know I am waiting on that one cause there is a waiting list for that one :) Crank was sooo great I reccomened it to my freinds and they are now on the waiting list…. I hope that my school library doesn’t cancel all of your books because my librarian has taken Tricks off of the shelf and so I am going to have to read it some other way… I hope that I can meet you some time I would love to get a book signed by you and be able to meet you face to face that would be sooo cool!

  162. Lexi says:

    Thankyou. I find it so hard to believe that someone so distant form me could have such a great impact on my life. Ellen Hopkins you have saved my life in more ways than you will ever know. You got my attention with Impulse, a book listed on our list in a Teen Book Club. I was supposed to wait and read along with the group. Instead I finished the book in one sitting. I cried through most of it so scared at how many parts of my life I saw in those characters. I saw myself as Conner hiding his real feelings in his shell.
    After Impulse I was hooked. Burned came next and I was absolutely obsessed. Finally, a YA book about a true romance. A relationship that wasn’t perfect and full of fantasy. Finally a real girl with a real story and a real relationship I could relate to.
    For the longest time ever I thought I was the only one who had a hard time and had these problems so I just kept them to myself. I couldn’t take the pain of telling someone, I felt like a burden to all. But your books are what inspired me to change. Instead of just looking for a way to ease the pain you taught me that I needed to face it and fix it. You gave me the courage to speak up and help myself.
    And even when there was no one to speak up to I felt like I had someone. I felt like I had these characters to rely on if I was feeling suicidal I could just look at the impact Conner’s suicide had on an entire group of people and see that it wasn’t something that needed to be done.
    So thankyou to your many book and all the times you have saved me from myself

  163. Aria says:

    When i first started reading Crank it hit me that kristina is just like my mom. It gave me more sympathy towards her instead of hating her for how my life turned out. Then finally after Glass i read Fallout and i was awed by how Hunter understood how i felt about my mom. My mom has been doing drugs for as long as i can remember mainly meth. When i was born i weighed 3 pounds and 9 ounces and i was a month late. i was addicted to meth when i was born and i was a alchohol fetal Syndrome baby because of how my mom chose to live her life. Im fine now no disabilities or anything but like Autumn i was in fostercare a lot of my life.

  164. Anonymous says:

    i love the book! i almost read every one of them. i want to become a writer. so thanxz.

  165. Madi says:

    I’ve read every single one of your books – multiple times. The first one I ever read was Impulse when I was 17 and it is still my favorite book. The year previous to reading it my parents had put me in the hospital for being a danger to myself and others. I really, truly, wanted to die. Not only did I connect with Vanessa’s character, who I share many of the same traits with (bipolar disorder, self injury…), I also found myself really identifying with Conner. When everyone in your life is putting pressure on you to be someone you’re not sure you really are, it’s hard not to break down and say “forget it.” I’ve almost said “forget it” far too many times. My whole body is covered in scars that were self inflicted just to help relieve some of the pressure. I found it very hard to be everything everyone was wanting me to be when there was no clear path to perfection. Because I’m not perfect. No one is. But our imperfections are what makes each and every one of us perfect in our own way. I guess you could say I felt empowered after reading Impulse and again, after reading Perfect. They send out such a strong message to people like me. People who think just because they can’t be what they’re told they should, they aren’t good enough and shouldn’t be here. I’ve found though, perfection is what you make of it. Once I stopped trying to live my life for others, things just kind of fell into place. Somehow I got myself into college, and now I’m on my way to a degree in journalism with a minor in creative writing. Because that’s what I want to do with my life. My mother, who I always thought believed I was a disappointment, couldn’t be prouder. Though she still picks on me from time to time, telling me I’d be perfect if I lost ten pounds, or suggesting all the ways I could improve my performance, I realize that it doesn’t matter. She only wants the best for me and to see that I’m going to be able to support myself… her own insecurities reflected onto me.
    I still have my moments sometimes. I’m sure all people with mental disorders do. I don’t let those moments push me over the edge anymore. I stay strong and keep moving forward. I owe a lot of that strength and courage to your books. Whenever I get overwhelmed by the pressure to be “perfect” I have a reminder that nothing is ever enough to end my own life. On my left wrist, accompanies by the scars of my past…

    … a perfect paper airplane.

    I have it tattooed there to remind me to never give up or cave under the pressure. The only person I need to please is myself, and the others will follow. At 20 years of age, life has kicked my butt, but I think I’m doing a pretty dang good job of kicking it right back.

    Thank you.

    • Niki D says:

      I honestly don’t know what to say other than people like you truly inspire me.
      Another thing, kudos on the tattoo!

    • Aria says:

      you know i didnt even have to finish reading what you wrote to kno i had to reply. I understand the hospitilization thing ive been 6 times since i was 11 (im 16 ) I guess u can call me, I have been cutting since i was 11 and have attepmted suicide 8 times. I am bipolar, i have MDD ( major depressive disorder), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and Anxiety disorder.

  166. Andres Joaquin says:

    i love Ellen Hopkins! her books are so real and they actually tell about real life problems such as drug addiction, prostitution, and parents wanting their kids to be Perfect!

  167. Shylynn says:

    Hi my name is shylynn i have been reading ur books since i was 16 i love them alll and i think u have an amazzing talent keep the great work up

  168. Hannah says:

    These books changed my life. i live and breathe ellen hopkins. her work is my world. her words have so easily wound their way around my heart and found a special place encrypted in my soul. i have jut finished perfect, and i was so amazed by the beauty. i thank you for everything. keep writing.

  169. Kimberly says:

    you should come to panama city florida for a book sighning. I have all of your books and i would love to get them all sighned by you. Or even if you do a sighning close to PC that would be amazing!

  170. Marissa says:

    I’ve only had the privelage of reading two of your books (impulse and burned) but they were so good. I can relate to the characters so well. They’re truly amaing books and I’m hoping to get the rest of them soon. Keep writing, it’s hard to find good young adult authors for me.

  171. Taylor says:

    All your books are beautifully written and inspiring, they get my mind spinning with ideas and thoughts. I’ve already read all of them besides Perfect which I’m interested in purchasing very soon. Continue writing the world could certainly benefit from your words.

  172. Erin R says:

    I just read your book Tricks. I think you should right a novela talking about where they all are now and all. Because my curiosity is spinning. It was by far my faveorite one. Can’t wait for perfect.

  173. Rachel says:

    Miss Hopkins, I would like to thank you for writing books like Burned, Impulse, and Identical. Those were the first three books of yours I read (in that order). I discovered Burned at my college library a year ago and it spoke to me so much that I couldn’t stand to pull myself away from it and read it in about four hours. I have just finished Identical today and plan to start Perfect soon. I’m 21 and your books speak to me because I can empathize with what the characters are experiencing. It’s hard for me explain in words but it’s like these stories help me to cope with my depression and having grown up with an abusive father. I can’t wait to read my library’s copy of Perfect. Good luck and happy writing, Miss Hopkins!

  174. manuela says:

    Mrs Hopkins, you say what people don’t have the guts to even think about. you dig deep underneath the heart and say what has to be heard. every book ive read has made me stop and swallow each beautiful word after the other. they have made me cry, shiver and given me hours or thinking. thank you for every book.

  175. Gabrielle says:

    In many ways Ive taken on many of the struggles in your books sometimes when i feel as if I’m alone I turn to an Ellen Hopkins book finding my inner strength thankyou <3

  176. Aerial says:

    dear mrs. ellen

    i fricking love your books! they taught me what not to do and what to do with the right person at the right time with the right equipment.(if that makes sense) ive read 6 of 8 of your books! theyre amazing im always reccommending them to people! the only ones i havent read are identical and perfect. i just finished fallout and i was hoping that there was going to be more to the ending. i also have a question and i would greatly appreciate if you would write back. in your book glass the words that arent in the paragraph make a sentence did you do that on purpose? and also is it in every book? i didnt notice it until one day i decided to read a couple pages without those words and then just those words. weird?….. also i love your books and never stop writing. your books changed my life and morals!

  177. joshua says:

    i love your books i cry when i read them because i can relate to them alot. i told my mom about your books and my mom don’t like reading but when she picked up one of your books and started reading she couldn’t put it down

  178. AnnaLyze says:

    I’m 13, and i am still moved by these bookz of yourz! Even though I may never get to meet E.H., I’ll always have her in my life as a great author.

  179. AnnaLyze says:

    I <3 Ellen Hopkins!

  180. Brittany says:

    I Loveeeee Everyone of your books, I look forward to reading every new copy and you are my all time favorite writer. Your work is amazing and it takes a true artist to write the way you do, Im super envious…. Loveee Your Work

  181. Kelsey says:


    Your books are simply amazing. I just finished Perfect tonight. I literally sat in Barnes & Noble all night reading because I can’t afford to buy the book. You have such a talent with words and verse. The characters you construct are so real and believable. When I read your books, I feel like I’m looking into your character’s souls. I don’t think I’ve read an author as fearless as you are. Thank you what you do, and please keep the books coming!!


  182. Shay Sprayberry says:

    I loved crank!!!! The first couple of pages and now I’m addicted to Ellen Hopkins!! <3

  183. Kristina Barnhill says:

    What can I say? Ellen, there’s a chance you might not see this comment, or maybe you will, but, your Crank books gave me more than everything I felt about my life. The comparison of me, Kristina, and your Kristina. Besides our names, we have similar personalities. I never did drugs, but my parents did/are. I understand everything that was said in the books and everything that your Kristina did.

    When ‘Hunter’ was born, it reminded me of my baby cousin being born. I know her mother loves her deeply, but sometimes it never shows. I know I love her, so much. But, I won’t be the one that’ll never show it.

    Thanks for writing something that was based on the truth.. but also fiction.
    Just thank you. For this. For me. For everyone.

    -Kristina Barnhill <3

  184. Cassie says:

    I would love for you to come to Des Moines Iowa. I have read all your books, except Perfect. Very excited to see what’s in store with that one. I survived a similar story to some of what was in Impulse. It was very hard to read at times, but at the end it made me so happy to still be here. I am happy, married, and excpecting my first child. Thank you Ellen. Your work is so incredible.

    • black duhlia says:

      I love Ellen, she is an inspiration to me. I loved impulse because I can relate to each of the characters in different ways. I love how I can visualize exactly what is going on at all times. her books have given me new prospectives to look at.. her books are so hard to put down, I got my friend hooked, and my sister..
      thank you Ellen. (:

  185. Shawnee says:

    I was reading ‘Perfect’ and can recognize the struggles of feeling worthless and not good enough in your characters. When I read your authors note at the end, the last paragraph really spoke to me. I realize now that inner beauty is what truly matters not outer. Odd how it took a complete stranger writing to millions of people to get across to me what even my family and friends couldn’t: that perfection is varying, that I will find someone who is good for me, and that I am perfect just the way I am.
    Thank you. Truly and deeply. Thank you.

