Welcome to the adult side of ellenhopkins.com, and of Ellen Hopkins, the author. After eight young adult novels, I thought it was time to explore more mature subject matter, while still utilizing my signature verse novel formatting. Readers who started with me in 2004 (with my first YA novel, Crank) have grown up. They have turned on their parents, teachers, librarians and counselors to my books, and this adult readership has come to appreciate verse as story as much as my younger readers do.

I will continue to write YA, of course. Teen characters are hugely appealing to me. But some topics I want to write about demand adults as main characters. My first adult novel, Triangles, is about hitting midlife and wondering if you might have accomplished more, or if you had taken a different turn, would your life, in fact, be better? And, perhaps the biggest midlife question of all—should I change directions now, before it’s too late?

Up next, in the fall of 2012, will come Collateral, about deployment and what that means to those left behind. As our men and women return from the Middle East, they come home profoundly changed. Coping with that transformation is extremely difficult both for our soldiers and for their loved ones. I do hope this book will open readers’ hearts and minds. In these lean economic times, it is vital we don’t cut necessary resources to those who most deserve them.

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