  186. Amber Willis says:

    I have read most of your books, and I really enjoy them. The school don’t have Perfect and Fallout, which I would love to read. I’m not a big reader but since I found your books, I have liked reading but only your books. I think that, you have impacted my life, your books really interest me even though I haven’t had these problems in my life. It shows how people, really struggle in life, and how they deal with it. Thank You for writing these books.

  187. Alec says:

    Hey, Ellen, I have something to say. I’m not sure if you would do this but I think you make a good book out of this idea: teenagers who struggle with sexuality. I am having a bit of a situation with me being gay, my bisexual friend, and lesbian friend. I think it would be helpful to those if you wrote a book relating to this topic. Just an idea.
    I love you!!!

  188. Ashley says:

    I’ve read Crank, Glass, and Fallout. There has to be a fourth book. Does Kristina straighten out? What happens to Kyle, Summer, and Autumn?

  189. briana N G Johannesen says:

    the book cranck toched me so much thet i cryed brcuse iv been ther wit my brith dad doing drugs.

  190. Neiko says:

    - i love your books nd there really good, i ma reading your books right now.

  191. I’m reading your books right now it’s a great series! I hope you make more books!!! :)

  192. Elijah foose says:

    - i think your books are really good, and i ma reading those books right now. Please make more!!!!!

  193. Your books are o.k. but your not my favorite author though I like Dr. Seuss better. You should make books like him!!!!

  194. zackary says:

    - i like your books, your amazing. Please make more!!!!!!!!!

  195. I love you and your books a lot

  196. Alec says:

    I can’t wait for Tilt. I’m almost done reading all that are out so I may even read Triangles, even though I’m 14. I love you this much!!!!!!

  197. Anonymous says:

    i just pooped a little…

  198. Amber says:

    i love your books i have all of them except for fall out and perfect.
    i like your books cause i could relate to them ina way…..
    hopefully i meet you one day your books make me feel like im not alone you know?
    like people could relate to them…. <3

  199. Rhendel lou says:

    Hello, I’ll would just like to say that your books are heart touching and I can’t stop reading them. I have read Identical and i fell in love with it. Every page is mind-blowing, especially the outcome of the story. It gave me chills and that time i just know I got to read more of your books!

    That is why I checked out Burned & Tricks in my school library! Tricks is one of the books that I relate to and I can’t wait to read burned that i know that will once again touch my heart! <3

    I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT PERFECT! I'm just waiting for it to come in my school library! :D I wish you can visit Hawaii, I really want to meet you! Well i guess that's it, I hope you continue to write more books, and We your readers will continue to support you (including me)!

    Aloha! :)

  200. Katie says:

    I don’t remember how, but 2 years ago, I heard about your books. They sounded neat so I went to the bookstore to find them. When I found your books, I read that descriptions. I came to find them very intriguing so I bough Crank and Glass. I read them both (in the wrong order) and fell completely in love with your work. You may never understand just how much these books mean to me and my life so I’ll put it simply. I’ve gone through some hard times in life where I feel that drugs or suicide or cutting is the only option but recently, whenever I feel like I just can’t go on and I have nobody who can talk to me, I will pick up one of your books and open it up to a random page in hopes that it will be a very deep and intense page that will remind me what I want to do is wrong and that I can go on. I’m currently reading Impulse for my Emglish class reading project. I have to do a book talk and either make a Soundtrack or a Photo Album that goes along with the book. So it was obvious I would chose one of your incredible books. So far, this book has hit me the hardest. I’m realizing just from the first 30 pages that life could be worse and that I’m not alone. So thank you very much for writing and publishing. Without your books, I might not have been able to make it through some of the hard times that I’ve been through these past two years. I hope you continue to write these incredible books for yound adults like myself to really understand what their life could be like. But might I just say I would absolutely love to get the chance to thank you in person one day for writing such beautiful literature. Thank you again. I speak for many when I say this.

  201. Din (Dean) says:

    WOW. You’re books are honestly amazing! I’m reading Tricks, Burned, Impluse, and Perfect. (Actually, I finished Perfect! GREAT BOOK. My favorite). You’re such an amazing author. Your books have all been sold out in my library at school! So now, I need to wait for Identical, Crank, Glass, Fallout! My friends got me hooked on to your books, thanks to them! I swear, I finished PEFECT within two hours! Thats how hooked I was. You’re books are truly amazing and I hope I finish all of them.
    - PLEASE MAKE MORE BOOKS! You’re truly amazing! :)

  202. Sara P. says:

    OMG! i love your books . they are amazing!! I know you wrote a trilogy but, my all time favorite character is Conner from the book Impulse. He makes a small appearance in Perfect also. I cried when he died . i don’t know why but, when i started reading Impulse, Conner immediatly stood out to me .

  203. Niki D says:

    You see after reading Crank I fell in love with your writing, reading Glass, Burned, Fallout, Tricks, I couldn’t stop. Though Impulse, it got me hard. Conner’s story I fell in love with. I just finished Perfect and am in tears. You see, with my life I really can’t relate to any of your books. Though they make me think, they change my mood dramatically. Especially Perfect.
    Everyone tells me I have a skill in writing, that I should take it further. Your books, and the emotion they bring, to myself and many more. Your writing inspires me to follow in your footsteps.
    I just want to thank you for everything, for writing, and for being who you are.

  204. Jaci Barron says:

    I love your books! Have you ever considered a movie series? Especially for crank and glass?

  205. Brandy L says:

    Ellen Hopkins, the name is like a gift to my ears, The most talented writer in this time and isn’t scared to revel unconformable subjects. I still remember the day I picked up one of her books, I was about 12, I walked into the local public library and carelessly picking up books and putting them into my bag, when I came across a book with a interesting cover and a even more interesting summary, This book was Crank, so I threw it into my bag and brought it home with me. I was shocked by how descriptive this book was and how real it was, how personal you was with the character. I’ve been hooked since that day, every Christmas and Birthday I beg for one of her books. When I find out a new book has been released I jump because i’m so happy and my determination to make money and buy it, goes through the roof. I hope one day to meet such a amazing poet, writer, and person. I couldn’t been happier then the day I opened the door to her books and i’ll never stop. Ellen Hopkins, you inspire me more then words could ever describe and you always leave me breathless. Please keep writing for us because I promise i’ll be one of your fans that will never leave no matter what you do.

  206. tori kogut says:

    hello……(trying to freak because Ellen Hopkins might comment back…)um.. you really and truly are an amazing writer. your book burned made me cry in school my teachers were like ..”tori..? why are you crying???” me:”look” i showed them the book and the part were*** SPOILER ALERT ~!! Ethan dies ad there pshh k..

    !♥♥3 i love your books but probly the most important thing i have to say is K33P 0N WRITING!!!!!!


  207. Zoe says:

    I was wondering if one of your books will be turned into a movie?

  208. Imani says:

    i loved reading your books so much. The part of crank when Kristina got raped it made me very upset and made me feel like Brandon waas apart of my everyday life. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books

  209. imani and shanice says:

    we are both very excied to read the rest of your books………… .need to hear more about Kristina :) <3

  210. shanice says:

    we are both very excied to read the rest of your books………… .need to hear more about Kristina :) <3

  211. isaiah says:

    i LOVE your books. they are amazing. when does submission come out?

  212. samanthasuicide says:

    I love your books Ellen. :) You are a true poet. Your poems speak volumes to me. I recently took Impulse and Burned with me to the mental hospital. They were great choices. I love that you have such rounded characters in your stories. They’re amazing to follow.

    Much Love,

  213. Craig says:

    Ellen.. Your book perfect helped me so much… I am caught up in roids and trying to be perfect jock prep athlete..Your books have helped me start to me the real guy i am and not a a person trying to seeak perfeaction in poitless ways

  214. Bree says:

    Mrs. Hopkins,
    You truly are an amazing author. Your books get to me every time. I always feel like I know the characters, in real life. You are such an outstanding author. I absolutely love your work. It helps me realize I’m not the only one who is dealing with serious issues. I am speechless. I wish I had the chance to meet you. You are such a strong woman, and a huge role model in my life. Keep on writing. thank you for helping me, even if you don’t know it, you’ve saved my life.

  215. Anonymous says:

    i was wondering if there was a way that i could buy the “crank” set i’ve looked everywhere & i have yet to find somewhere that will let me.

  216. Quinn says:

    I Love Tricks………….:)

  217. Ty Senter says:

    Ellen Hopkins is the most amazing, thrilling, and detailed writer. Her books gave so much detail that i thought i was right there it was very nice. So Ellen hopkins you are the best keep it up…..!!!

  218. Sara "Starr" says:

    Reading an Ellen Hopkins novel is like looking in the mirror. In each character, you find that dark side of yourself, the things you’ve always wanted to try, the things you’e always feared, and/or the things you have somehow trapped yourself in. All of her novels have left me close to tears, which very few books can do to me. They have inspired a story I want to put out there for teens like me, looking for proof that someone else has gone through this, you’re not alone. I can’t possibly explain how much these novels have moved me, touched me, and helped me. Mrs. Hopkins, you are mind-blowingly amazing, and I could not be happier that I ever came across your books. Thank you from me, and all my friends as well. I wish there was more I could say because reading what I have just written, it’s not enough to explain what you and your books mean to me. Just thank you, thank you so much.

  219. Kelsey says:

    Hey I love your books you have inspired me to write my own pretend book series
    P.S for anyone who loves Ellen Hopkins follow this link :

  220. Ty Senter says:

    Sara “Star” I have to agree with you soo much because i to was on the verge of tears and what you say is so true….!!!!

  221. Lauren says:

    I have just finished reading Perfect.

    I… think I need to reassess some things in my life now.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  222. Brittany says:

    The only reason I bought Crank, was because I could afford it. Lousy reason, I know. But, I am SO glad I bought it. Once I began reading it, I could not stop. I couldn’t pay much attention to anything else. I would be in class, or hanging with friends, & in the back of my head, I’d be screaming,’ I need to go read some more of Crank.’ So, when I finished it, I went to the library and got Glass. That took me two days.. I loved it! Then, it took me over a month to get Fallout, & i just finished it about ten minutes ago. I didn’t cry till the very last line. Where Kristina said she hope God still hasn’t given hope on her. Even though in Fallout, you make it about her kids, & you make Kristina out to be a horrible mother, (which she is) I still have felt a deep connection to her. I felt sorry for her the whole time. And the anger from her kids made me sad. Hunter, for some weird reason, was my favorite character in this series, besides Kristina. Probably because in some way, they relate to me. Not that i do drugs, no. But temptation makes it hard not to want to try.. Yet, I’m not. Kristina’s tale has impacted me.

  223. michaela says:

    i am a biiiiiiig fan i love your books. the book impulse influenced me to not cut myself anymore thanks ellen your the best i love your writing style i hope to be a writter one day please contact me

  224. Vicki Shockley says:

    omg i love ur books they r inspirational to me and i love all of them cant wait to read perfect cus Impulse is my favorite so far but im ALWAYS hooked in the first line and no matter how old i get their always great … keep up the good work girl!! <3 Vicki

  225. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I’d just like to say that your books and your writing style are AMAZING! I’ve always identified a lot with Kristina, because even though I’ve never tried drugs and never plan to try them, Kristina used to be a really smart, good girl before she started experimenting with drugs, and that’s kind of like how I am, so I always thought that she could almost be like me, and I always wondered what my life would be like if I had made decisions like hers. But anyway, I hope you keep writing awesome books for a really long time! :)

  226. Crissy J says:

    As a recovering meth addict I would just like to thank you for being as real as you were. I read alot of memoirs and fiction books of drug users [mostly meth addicts like myself] and your books Crank and Glass have it down. The style of the writing even is everywhere just like a tweekers mind. The racing thoughts, the lost time, the emptiness inside, being told you look like you’re dead, the intense rage, all of it… even the way you describe the way is feels when you snort a line or smoke from a bulb. I literally got flash backs from reading these books and I can’t wait to go on to Fallout. Thank you for these books. It gives a great incite to what this monster does not just to the users but, to everyone that person is close to.

  227. Tori says:

    I absolutely love these books. I can read them over and over again. <3 I dont know what I would do without them. Thank you so much ! :)

  228. noelle says:

    ive been reading your books since i was 13, im almost 17 now and i am just finishing the book glass, i was so excited to see you came out with a new book (perfect), and i cant wait to read it! your books are so real, its amazing. when i read any of your books i can relate to them in at least five different ways. its funny, because before i was introduced to your books, i couldnt stand reading, but now its hard to even put my book down, i go through your books in four days tops, but usually two lol. i cant wait to see more of your books coming into my schools library. :) i really hope you continue writing more books. i think you should write more to go with crank, glass and fall out!

  229. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Ellen…your writing not only inspires…but it invites thoughts, dreams, and reality into the lives of many. I love every book you have written in your young-adult group and intend to read every one of your books in your adult section as well. God bless and please….keep writing!

    -A VERY avid fan
    sarah <3

  230. Aditya says:

    I was going through a tough time since I started middle school, and after I read Crank, I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. I felt like there was help. Now I am a High School Sophomore and helping people. Your books are not only an inspiration, but a helping hand as well. Thank You so much.

  231. Hey! ITS BRIANA ELLEN!! REMEMBER ME? FROM THAT BOOK SIGNING?! remember signing my book?! you smiled at me! i tried to give you a hug but those big security guys wouldnt let me :( I’LL HUG YOU SOMEDAY ELLENNN! HUGS <3 LUV YA <3 :) :)

  232. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 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  233. Alec says:

    Ellen Hopkins, I have to say this: When I first saw CRANK in the bookstore, I read the back and thought “hm…Interesting enough.” Funny thing was, I didn’t know that crank was a drug and thought in the book crank was a person, and when i found out it was drug, i looked at the cover and was like, “Oh, I see it now!” :) So I read through crank in one day. The book, TRICKS i read before that and thought it was amazing. So after CRANK, I called my aunt and was like “OMG! I NEED GLASS NOW!” So she bought me GLASS and I read through that in like a few days. And then i bought FALLOUT and at the end, I thought, “Wow. My parents used to drugs. My parents used to do all of this, and I still live with them.” I was able to see that my life really wasn’t that bad compared to Kristina’s and her kids. The ride was amazing. I read the first 100 pages of IMPULSE and ordered in and IDENTICAL in hardcover. I wanted to rad IMPULSE because it was about things I could relate to unlike drugs and figured if the crank series almost made me cry, this would make me cry! Hard! So they should be in my mailbox in a few days! I love you Ellen Hopkins! Happy Halloween! :)

  234. Alec says:

    P.S. In CRANK, it was kind of like a person. The monster does things to you that no real person could and I love how you showed that in your series. You are an amazing writer! Keep writing books!

    • Casey says:

      I agree!
      I also feel that She is trying to get over the hard, rocky, bumps in her life, that a teenage girl would go through the same way. But some parts arent always what a teenage girl would go through. I abosolutley ADORE her books! ♥

  235. Haley N. H. says:

    your books are so inspiring! I can read them in a day a less because I can’t ever put them down! also i love how they are about REAL issues, not just the sugar coated ones. excited for another book!:)

  236. Jasmine says:

    I’ve always loved Ellen’s books. A maximum of a week after they come out I will have already bought and read them. Until today, I never took the time to truly know her story. I am doing a presentation on her and books (obviously) so I thought it was necessary to learn more about her. After reading as much as possible, I love her as an author even more. Ellen, your life story is amazing.

  237. pf. says:

    I absolutely adore your books, they are amazing. You touch issues in a way no author does, well not one that I have read that’s for sure. All of your books have been an amazing, cannot put it down till I am finished read which is the one I look forward to the most. I really hope they will make your books into movies! They would be wonderful as well. All the best, keep writing and inspiring! xo

  238. Sandra Dee says:

    The real story: behind Crank took place between the years 1995 and 1971. “Hunter,” aka Orion, was born in 1996.
    ^that is posted on your Bio page… shouldn’t it say between the years “1971-1995″ or was there a goof up somewhere?
    &I’m a stickler for details… In Fallout, when Trey & Autumn are traveling to see Kristina’s parents, they go from Texas to Nevada (a trip I actually know well, I live in Texas & go to New Mexico to see family & on to Arizona/Nevada to see more family).
    It states that they’re in Arizona & then the next page I believe, it says they grabbed a hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It wouldn’t make sense to see that…

    And I’m really sorry I sound critical, but I actually LOVE your books, I’m always saving up my money JUST to buy them… You’re an amazing writer & some of your stories hit close to home… I’m just very weird about details…

  239. Casey says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I wrote you on FAcebook, but I was a bit confused with the answer.
    You said that there were four other novels, but please explain to me the order of the crank books. I want to read Impulse, and Tricks, and Perfect, but im confused if they are in the same serious, or not. And I want to know what order they are in so I can get more of them at my school library. Thankyou! I ♥ your books!

  240. Aspen says:

    Ellen Hopkins,
    Your books made a huge difference in my life. They made me look back on the mistakes I’ve made in my life and wanna be a better person. Every single one of your books have made me cry. I love them so much. Your my favorite author. Your books kept me from committing suicide.
    Thank you.

  241. Aysha Habbaba says:

    Just wanna say,

    No; I don’t like your books because they have have happy endings
    No; I don’t like the way things end most of the time
    Yes; I love how you can put reality in a book that you can open and read
    Yes; I love the way you phrase and shape each of your poems
    Yes; I love the word choices that you make that describe every scenario that appears
    Yes; I love the way you dared to talk about the lives who drugs, sex, and abuse had taken over it

    Yes; I love your books…

  242. Dylan says:

    Your books… they have moved me in my darkest times.

  243. deana says:

    so i have to say that i may be a little bit older than some who read these books, i am 26. but, i love all of her books. i can relate to all of them in a way thats hard to explain. i am sooo ready to read her new book Triangles. ellen has a way of reaching out to people who have issues and also people who have over came issues in thier lives. i am inspired when i pick up a book by her. when i open any of her books, i can not put it down no matter what i need to do or how tired i am!! i just love her!!

  244. Bella. says:

    I just finished crank and i couldn’t put it down.. im searching desperately to try to get my hands on a copy of burned but its hard when you live on such a small island. I can not wait to finish the series and other books you have written i have been looking for a good book that i cant put down and im happy i read crank. You are an amazing writer and im sure have helped many familes or people who have gone through the same sort of thing

  245. gabby says:

    i just finished reading the book FALLOUT and i have never been more in love with books. im hoping to get your most reacent book Perfect. i must say i cant wai. im currently writing a book and i hope it will be as good as yours. after reading the bok Impulse itt… your inspiered me to become a writter. wish me luck.

  246. Vika says:

    I just wanted to say that your book are the best I’ve ever written. I’ve read each and every one of them (The YA ones, at least) and loved them all. They all touched me and left a mark that will never fade. I love how you’re not afraid to write the truth, even if others find the subject taboo or try to hide it from teenagers like me. I’m a 14 year old girl, and I’ve been reading your books since I was 12, and it’s because of your books that I will be more cautious than others when it comes to things like drugs, sex, love, and lies.

    The thing is, I can relate to all of your characters so well, in so many different ways. I cried my way through most of your books, but especially Glass, because Hunter’s childhood story is basically my own.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m being an over-dramatic young teenager, but your books saved my life, in so many different ways. Impulse, especially. That and Perfect showed me what I was doing to myself and gave me the will to stop.

    The last thing I have to say is that I’m surprised that you’ve written about so many pressing topics (Drugs, suicide, abuse, prostitution, eating disorders, and homosexuality among these) but haven’t yet written about transgenders or Gender Identity Disorder. It’s a topic very close to me, and I’d love to see it in one of your books one day. I don’t mean to suggest it if it’s something against your Religion (God only knows how much I struggle with the conflict between the two) or the like, but it is a large issue that would be interesting to read about.

    I’m not sure if you’ll even read this, but thank you so much for what you’ve given me through your writing. <3

    • Jake says:

      I agree completely! I think sexuality is a big part of today’s issues and one specifically toward things like that would be great. I have always struggled and am currently struggling with my sexuality and it’s always caused issues. I’ve tried to “off myself” before, but I know now that it’s not worth it. People are not worth your life. You must live and be all that you truly are. I love you Ellen! Take in our options if you will!

  247. Amber says:

    I would like to thank you. Your books have allowed me to fight through pain and grief as my idiot teen brain has instructed me to never cry or allow myself to mourn. You have left a lasting imprssion on my life and your poetry has inspired me to let myself feel. Thank you for inspiring me to live again.

  248. Anonymous says:

    OMG I read and own all your books, I just finished reading Perfect, omg i loved it, i couldn’t put it down. Perfect was my favorite but i loved them all. write more please!

  249. Lauren says:

    You are the reason that I am alive.
    Identical, Impulse, and Burned.
    The books I read when I was into self mutilation.
    Impulse was the reason I am alive.
    It taught me that there is so much more to life.
    I can not waste it.
    Thank you.

  250. Gabriela says:

    Honestly , your books are the only books ill read. They’re amazing. I could sit and read them a hundred times ! I wish you had like thousands of books so I could keep reading. But I have a question. Im 15 and I love the teenage books but do you think I could read your adult books? Aren’t they kind of about the same thing? Get back to me ! :) thanks.

  251. Courtney Hall says:

    I love reading your books. I first started reading them when I was about 10, starting with Crank, when I found it in my sister’s room. I hope to meet you someday, so feel free to come to WV for the next book festival! (:

  252. Chloe says:

    I really love your books. They’re so inspiring. Very unsettling. I’ve read every single one. Enjoyed them all. I would love for you to write more. Theyre heart warming and sad. You inspired me to start writing. Your way with words is magical. Kind of makes mr jealous pop out. I love them! Your my all time favorite author and i hope to see more of your books pop out on library shelves. My favorite one was Impulse. I fell in love with Conner. I cried when he died.
    Well I wish you good luck in your writing.


  253. Jazmin Bouchard says:

    I am currently reading your books. I truly love your writing. I connect to your books so well it’s amazing. I’ve never been able to connect to characters in books as well as I can in yours. You are like my inspiration,well your characters are at least. I say this because I’m having a tough time in high school and reading your books and seeing the characters have such hard lives and stuff and then them getting up each day hoping it would be better then the last makes me wake up and hope it will be better then the last. Thank you for writing these books they truly mean something big in my heart.

  254. emily says:

    I am a huge fan of your books, especially crank and glass, and for my english 2 class one of the essays is to show how an author shows how they relate to their works through their books. i don’t mean to ask for so much personal information but is there any where that i can find information on you and your daughters relationship before during and after her addiction?

  255. Aly says:

    After “Crank” what comes next in the series?

  256. Alec says:

    I am a bit confused about something. On your touring it says you will come to SC but gives no adress, times or anything. Please let me know so I can go!

  257. Julia Nichole :) says:

    Ms. Ellen, I love your books. They’re so inspiring. I’ve never tested with drugs, and never will, thanks to you. I haven’t read them all yet but i can already tell i will enjoy reading tricks, and the ones yet to be published. I’m reading identical right now. And all I can say is, it’s amazing! You are by far, the most amazing, talented, flat-out awesome author I’ve ever heard of! I hope you keep writing more books. You’re a keeper, Ellen. :)

    A very faithful fan,

  258. Nefthali Ferrer says:

    I love all your books and have read every single one twice in a week.
    absolutely amazing!
    you inspire me.

  259. Yessica says:

    I am trying to get the other books after Crank but I can’t seem to find a store where they sell them anymore. Can anyone help?


  260. Din(DEAN) says:

    Hi, Ellen!
    I read ALL of your books and let me tell you, Crank, Glass, and Fallout are great books! I loved, loved, loved, LOVED your other ones! I read like all of them in a DAY. :) Your books are HONESTLY(and i mean it) amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So many kids in my school are reading them and so do teachers! You’re such an inspiration to me! PLEASE, PLEASE keep writing books because I want to read more of them! You’re truly aaaamazzing! <3

    - DIN. ( :

  261. Malia says:

    Dear Ms. Hopkins,
    Your books are absolutely amazing. I always used to hate free verse books…but I am absolutely in love with your books. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming years. You should try to make an appearance somewhere in Minnesota! It would be wonderful to actually meet you! :)
    Take care & keep writing!

  262. Maegan says:

    Ellen, You’re my favorite author. I love how your writing hits so deep to me. I’ve emailed you before, and was very excited when i got a reply. I was walking on clouds for days. I want to thank you, for continuing to publish hard hitting books, you’re amazing in every way. thank you.

  263. Haley says:

    I came across “Identical” browsing my high school’s library almost a year ago. I thought it was THE most amazing book I’ve ever read. It’s still my #1 favorite. Then I feel in love with “Crank” and “Glass” but never would I have imagined I would become surrounded by the Monster myself. I haven’t lived with my parents for 8 months.My dad got too close with the Monster and it tore our lives apart. The whole reason I’m writing this is to say thank you, though. Mostly of all for “Fallout”, because in that specific book I found peace. Never before,til now, have I been able to connect with a character as I have with Kristina’s children. And I don’t feel alone anymore, so thank you. <3

  264. Heather B says:

    It all started in 2006
    It was time for a new school project
    Working with books was not in my favor
    but when I picked up Go Ask Alice I couldn’t put it down
    Pages filled with horror and wonder
    In some twisted way I enjoyed the novel
    I needed more, so in the back of the book
    I found a page, recommended books
    and there it was… Crank.
    The monster.
    I read every single page, over and over
    fascinated with it really, from then I kept reading your books
    and I must say, Your quite the inspiration
    I love writing, and I’m very picking with what I read
    Your books are my favorite pieces of literature.
    I have been out of the reading scene for some time now
    but I hope on getting fallout and perfect for xmass
    or this weekend :]

    thankyou so much for your inspirational writing techniques.
    Much love and more:
    Heather B

  265. Sam says:

    Impulse touched my heart. I have dealt with a wish to end my own life. I know how it affects your own life and your family’s life. I have never gone that far where I need to be sent somewhere but my parents finding out about my death wish didn’t make me stop cutting nor popping pills. I tried to hide it and convinced my parents that I was okay and they believed me after maybe five months in therapy. To this day they don’t know that i still have that wish. But not only do I have the same wish as all three of the characters but my mother especially thought i only did what i did to get attention. I tried explaining to her that it wasn’t for attention but only because I didn’t like the life I was living but she wouldn’t listen. I am still struggling with my wish of death but because I have read your books it has made me a better person. I can also control what I do and they have given me the strength to carry on with the life I live. I am not even 18 but I hope by then I would have overcome what I fear most today. Thank you very much.

  266. Brooke says:

    My sister, became a meth addict, and me being a couple years younger than i am now, knew what was going on but not fully..your books opened my eyes to what life for her would be like..she is now clean, for a couple years..atm a recovertig alcoholic, but going threw life.. all your books are amazing, and love reading them..they make me go through so many emotions, and i cannot wait to read perfect

  267. Aislinn Kuhlman says:

    I love reading your books. They are incredible. Sometimes I will read them over and over and still have the same reaction. I love to write poetry. And when I read your books, it’s like they give me ideas about what to write. I love your writing style. I would love to meet you some day.

  268. LaKyreion Jones says:

    Omg!!! I just got done reading perect. It was sooo good!!! I cried at the end! The book felt so real, like i was there. I have to by triangles today! Please write more young adult novels!!!! Your my favorite author and i can’t stop reading your books! I read perfect as slow as possible because i didnt want to finish so fast, but i couldnt’t help myself!! Great jjob!! :)

  269. Alexis L. Thompson says:

    I love these books! Everyone that I have read so far is just absolutely brilliant! After Impulse I guys I only have 4 more to read :( . Please write more.

  270. jessica says:

    when i read Crank i cried cause it was just so sad to me at the end i read Glass kinda remined me of someone i know who is going through the same exact situation and i opened my eyes if i were to keep following this person’s path i’mma miss up my life as well these books really inspire me a lot, thanks for writing more that realates to sistuations like this.

  271. Kimba says:

    You books are amazing. They have changed the way I look at people who use/expirement drugs or have in the past and life after drugs (Crank, Glass, FallOut). Burned, Impulse, Identical, Tricks. They’re all fantastic. I have not had the oportunity to read Perfect yet but will soon. I wish there were more writers i the world like Ellen Hopkins.

  272. Loren says:

    You, are without a doubt my favorite author. ive read everyone of your books and ive loved them all. im always thinking about what you’ll write next and how much im going to enjoy reading it.(: i dont think ive ever gotten into anyones books as much as yours. i cant wait for up comming books!!! <33.

  273. I just finihed your book identical it was amazing i cant get enough!! pleaseee write more <33

  274. luisa says:

    ahmazing books you write

  275. Aaron says:

    I just finished reading Identical and really want you to write a sequel. The ending didn’t shock me as much because someone told me the ending (don’t worry, I complained! they heard it from me!). I started reading your books in September and only have two left! I love you!

  276. Brittany T says:

    You are truely an amazing writer. Your captivations of characters and their lives are realistic. I think you are a true inspiration and have honestly inspired me to never let happiness get out of reach. Your books keep me on edge and never fail to make me bawl my eyes out at the end of them; Especially burned. Also, i’d like to add that your books made me completely addicted to reading. I read at least 1 book a week while going to school full time. lol Thanks again and please KEEP WRITTING!!! =]

    Brittany T

  277. Samantha says:

    I have read all of your books and have to say you are one of my favorite writers. I love your unique stile of writing and how easily your books can connect to the readers. I have been passing around your books amongst my friends and many of them have come to fall in love with your books just as I have. I cannot wait till your next book becomes available. My favorite of your books has to be Tricks and Identical but I still wish to hear more about Kristina. I know from reading Flirting With The Monster that it is loosely based on your daughter, her children and your family which I find gives your writing passion and understanding. This sets them apart from the others, which is how I found myself falling in love with your books. I can’t wait to hear what more you have to give to your readers as I and many of my friends will always be reading.

  278. Felesha says:

    I love all your books. The are truly amazing and well written. Each one of your books have touched my soul deeply. Keep writing such great stories. <3

  279. Jenette says:

    Ellen, I love your books. I literally just got finished reading perfect and it was stunningly beautiful. You have helped me realize so much in life. I was 11 when I first read your book impulse and since then I have been completely hooked on your books. Two years ago, things got seriously tough, so I reread impulse and it has forever changed my life. You have made me see how great my life can be. Perfect was an amazing book and it helped me to realize that it is truly what’s on the inside that matters. Thank you sooooo much for all the books you write, and please, please, please, don’t stop writing!!! :) I love you and all you books! :) they have forever changed me, so thank you.

  280. Danielle says:

    I am in LOVE with your writing. I love poetry & deep stories. & When I read your stories I feel like I am in the story actually watching it. You detail stuff SO well, & I love it. I can’t WAIT ’till your new books “Perfect” & “Triangles” comes out. I Just got done reading “Fall Out” & I loved it! Don’t stop writing! Your great at it.
    Thank You

  281. Ariana says:

    I love MOST of your stories. They’re refreshing with its form, and have good meaning themes behind them. However Fallout disappointed me. You seemed to exaggerate about how amazing Grandma Marie is, and the main character Cristina became the bad guy all of a sudden when us the readers spent the last 2 books before that getting to know her, relating to her, and somewhat understanding her. I’m currently in the process of reading Perfect, and feel like stopping. The 4 main characters aren’t relatable, but do have a good voice. Your an amazing writer and poet, but lately i haven’t felt YOUR love for the characters like i did in Crank.

  282. AlexisNicole says:

    My goodness. I stumbled across Crank when my friend showed it to me. How she came across it, I’m not too sure, but I bought the book and I finished it in two days. The most incredible, heartbreaking, intense, emotional book ever. After that, I read Glass and then Impulse. I’ve yet to read the others, but I will. Inspiring. Truly. I haven’t gone down the road of drugs, but I feel the pain in Kristina.

  283. maranda says:

    your books honestly changed me, i’ve never been so drawn into a book before, I had never even read a whole book before one of yours. i’ve only read Burned and just finished Identical last night, but there so inspiring. I read Burned in 3 days, and honestly I shed a tear after I finish one of your books, there sooo touching and I personally can really relate too them which makes them even better. I dont no what im going to do after i finish reading all of them, hopefully you have new ones out by that time. (:
    just wanted too say thank you, for writing these books, they changed my life… <3

  284. Your Books Are So Amazing, You Are An Excellent Writer!
    I Am Currently Reading Fallout, & I Can’t Wait To Read The Rest Of Your Books.
    Thank You For Writing Something Teens Can Relate Too, I Love Getting Lost In A Good Book! Love You Ellen!

  285. Destiny says:

    ellen hopkins
    i like ur books. like kristina i tried meth, and got addicted. it’s hard 2 quit but i have good friends and crank,glass,and fallout opened my eyes.

  286. anonymus says:

    Ellen. Your Crank trilogy really touched me and my friends. My friends said that because of your books they are never going to touch drugs. Ever. My life has been affected by drugs ( I wasn’t doing them-someone very close to me was) and your books really depict what they do to you well. Every chance i get i highly highly recommend your books. You are amazing! Your stories are amazing! I love how raw and real you make them. Not a lot of authors are brave enough or good enough to write about this stuff. Thank you so much!

  287. jordan says:

    i think all of your books are amazing impulse kinda reminds me when i went to a adolecent center for cutting and when i read the last part about conner it made me think that some kids dont deserve to be treated differantly we are humans and dont need to be treated like we are dirt…thank you ellen for writing these books


  288. Hayley says:

    I have read nearly all of your books (except burned,but that is up next) Right now I’m over half way through Impulse. I have never been on drugs or had to deal with self injury. I have barely had but a sip of alcohol in my entire life but I can honestly relate to all of your characters in one way or another. When I read about Christina I first saw her as someone that I could never relate to in a million years, but as I looked not only deeper into the book, but deaper into myself, I saw a young, geeky girl (like me) who has always had a bit of rebelliosness in her, but delt with that rebelliosness in the wrong way. I have always been tempted to break out of my band geek shell and go make out with the hot rebel in the bleachers but then I think about my future and how it might affect me. Julliard surley won’t except a druggie who cares nothing more than hot guys. Thank you for inspiring me!

  289. Jake Chase says:

    I find your books very inspirational and touching, so far I have just read Burned but would love to read more in the future. One day my girlfriend txted me saying i got this great book from the store today and I want you to read it cuz it reminds me a lot of you. Well it just so happened that the book was Burned and it was me. Exactly to the last word. I grew up in an abusive scrictly mormon household with many younger siblings and just to add on more to the amazing story most of my sibling were and are autistic. As soon as i deviated from that path my parents laid out for me i had the emotions that payton had, i went through the same actions payton did, received the same discipline she did, and went through the same heartbreak and pressure of the world that she did. I am very happy to say that unlike the story i was able to have a happily ever after and have gotten my life on the track i want it but i greatly respect Ellen Hopkins and her writing talent because it really helped me, it made me feel less alone like i wasnt the only one going through that ordeal. The book burned perfectly describes what i had to go through to acheive the happiness and freedom im glad to have today. I just wanted to share my emotions from reading your work, im not asking or looking for pity I just want ellen and her other readers to realize as amazing as her stories are they happen in real life all the time sadly. and because you were able to write this story of abuse, heartbreak, love, betrayal, and hurt somehow it helped me overcome what i went through and for that i will always respect you and thank you and your writing talents

  290. Hope Haneghan says:

    i love her books! i cant wait to read perfect! my favorite book is Burned! i cried at the end it was so sad how the girl and her bf got a wreck and her bf died but she didnt so she has to raise their baby by herself with her family.

  291. jade says:

    when i read impulse it touched my heart. i have been battling depression and bipolar disorder, so i know the seriousness of it. i also self injured myself for a long time to cope with my problems. for so long i thought i was alone in my struggles, but when i picked up impulse for the first time i thought “why not?” i read it in one sitting only taking small breaks. i finished it with tears running down my face. it made me realize that everyone has problems and no one’s is greater than another, just different. so i would like to thank you Ellen Hopkins, for finding the right way to make sure everyone knows they are not alone………

  292. Sierra Hanchera says:

    <3 (: i introduced your book to all of my friends they have all fallen in love with your writing as i have i just bought perfect i cant wait to read it!!!

  293. Anonymous says:

    The Crank series are one of the best books I’ve ever red.

  294. Steven White says:

    Hey Ellen I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy I head your books! Sometimes, when life isn’t going well, I have times where I wonder where my life is going, what do I have to look forward to. But your books (like Perfect, Impulse, Tricks, and my favorite, Identical) realize that my life isn’t so bad. Other times, I see my friends, many affected by drugs and your Crank series makes me pity them. Your writing is superb and greatly beneficial to all who read them!

    On a side note I wanted to know if you thought maybe one of your books might be made into a movie? I think they would be great!

  295. Holly Ann Woodiwiss says:

    the first book of yours that i read was Burned. it is not the first book to make me cry, but i fell in love with the way you write stories.. i needed to read more so i read Crank and loved every second of it, i found myself talking out loud to the characters in your books. i havnt gotten Perfect, YET. in all seriousness i’m going out after school to buy it(: i admire the way you write.

  296. Jade says:

    Love your books cant wait till the next on comes out….So when does the next one come out.?

  297. Anna says:

    Your books are amazing. Everyone I’ve read I have loved so far. Right now I’m re-reading Identical.. This book always makes me wanna cry because of how sad it is. My favorite book that you’ve ever written is probably Fallout. That book is amazing. Its breath-taking..cause it explains what happens to Kristina’s kids. Kristina I wish would of quit drugs in the book Glass because she knew she was having her baby Autumn. Impulse was a good book too. I can’t wait to read Perfect next.

  298. Paulina :] says:

    Dear Ellen Hopkins,
    I think you are an amazing author and every single time I set foot into a library or book store, I run straight to your books hoping that you came out with a new one. You are, by far, my favorite author! I love how your books can relate to people and you have showed me that there are other people in the world that suffer more than I do by reading the books. Never stop writing!
    Love Paulina.

  299. Brenna says:

    You are the most amazing author! These are probably the only books that I can actually get in to! I suggest them to EVERYONE!

  300. Sarah says:

    Ellen, your books are so inspiring. I read crank first and i got sucked right in. I’m not one for reading a book, but yours, they’re amazing! They remind me a lot about my life, for real. All i have to say is please don’t ever stop writing your amazing books! You have so much talent! and p.s, i just read perfect, it was awesomeeee!!

  301. Hannah says:

    Last year, my friend was reading IDENTICAL, and I kept looking over his shoulder and reading it. After he was done, I checked it out. I fell in love with your writing style. This year, I decided to read the other books you had written. I started with BURNED about two weeks ago. When I was done reading it, I closed the cover and pouted. I didn’t like the ending, because it made me feel like that could really happen.
    After, I picked up CRANK, followed it with GLASS. (Unfortunetly, my school is lame and doesn’t have FALLOUT yet.)
    Last night, I stayed up for 2 hours finishing IMPULSE. Throughout the book it made me feel sad and depressed, and I wanted to be friends with Connor, Vanessa, and Tony.
    At about 1:30 am, I got to the last 10 pages. When I finshed the book, I just set it down and started cryng, harder than I am now. I couldn’t understand why I was crying so hard, or couldn’t stop.
    I’ve felt how Vanessa has and can relate to her. I cut myself a few times 2 years ago, but didn’t make a habit of it. I told my best friend and she made me promise not to ever hurt myself on purpose again.
    I came really close to it a few times, but always reminded myself about my best friend.
    I’ve wanted to die, but always thought of how my friends and family would feel.
    When I read IMPULSE, I really understood how Tony and Vanessa felt when Connor died. It made me think how my friends and family would feel.
    I like how your writing has helped many people. I can only hope that one day, my writing will do the same.
    Thank you.

  302. Maggie says:

    I love your books, I started reading them through your Crank series. Kristina’s and her children’s stories touched my heart, and brought back memories of my own families troubles with substance abuse. Fallout was my favorite, although Crank did make me cry a good bit, the last book allowed me to feel everything Hunter, Autumn, and Summer were feeling. Although there were a few questions I had that i feel weren’t answered, this book is hands down my favorite. Your books have influenced my own writing to show more of myself and my life and troubles. Thank you for your series.

  303. Ellen,
    You’re books saved me. I’ve read all of them at least twice and your writing helped me fix my life and put the piecesback together. I cannot tell you how thankful for every single book, especially Impulse. Reading that book made me realize how badly I was screwing up my life with my cutting addiction, drinking, and doing drugs. Impulse helped me make the decision to get help and stop livivng in my own misery. That was a year ago and now I’m no longer a cutter, drinker, nor do I do drugs anymore. You have no idea what your books have done for me, and I’m so very thankful for all of them, and I look forward to reading Triangle.

  304. Corinnee-Lee says:

    Dear Ellen Hopkins,

    I just started reading your books and I fell in love with them by the first page!!
    I’m waiting very impatiently for my mother to buy me the rest of your books!! :D

  305. DeeRo says:

    Dear Ellen Hopkins,

    I really really really love your books!! I feel in love with your books by just reading the first stanza!! I can’t wait until 2013 for Smoke!! AHH!! Love you!!


  306. Tiffany Nelson says:

    Ellen, your books are truly amazing. I don’t know another author that can tackle these topics in such a beautiful way. I started with Crank(the novel, not the drug) and continued to read your books. I can’t say I have ever been in any of these situations, but as a teen I understand where your characters are coming from. These books have changed my own views on life and I am truly grateful that I have read them. Thank you so much. <3

  307. Paige Stier says:

    Before I had bumped into your books, I couldn’t stand reading at all! I hated it and tried to avoid it as much as possible! In English class I use to make up excuses to leave the reading portion of the class due to hating reading! My English teacher a couple of years ago finally sat me down and introduced me to the movie Crank. It was the very first book I had started and finished! Also in only two days! I could not let the book out of my sight! My mum and dad finally bought me every single book you had written and just kept buying me them as you brought them! They not only are enjoyable to read but kept me in the right path. I love your books and hope you keep writing them! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  308. Jennifer says:

    Ellen, I have been a fan of yours since 2007. Every so often I glance at pages to tell me when a new book of yours is available and I am sure to buy the book within a week of finding out of it. First and foremost I want to thank you for giving me my favorite book series and for being my favorite author. I’ve read the “Crank” series about 3 times now that “Fallout” is out. I also purchased “Triangles” and “Perfect” tonight. So, I can now say I own every publication of yours and I’m so incredibly proud of that. You were the topic of my author paper for my Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition class and I got an A on that paper. :) . I’ve never been so caught up in a book series nor have I ever been so devastated to finish a book by another author. Truly, you’ve worked wonders in my life and every single one of your books that I now own are my real treasures. Thank you for being an amazing author. Thank you for giving me something raw and real to read. I cannot wait for the releasing of “Tilt” and “Collateral” to come out. You’ve made a great impact in my life. Thank you.

  309. Linda says:

    Ellen, if you happen to read this, please know that you give so many teenagers a sense of belonging and hope in the creation that you put out on blank pages. I can see how deeply intelligent you are in the way you express your thoughts through words, it’s beyond this world. You have the gift of getting into the minds and emotions of others. It’s truely is incredible. You will forever be my inspiration and my motivation for my poetry. I’ve read each and every one of your books and hope to one day hold in possession every one of them. You give me hope. Keep writing and you’ll save a life, like you saved mine.

  310. Mia says:

    You’ve taught me so much Ellen and now i know the dangers of addiction and all the other things in your books i am now CERTAIN i won’t do. Not even try. Or go by people that do try. I’ve had a good warning now and i can’t thank you enough. You’ve changed my life, i think about your books all the time. I hope your son and daughter are doing good(:

  311. jordan Johnson says:

    i wanna read your books sooo bad but our school dont own any of them :(

  312. abbie says:

    Ellen the book crank changed my life. it made me open my eyes to how my life isnt as messed up as it seems. i am currently reading glass and hope to finish it soon. thank you for writting these books:) your an amazing writer.

  313. Emily says:

    Ellen Hopkins’ books have gotten me through so much!! I’ve read all but Perfect and Fall Out by her!! These books have been my favorites for years and I reread all of them almost every summer!! I would LOVE to meet you, Ellen, and would absolutely DIE if you could come anywhere near Massachusetts for a book signing or lecture!
    My favorite author ever <3

  314. Heather says:

    I have been a fan of your writing as long as I can remember. I have bought almost every book the day they came out. I’ve read them all multiple times. You are by far my favorite author. I have always loved to write, but your writing made me realize how I want to write. I love how you write on real issues teens struggle with, and I love how Crank was a true story. I want to write my story, but its hard. I have been through a lot and I can write individual stories about all the different events, but I am having an extremely difficult time combining them.. I need help. I have some written so far but I’m just kinda stuck on where to take the story.

  315. Grace Yoo says:

    Hello! My name is Grace and I love your books so much. I’ve read almost every young adult book and I love it. I’m still reading Perfect and so I plugged into the book.

  316. Isabelle says:

    When I picked out Burned from Borders many months ago, I just thought it was another book, another title, another author. How wrong I was. Ellen Hopkins, you are my favorite author and my inspiration. Your stories are so moving and have made me think twice about my choices. My family has discussed most of the topics you have covered like religion, sexuality, and personal image, but I have never read anything so deep before. And I know this sounds cliche, but you have changed me forever. I love your work, never stop writing. You’re a genius.

  317. Jenna says:

    It all started with crank.
    I was 13 and told by my many older friends that it’s a great book. What an understatement! This book gets in the mind of kristina, (bree), and doesn’t shy away with details of what’s going on in her mind. You find a certain connection with her, whoever you are, and continue to read on. Once your past the first few pages, everything comes together and I rufused to put the book down that sunny day on the beach.
    Love,lust,rape,hurt,crank,sleep, and more crack. All from taking short stroll with the monster.
    Now I’m 14, I’ve read crank, glass, and fallout. Of the 3? Either crank or glass was my favorite. Even Ellen Hopkins said she could go on and on and on with kristinas story. But all good things come to an end. Not saying fallout wasn’t good, I LOVED IT! But I fell in love with kristina and bree’s story, and I just enjoyed it from her mind and point of veiw. Seeing hoe miserable she was in fallout just made me a sad, but hey, that’s the effects of dancing with the monster.
    I love to write. I wanna do what makes me happy and hopefully one day I’ll get a book or 2 published. I find a certain connection with Ellen Hopkins way of writing, I don’t know. Even myself can’t explain it. But I must thank you Ellen for making me positive that this is what I want to do. Thank you.
    And again I must thank you from steering me clear of crank. I want to still be able to love, forever. Sure I’m a kid, and there’s peer pressure and such. I’ve tried weed, maybe even thought about other things. But I shouldn’t second guess myself, I’m better than that. Everyone is.

  318. Emilee says:

    I just want to thank you for writing your amazingly wonderful books. People finally have an idea of what pain and suffering people go through. I’ve had my fair share of it, that’s for sure. But I always remind myself, no matter how bad things may seem, there’s worse things out there, sometimes extremely worse. I don’t know why but that seems to ease some of the pain. Just knowing that there’s others who feel the same way I do, have dealt with the same things I have, it helps. But anyway thank you so much for writing and publishing your work. It is truly great. Many people appreciate you, so thanks…bunches.

  319. Anonymous says:

    you are inspiring i love your books please dont stop writing your books are the only ones i can read and stay on them all the time i love them……..!!!!

  320. BRADEN says:

    Ellen I loved Impulse I just read it this year and loved it. I’m now reading Glass which is very good. your books are so good that you should make them into movies but that’s my opinion I can’t wait to read all of your books because they are all inspiring.

  321. Amber says:

    I have read all of your book expect perfect and fallout which i plan to get for christmas. i was just wondering if you have ever considered having your books made into movies? i think many people would go and see them because of the thrill and excitement and wonder they get just from reading your books. thank you for inspiring me to keep reading. i love your work.

  322. Anna says:

    I have read everyone of your books and each and everyone of them some how related to me or someone I knew. Your books have inspired me to continue reading and writing, and opened my mothers eyes to the things I was thinking about. Thank you so much. I love all of your work

  323. ADAMM. says:

    Cant even begin to tell you how inspiring you are, ellen. I look up to you and hope to one day become an author myself. Keep up the great work!!!

  324. Janessa says:

    I have read every Ellen Hopkins books, but the new sadly which I will be getting in two weeks. I really love the book impulse it stroke hard on my heart. The girl Vanessa and I have a lot in common. Before I read that book everyday I was cutting I was in a horrible relationship with someone who treated me with no respect. After I read the book I broke up with my ex and a few months later I found the man of my dreams and will be married 3 years this may! We have a beautiful daughter and another little girl due in 19 days. If it was not for that book one day I could have cut a little to deep and not have my husband or my girls. Thank you Ellen Hopkins

  325. RandiLee says:

    To you Miss Hopkins I must say that your books are far more than amazing. They inspire me to never do some of the wrong that your characters perform, time and time again. Your books show an inside view of the minds that seem to be the most warped and unloved. As a teen girl myself, it almost seems as if you have written my very thoughts in your thin off-white pages. I only can hope that one day I will be able to convey a message as you do. I hope to go to the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky for Pastoral Counseling in marriage and family therapy; as Loren in your book ” Tricks.” It shocked me just how close you got to my heart when I read those black words across the page. I love your writing so much and thank you for every word ever written by your hands and mind.

  326. Iheart93 says:

    I have read every book besides the last three and I am working on them right now. When I first read your first book Crank I wanted to read all of them. They have became my favorite books. I want to own all of them so far I own three Tricks, Fallout and Perfect. I can’t wait to own all of them so I can read them whenever I want and as fast or slow as I want. I love your books!

  327. Kaitlyn says:

    So far, I’ve only read Identical and Burned. And already I am a huge fan. I started with Identical. To sum up my feelings on it: Wow. I have to admit, I teared up a little when I read Raeanne’s last poem: “And I’ll Be Watching…” So sad! I had the book checked out from the library, so I had to renew it twice until I was satisfied I’d reread the ending enough. I didn’t think I could like another book better.
    Then I moved on to Burned. I sort of put it off for a while because I was afraid I wouldn’t like it as much as Identical. Now, I realize the summary of the book doesn’t do it justice. I cried like a baby for about the last ten pages. I also love how the ending is left open, so everybody can form their own opinions about it. I had to literally set myself an alarm to go off so I wouldn’t read the whole book in one sitting. (I ended up finishing it in two.) Pattyn’s story, from start to finish, had me all fired up and cheering her on from the get-go. I loved how brutally honest the book was; how it really showed the dark secrets of an abusive Mormon home without any hesitation. Burned has inspired me to make something big of my life, to proudly show the world just what a girl can do. I thank you for that, Ellen Hopkins.
    I can’t wait to start another one of your books. I have dreams of becoming an author someday. I’m not really aspiring to write free-verse poetry like you, but you are a great role model nonetheless. Once again, thank you for being such a great author and inspiring people everywhere to live up to their full potential.

    • Laurin says:

      my personal favorite is Impulse. its so raw and real you will definatly be crying by the end you should check it out when you get a chance

  328. Callie says:

    I love all your young adult books. Everytime a new book comes out, I check out all the bookstores close by to see if they have it. I’m working on getting all of them currently, I have two of them so far and I plan on getting all of them by the end of this year. Looking forward to the next one after “Perfect”!

  329. MxElizabeth says:

    Your books are pure genious, to say the least. A lot of the subject matter hits close to home for me, and I thank you for taking the time to share these stories. I feel like I have befriended most of your characters, and when I close the cover at the end of the novel, I feel a sadness like I have lost one of my own real friends.

  330. Veronica says:

    Crank, Was the Best book and will be the best book that I Ever Read!

  331. Angelica says:

    I love your young adult books more than anything! And i read them fast as possible! i finished burned in 5 hours. Thank you for writing them for my life has been forever changed.

  332. Laurin says:

    i just adore your books. i havent read them all but im getting them all soon so im gettin there :) you have also inspired me to write a book based on my friends life. she is anorexic and bulemic, shes also OCD and has alot of things goin on in her life. right now she is in a rehab center in Virginia for her eating disorders. she has gone through a lot and im almost positive she will let me write her story so people can learn about these problem from a first hand account and hopefully be inspired by her strength and faith. my idea for the book is to have it where is switches back and forth from the main character’s point of view to somebody close to her. i really love to write, i usually write poems but ive been wanting to write a novel (or at least try) if anyone has tips please let me know
    please and thank you

  333. Langley Bradley says:

    I have read all of Mrs. Hopkins’ books up to date. They have made such a difference in my life even if I myself have not been touched by the problems that are face within her stories. Each book tells it’s own story and I love the way that she writes them. They give the perspective of someone else for a chance, a person who has been through these hardships. When I learned that the crank trilogy was loosely based off of her life, I was shocked that she had the courage to publish her stories. It must have been so hard to go through something so tough. I now know the difference literature can make. I now know that I myself will never make choices like that in my life. I love all of Mrs. Hopkins’ books to death and re-read them all the time. For now I know the hardships that teens can go through. I recommend her books to my friends all the time even if I know that they don’t like reading about certain things like that. But I know that when and if they read these books, their perspective will change on life and what troubles teens go through every day. I have seen many hardships myself, most of my life with a single mother working two jobs and going to school in order to provide for her daughter. Nothing as hard as some of the things that Mrs. Hopkins writes about but still, there are still things that in life that teens go through without people even knowing. I thank you Mrs. Hopkins, thank you for providing such wonderful literature to share with the world. Thank you.


  334. Danielle says:

    personally i really love these books. the stories are so real, alot of people can relate to some of the situations in them. ive had alot of hard times in my life, and when i read these it makes me realize that life isnt that bad; it could be alot worse. i love this author and the books she writes. i hope she continues to write them.

    Danielle King.

  335. Britt says:

    I absolutely love all of your books. I have every one of them including the adult novel Triangles. My favorite book has to be Perfect though because I truly love that even when your writing about homosexuality you stay true to it and make it seem like a beautiful thing. Being gay myself has shown me that people misinterpret homosexuality but with your writing it helps show people that being gay is still perfect. So thank you!

  336. Jaz says:

    OMG ELLEN!!! You Make The Best Books! < 3 I just love reading them :) You totally rock! i love you.I already read Crank,Glass,And Now im on Burned im almost finish it's awesome so far :) I love you!!! Can't wait to read more :)

  337. Shelby says:

    I started reading the crank series when i was 16 and I just picked it up and instantly fell in love, I have never touched drugs because of how it impacted this girl so much, how she had such an amazing future until she took a taste of the monster. My friend does marijuana and compared to the hardcore drugs in this series it isn’t as bad. But to me it is. I don’t want her to end up like this. I thank you for writing these series. Nothing has ever impacted me and stuck with me so long. Thank you Ellen Hopkins.

  338. Andrea says:

    OMG! i love your books :) Like the price is worth it. I’m getting the complete set !!!
    In love.. please don’t stop writing.

  339. Julie Kitchen says:

    I’ve loved these books since tenth grade when my teacher suggested them for me. In my eleventh grade year my dad got sick with pancan, he died in my twelfth grade year in sept. 23 2009, 10:15am. I know you say you probably wont write something about someone elses life because of legality but I was wondering if you’d do a book about how cancer can affect children and other family members lives drastically? I could help with giving info on how my experience has been, I’m actually still battling it now and I’ts been three years since he got sick. Just a thought, I could be good though and it might help others dealing with the same issues that I am.

  340. Rebecca says:

    I just finished reading Fallout! I loved it and i loved glass and crank too but I wish you would put out a fourth part. I feel like i have so many unanswered questions at the end of Fallout. Would you possibly consider continuing so we can find out what happens with the kids and bryce and kyle and nikki!

  341. Kiegham says:

    I loved your Crank series. oxo

  342. Josh Welch says:

    OMG Ellen Hopkins is my favorite writer, even past Suzanne Collins. She is an amaazing writer and an inspiritation to teenagers in this day and age. Her books deal with real-life problems, the darkness of human nature. But, she uses these dark things and sculpts them into fine art. Move over Suzanne Collins, you’ve got a run for your money!

  343. Ashley says:

    I have read and appreciated a lot of your books. My favorite would have to be Impulse. I really felt that I could relate to that book. I have gone through what most of the characters have gone through, and was even hospitalized numerous times for it. Your book reached me and gave me hope. I have been making improvement and have been getting my life back together. I’m even attempting to write a book. Thank you Ellen for all of the hope and inspiration that you give to all who comes across any of your many heartwarming books.

  344. Sky says:

    I cannot even begin to tell you what an AMAZING author you are. I love the style your books are written in, if I have the time to sit and read I can usually finish in 2 days or less… You speak in such a way that is relatable to the trials and tribulations we must continue to face in this ever complicating world. I would love to say that I have a favorite book , but I don’t. Each of them spoke to me in such a way that they are all uniquely my favorite. I only lack two books in your Young Adult collection and look forward to completing the adult collection. Thank you for your talented ways of artistry!

  345. Shannon says:

    Ellen’s books are amazing! i wanted to finish IDENTICAL but someone spoiled it for me (I know, horrible, right?) and told me the big twist. : /

  346. Gabi Mosquera says:

    I have indulged my self for the last three weeks into your books. I just finished Fallout and I feel like a whole new person. So far I have only read three of your books, but I am going to the bookstore tonight to buy three more. You are freaking phenomenal. My new top author. I, and many teenagers all over the world, can relate to your books. I appreciate you for that. Thank you for your work.

  347. Gabi Mosquera says:


  348. Gabi Mosquera says:


  349. Zoe Hower says:

    Dear Ellen,

    Thank you so much for writing about the side of being a teenager to that no one wants to think about. When I first heard of Crank, I will admit I was skeptical. I there soon after found myself attached to Kristina’s story. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, being a teenager myself. I enjoy writing my own stories and find you to be a huge inspiration. Following Kristina through Crank and Glass then her children in Fallout was a story I have found to be the most inspiring. Burned shares the pain most teens feel from pressure of their parents, Identical shares the pain of losing all hope because of the loss of someone close, and Tricks helps to understand why certain people do the things they do even if it is harmful. But that is all my opinions. I find myself able to relate to Conner in Impulse and his feelings. I just recently finished Perfect and I found it to be the answer to my thoughts of who all Conner affected. All in all, I find myself rambling. You are a huge inspiration, as I have said already. Realism is a crucial part to Literature, and I find that you have captured it well. Thank you, so much, for letting the world enjoy your writing. I hope for more books.

    Sincerely, Zoe Hower.

  350. Amber Yohe says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I have read your Crank sires, Impulse, and right now I’m in the middle of Perfect. Your books are extremely intriguing and I can never put the book down. They truly amazing. I love how you have so many different perspectives on one subject at a time but the stories are all different, yet come back to each other in the end. The way you describe everything in such detail but yet not so out in the open. Your books amaze me. How some of them go from person to person, they make you want to keep reading. I hope that if you ever come down to Pennsylvania if you would please e-mail me. I would love to meet you in person. Thank You.
    Your Reader,
    Amber Yohe

  351. Shelby says:

    OMG!! I LOVE ELLEN HOPKINS!! Your books have helped me and my friends realize how good our lives are and have even helped my friends with problems similar to the characters. So far Tricks is my favorite!! I own all your books! I got started on your books a couple years ago by my cousin who was reading impulse i thought it looked weird and i picked it up when she wasnt looking and couldnt put it down then i had to get all of your books i follow your page to see when a new book is coming out im currently reading triangles no opinion yet but i know it will be great.

  352. Cheina says:

    I love your books so much it saved my life reading impulse especially and i think its my favorite because I can relate to it the most. I just want to thank you for making these books that I look forward to seeing and which never disappoint. They really matter to me and please never stop writing

  353. paige says:

    i am doing a project for banned books. anmd i was going to ask you have you ever had a book banned?
    and if so did you know it was goiong to be banned before you published it?
    it would mean alot if you answered my questions….but if nort i understand.
    have a nice day (:

  354. Terisa Rachelle says:

    I love your books. They take me into a whole other world and I feel like I’m living their story. They make me feel so different and alive. I realize all I have and all the problems other suffer with. They have made a big impact on my life and I cant wait to read your new books. <3

  355. joshua says:

    omfg i love these books they are sooo compelling!!!!! keep on writing!

  356. Mary says:

    You are one of the greatest writers of all time. Your books mean so much to my sister and I. You write about things that we can relate to and my sister never read much before I introduced her to you. We are in the process of completing our collection! We wait in anticipation for your next release! Please Please Please never stop writing:) You are the light in our darkness!! All the best wishes! Now get to writing:))
    Love forever!
    Mary and Katie

  357. Shainna says:

    i just want to say; as an aspiring writer myself i cannot thank you enough. You write about so many great issues, many of which I have experienced. I first got into your books while walking around Borders I saw Crank and I read the back, I then opened it and to my surprise; it was all poems! This came to a complete shock to me, I paid for it immediately and sat down to read, finishing it just a few days later. From then on i became obsessed with Kristina’s life and her fall from grace, I read Glass not long after finishing Crank and when Fallout was released I could not have been more pleased. I have read every one of your books and I own them all. I’ve cried with your characters, laughed with them, and I honestly consider them such a huge part in my life. I relate very well to them, considering I’ve been through many of the same issues myself. In my opinion Identical is one of your best (I’m biased because I am an identical twin) but honestly you write about issues that most people wouldn’t dream of writing about. This makes you such an amazing author and I guarantee there are hundreds of kids who have prospered because of your books. I myself have recommended your books too all of my reading loving friends. They have become just as intrigued as I have. I got Perfect on the release date and finished it 2 days later. The issues in that book are so real its unbelievable. The excruciatingly raw emotions and unimaginable detail you put into these books is utterly amazing. I just wanted to tell you how great of an author I think you are, you’ve definitely inspire me. Keep on writing I would be lost without your books. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    ~ Shainna 16, Michigan

  358. Sonja Grisham says:

    I love your work! I just finished reading “Fallout” not even two minutes ago and wanted to try and see if there was anywhere I could tell you how much I loved the ending. I am sad to hear this is the last of the series with Kristina. I wanted to know what happens with Hunter and his future with staying faithful to Nikki. I also wanted to see how Autumn was doing, baby on board, and Summer. Did she and Kyle ever reunite? What about his addiction with the monster? And how did the boys turn out, David and Donald. What about Kristina and Trey? I am not sure what I am wanting to ask about them, did Kristinas addiction ever end? I used to own your other books but had to sell them for cash when I had to leave home and move. I am starting over though. My next buy will be perfection. You have a wonderful way with words. You are inspiration to readers and writers everywhere. I am currently working on a book of my own and reading your books has given me insight to what a great author is. Thank You Ellen Hopkins. I can’t wait to read more of your work. : )

  359. lauren hudson says:

    Ellen what can i say your books are helping me to realize who i need to be in life. i might not be perfect and i might have tryed crank but your books help me to see it from someone elses eyes and its really powerful and profound to be able to see life threw someone elses eyes and has helped me become a better person and crank free lol. i just want to say thanks and to keep doing what your doing because i know im not the only person its affected much love and praise!!!!


  360. karkar says:

    i love burned i read burned first then my friend said you were suppost to read crank first so now im reading crank

  361. Sarah says:

    I honestly can’t get over how amazing all of you’re books are. The fact that you write with such poetic style and the styles different every page is amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is to read something that actually seems like…me. It’s odd especially when half the time no one understands half of the things you are going through. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you so much :]

  362. Sasha Lopez says:

    Dear Ellen
    Your books are brilliant! they capture the dark side of every teens life. You are an amazing writer and i hope you write more. You have entered the subject every adult dares not go, and you have written about your own experiances, you are an amazing writer!

  363. nathaniel says:

    all were epic in all porportions

  364. Naomi Amaro says:

    I really love your books. I love your use of imagery, and words. Your books are truely inspring. They inspired me, and taught me a lot about what I was going though, and made me feel like I wasn’t the only one who felt like that. Plus they also inspired me to write poetry and join a poetry club. And now I can’t get enough of it, I love it. Your an AMAZING author!!!

  365. Monica says:

    Your books are amazing! I have red most of them. I usually finish them each in one day. They keep my attention and it’s amazing how I can relate to all of these books.

  366. Isaac Gonzales says:

    ellen your books are just amazing! The first time i read them i was able to connect to them right away. I am only 15 and i grew up in cheyenne wyoming, i have never done crank or glass. But i watched my father suffer through it and struggle to fight against the monster. This all started when my dad had this brilliant idea to become an x-ray technician he got offered to go to school in greeley colorado so we moved there and thats when the battle started! I wish i can tell u more. But i would love to thank you for writing them books they make me feel so much better about everything i went through and i know how hard it was for your family to move along with all that weight on your shoulders. Please keep writing your books you inspire and have a humongous impact on my life!

    Isaac Gonzales

  367. Necia says:

    I love your books!

  368. Kara says:

    I have been through a lot in my short 16 years of life and i completely relate to a vast majority of the characters you (Ellen) write about.. I have “flirted with the monster”, cut just to feel, starved myself to achieve perfection and purged when i couldn’t, i have experimented with girls, i am a victim of a father who never learned how to stop taking… there’s more but i feel as though that sums it up. these books help me remain strong because every day can be a struggle if you let it. thank you so much, you’re books really do make a difference <3

  369. Bryanna says:

    I just started reading your books in September, my English teacher showed me it. Yes im in eighth grade. I was hooked to your story Crank and how insanely fast I finished it. Im not much of a reader but now that i read “Impulse”, “Fallout”, “Glass” and as you know “Crank” im hooked. Your story telling is amazing

  370. lesly lilly says:

    dear Ellen Hopkins ,

    i know you might hear this all the time but you are such an inspiration to me, and i believe their is way much more teens you inspire out their to. (pleas excuse my righting/typing i’m bad at grammar) you inspire me to keep on going in life, that their are other people in life that might be going through much more than i am (which in deed is true, we just have to be reminded at some points). see i am still a teenager and i believe you know how we randomly have are ups and downs, i’m not trying to say that i blame all my problems on the world and etc. etc. because i know that we also put are self’s in such positions in life.
    i cant afford books so the only books i have read from you is from my school library. right now i am reading fall out and impulse, i love your books i truly do, my mother thinks my new TV is books (because of you “lol”) my #1 favorite book of yours is burned. i love the story, their isn’t one time i read it without crying at the end (lol). my friend (who indeed is also in love with your books as much as i am) had told me that by the end of fall out i would also ether cry (maybe it’s just me, since i am emotional very often over things ) but that doesn’t change the fact how much i am obsessed with your books. i just wish my school library had more of your books so i can read them all (lol).

    thank you. <3

  371. Pvt. Mock, McKendra says:

    So, You are my favorite wrighter of all time! My life has not been that great reading you books helped me cope with so many challenging things. Sometimes when I am having a hard time i just read one of your books again and I know everything will be ok i have read all of your books except for Perfect i didnt even know that one was out now i have something to look forward to! Just wanted to say you are an ispiration one day I hope to help as many people as I know you have!!

  372. nicole terese says:

    Your words make me cry, and they make me feel.

    And that is wonderful to me.

    Thank you.

  373. Chrystal Dye says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I just wanted to let you know, personally how much your books have impacted my life. I discovered your books while struggling with my own drug issues. They helped me to realize that my own bad choices effect everyone around me, and those in the future, not just I. I want to thank you for helping me save me from myself. Had it not been for you, and your powerful stories, I don’t think I would be where I am today. I work fulltime at as a daycare teacher, and plan to attend classes in Early Childhood Education. I still cling to your books today.
    Thank you so much. You have left footprints on my heart with your amazing stories…
    An Adoring Fan

  374. Leah says:

    Thank you, Ellen Hopkins. Through my high school years I have seen the things you talk about in your books. You really understand what it means to be a young adult facing all these different challenges. You have opened my eyes to what could have been if I had chosen similar paths. So for that, I thank you. Continue to write, it is something you are amazingly good at. You touch peoples’ lives in many ways.

  375. Amanda Marie says:

    Mrs. Ellen Hopkins,
    You are my hero! every time i walk into the library at school and i see someone looking for a new book to read i ALWAY direct them to your books. Today 12/16/11 i received two personalized signed things from you and i havnt stopped smiling since. You are BY FAR my favorite author. Everyday i look at my book shelf just to make sure i have all my books. I know it sounds crazy, but i just cant help but smiling every time i see i have them all. i even have them as the background on my phone. i must admit i cried at the end of fallout when i finished it today, not because it was sad but becasue my adventure with kristina was over. i would just like to thank you again for all you inspiration you have givin me and im sure millions of others. =) i love you Mrs. Hopkins.

    <3 amanda

  376. Liz says:

    I loved this book. Truly you are one of my favorite author, Ellen Hopkins. I am sorry about your daughters struggles and I look up to you for having the strength to write Crank. I love all of your books that I have read. Im not a reader but your books make me want to read. Anyways I hope you read this and smile.(:

    Your biggest fan,

  377. Jamiee Kolar says:

    When I read each of those books, it makes me think that everyone’s life isn’t completely perfect. That I’m lucky to have parents that care and are there. That I know that tomorrow is only a few minutes away. That I don’t have to live in fear for I am. That I’m not the only one suffering. Thank you Ellen Hopkins, for making me see that. You are my favorite author. Your books are thrilling, stunning, and inspiration for anyone.

  378. Bee says:

    your crank series inspired me to go to rehab
    Thank you ellen hoopkins

  379. Katie says:

    I’ve read all of your books, & I can honestly say I’ve never loved an author more than you! Your books are so relatable, in so many different ways. You make the reader understand where the character is coming from, even though they haven’t personally experienced it. I love how you make every story personal, like you want to help each character get better. I can never put your books down, ever. Please write many more. I love you!

  380. Kelly says:

    Dear ellen:

    I was one day looking for books and I found a photo of your’s, they called me, but unlucky me, I’m not from USA so I couldn’t read your books until a few months ago that I visit USA. I just finish crank and, you really know how to get into my soul. I feel really moved for Kristina’s story and lucky me , I have glass too so I can continue reading.

    I’m only 17 and your books help me to understand some things of my reality. I’m not adict to any drugs, but, I know now what to do if someday somebody ask me if I want to try some monster.

    I don’t aks for a reply :) But, if you read this some day, please never stop writing. Have a nice day.


    PS: I’m sorry if my english is bad… i’m learning.

  381. Ebony says:

    Dear Ellen Hopkins. you are truly my hero. keep up the great work.

  382. Mckie says:

    I have loved reading books by Ellen Hopkins. Her writing style is so unique and it has forever changed the way i write and they way my mind puts words into sentences and paragraphs. Impulse and Perfect are two of my very favorite books, and i also enjoyed burned, even though it does not depict the Latter-day Saint Church accurately. In future books i suggest that she simply do more research pertaining the the religions she draws her audience into.

  383. Whitney Allen says:

    I love your books. they are awsome. Can’t wait for more. Please write back.

  384. Whitney Allen says:

    I love your books. they are awsome. Can’t wait for more. Please write back. i have realy injoyed it

  385. Whitney Allen says:

    I am reading Crank.

  386. Samantha says:

    Ellen Hopkins, I absolutely LOVE your writing. You’re an amazing author.
    I started reading your books at thirteen and still am at sixteen. At thirteen I was so close to suicide and was into self harm due to abuse ( physical , sexual , and verbal)
    I love your books because in most or some I feel I can relate to the characters.
    You inspired me to write. And it has become a passion of mine , and one I might use as a career as well.
    I thank you for writting these Amazing books!

  387. Amberlin says:

    i have so far read 4 of your books, and i cannot stop… last night i started reading crank… i started at 430pm and didnt stop until 3am. i finished the ENTIRE book. i cant put your books down when i start reading them. your books keep me on my toes and constantly wanting to know more and more. i love your wording and your unique way of your page layout. every word you write i can tell you are sensere, and feel what they feeel. your probably the best author i have ever heard of. you can relate to most tenagers going through what you write about.. your inspirational and amazing. thank you so much for taking the time and writing books for people of all ages to read.
    thank you for being such an inspiration, and making books that are incredible interesting, and touching

  388. kittykat says:

    I’ve read all of your books and each one of them touch me in a different way. I always find a character I can relate to. I finished perfect about five minutes ago and didn’t realize it was a sequel to impulse until Cara’s last chapter…. It all makes since now. I feel like an idiot ahahah! But thanks for everything you’ve written, you have helped a lot of teens through rough times.

  389. Cat Lisman says:

    Dear Ellen Hopkins,

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to read!! I absolutely hate reading and I refuse to do it on my own, but seriously, you have blown me away. Your books are so intense and I can’t stop obsessing about them. Please, please, please never stop writing books like these. You truly are an amazing author. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the next book.

    Cat Lisman

  390. Joe says:

    I must admit, these books have me itching for more as I turn page after page. I love the depth and reality that you incorporate in your literature. Once I started reading Crank, I flew through all your young adult novels…time after time. I was wondering if you had any other plans for your next book, if you are considering to write another one, which I really hope you do. I always ask my librarian to order at leat 2 of each book that you publish, and the funny thing is that when they come in and I go to check them…someone else already beat me to it. The only thing that I would love to see is that if you possibly write a book with a strong male character, not saying that any of your other books don’t have good strong male voices, but I would love to see a male book that deals with the issues that high school boys have to deal with everyday; sexuality, sports, peer pressure, and what it means to be a “man”. Please, please continue your awesome and fantastic writting, I am going to check out Triangles, and can’t wait to read Collateral. Keep it up, I am so glad that I discovered your wo